Does anyone else think the new pet battle dungeon is too hard


Maybe I’m just bad, but usually I don’t have to follow guides to do these fights for pet battle dungeons. It seems like there are few strategies for some of these fights and you need a very specific pets or they are impossible to kill.


If you have it, Blossoming Ancient is a monster in here. Seriously, he carries most of the fights alone.


Not everyone has store bought pets… Yet.


You can buy it with gold. Buy token, use for bnet money, buy pet. 80k or so gold for the pet is what it comes out to. Though, I would wait a week or so, usually they do the Christmas 50% off sale on the older pets and mounts in the store.

(Zunde) #5

You can completely cheese the end boss of the dungeon with an elemental shield.

I went into it set up so that the End bosses force swap sent in my Giggling flame and used fire shield.

The end boss has an attack that hits several times when it used this against fire shield it dropped itself from full health to 34 health.

(Loncis) #6

I’m sorry, but that sounds conspicuously like whining.

So, because you couldn’t devise strats of your own, and had to use a guide, it’s too hard? You still succeeded. So, get over it.

I would point out two things. One is that your elemental shield pet cannot occupy the first slot, because the End Boss’s opening move is to swap out your lead pet.

Two is that the Xu-Fu site seemed to be down when I got to that fight, so I had a similar idea. I used Tinytron. First turn, Fire Shield. Second turn, Lightning Shield.

See End Boss destroy itself.

I also had a problem with the Bloated Leprous Rat. I used two strategies found on Xu-Fu, and they both failed, because I had to bring in the third pet during the immortal round, and it died when the Rat did.

So, not knowing what else to do, I used an often-used, tried-and-true cheese method. B/B Unborn Val’kyr and Ikky. Curse of Doom, Haunt, bring in Ikky, Black Claw, Flock, done.

(Zunde) #7

Yeah you can’t lead in with your shield pet which is why i had it set up so that the force swap would send in my shield pet.

It’s really funny watching the end boss just rip itself to shreds.

For the Leporous rats i used 3 S/S Rabbits (Brown rabbit , noblegarden rabbit , spring rabbit)

I had Stampede on the Brown rabbit and used that with Flurry using dodge first then stampede then flurry i managed to kill the Leperous rat using this strategy both times with the Second rabbit being at around high 200-300 health just burrow the undead round to make sure you survive because you have to 2-pet him or you lose.)

(Stormbind) #8

Emperor Crab (P/P, Surge, Renewing Mist, Shell Shield) was my MVP here, solos the whole second stage without taking damage, and cleans up pretty much all the support pets at various stages.

(Saaka) #9

It felt like some of the fights were more difficult than the previous pet dungeons, but this one seems to be way quicker overall. It also makes sense that the pet dungeons will increase in difficulty over time, they still don’t feel as challenging as the celestial tournament did but then I had a lot less pets when I did that so it’s hard to judge accurately.

(Zunde) #10

Also the appearance of a third shadowy figure collecting something from the dungeon in this case a part of the end boss apparently.

(Hodor) #11

The only encounter that took me more than 2 attempts was the final boss, but even that only took me about 4-5 attempts. And once you have your pet teams set then everything is an easy one shot.


I found 4 of the battles to be definitely tough… the 3 final fights on each floor (except where we start) and the mechanical tiger. The initial trial run was really helpful. Once I had a strat for these, I made sure not to use any of these pets for the others, which were fairly easy. My complaint would be the need for an army of elementals & aquatics while I felt no need to pull out even a single flying or mechanical pet.

(Creeks) #13

really enjoyed the new pet battle dungeon, it’s a little harder, that’s good.

some great pets you should get for it:
Giant Woodworm (for last boss)
Gulp Froglet (great vs. leprous rat boss)
Tinytron (great for last boss)

and yeah, make sure you have plenty of elemental & aquatic pets


It will be difficult until everyone posts the winning strategies on wowhead.

(Loncis) #15

I would recommend you use Xu-Fu instead. Wowhead is a malware-infested cesspool that the owners couldn’t care less about.

Also, they’ve apparently abandoned updating the site as new information becomes available. I remember a couple of years ago, when Noblegarden Bunny was introduced, I pointed out that Wowhead has the breed wrong, listing it as B/B. (Noblegarden Bunny only comes in S/S.)

Some enraged Wowhead apologist snarled and gnashed that Wowhead isn’t wrong (it lists it as B/B and it’s an S/S only; that means Wowhead is wrong), and that they would update it very soon as the correct information became available! It’s been over two and a half years, and they still haven’t fixed it.

(Hodor) #16

I’m now curious what team you did for the last boss. Hmm now that I think about it, I can guess it revolved around the shields.
My team for the last boss was Chi-Chi, Crazy Carrot, and Direbeak Hatchling. wild magic + Blistering Cold + Swarm

(Bearrepairjr) #17

For some reason, The Door Control Console game me the hardest time. Took me several attempts to kill it. The rest, even the end boss, werent too bad. but, this was on regular, not challenge.

(Tiresias) #18

I had fun using Amalgam of Destruction and Aldrusian Sproutling in this dungeon. The rest of the pets were a mix match of things. I have not done my second run through to really get the kinks out yet.

In the pet dungeons I try to use some of my lesser used pets. It makes it a bit more fun for me.

(Quintessence) #19

Normal run went smoothly for me, although I gave myself kind of a handicap by using each pet only once (practice for Challenge mode heh). And then, naturally, I goofed on the Undead rat “boss” during the Challenge, and had to run a few different teams to finally get that one down.

I’m still tweaking my strats, but so far:

  • First encounter - Felclaw Marsuul & Fire Beetle
  • Ice elemental encounter - Lead with Shimmershell Snail
  • Poison elemental encounter - Lead with Abyssal Eel
  • Fire elemental encounter - Lead with Rusty Snail
  • Console encounter - Scooter the Snail (Shell Shield), Silkbead Snail (Acidic Goo), and Lost Platysaur
  • Rat encounter - Lead with Barrier Hermit (P/S)
  • Cockroach encounter - Lead with Saurolisk Hatchling
  • Undead Rat “boss” - Elusive Skimmer, Young Talbuk, Young Sand Sifter, Coastal Scuttler, Infected Squirrel?? (haven’t really nailed down a strat for this one yet, so just some pets I played around with)
  • Mechanical wolf encounter - Lead with Enchanted Cauldron
  • Mechanostrider encounter - Lead with Gooey Sha-ling
  • Mehcanical tiger encounter - Lead with Orphaned Felbat
  • Last boss - Servant of Demidos, Tinytron, Spawn of G’nathus

For enemy backline pets, I’ve followed a general rule of thumb:

  • Mechanical with the “turret” attack - use a pet with a ‘thorns-type’ ability (Lightning Shield, Heat Up, etc.), preferably not an Elemental pet
  • All other mechanical pets - use any pet, really, with elemental attacks. Critter and Aquatic pets were pretty effective most of the time
  • Undead - use Aquatics with critter attacks
  • Critter - any hard hitting Beast attacks do the trick

After each fight, before I swap to my next team, I enter battle with the next enemy just to check what team composition they have. Then I can make adjustments to my second and third slot pets accordingly.


My first time through. Started with good intentions, but tired from completing Family Battler achievement, so did a few then just tripled Ikky’d the rest except bosses.

For the bosses used my own strat (a dot team) on first one, xu-fu on second one, a dot team on 3rd one and shield team on last one.

2nd run through same strats for bosses and just made teams up on the spot for all the others since i couldn’t triple ikky them anymore…lol.

Next week Ill slow down a bit and put more thought into my teams.