Does anyone else think the new pet battle dungeon is too hard

(Rastlin) #21

How do you get to this new pet dungeon anyway?

(Loncis) #22

For Alliance, we go to see an NPC, with Manapoof at hand, over by Dana Pull. Dana Pull is the NPC who sent us a letter, advising us that he has pets to buy. Horde players visit Radek Fuselock, over by Happy Holaua.

Once there, pick up the quest. Then, as a Horde, you have to find someway to get to Gnomeregan where the NPC who sells the pets from the dungeons is. Take the elevator down, and you’ll find the NPC by the zone in. He will send you inside (the NPC must send you; you cannot zone in).

Once you get there one time on your own, Manapoof will send you back whenever you’d like to go.

(Moused) #23

I would suggest you get 3 of each of these pets makes that Dungeon so much easier …Arctic Hare S/S breed…Soul of Forge H/P breed…and use Xu-Fu web site…that site is wonderful for pet battles…only place I use anymore now…also have couple addon to make up teams so you don’t have to keep doing it all the time…I use Battle Pet ID, Pet Journal Enhanced…Pet Tracker and Rematch…

(Chachi) #24

Another option for Gnomer (other than Blossoming Ancient which cost real money) is:

If you have a Druid on your account, start planting plants in the Legion era druid area, eventually you’ll grow “Broot” which has identical abilities to Blossoming Ancients. I have BA and having the one - two punch of Broot / BA can definitely reduce to difficulty of Gnomer run.

But, I do agree, it was challenging and time consuming to do the first two runs (quest + daily). It took a couple of hours to do it with some mad scrambling near the end when my Blossoming Ancient died.

Oh and that doesn’t even count the hour or so I used to “set up” a Rematch tab with teams for each encounter, trying to make sure I had pets for each fight that weren’t duplicated, other than Blossoming Ancient / Broot which, as mentioned, runs roughshod over quite a few of the fights.


Blossoming ancient/broot (1st encounter and last 3) and a P/P emperor Crab (clear all of stage 2 (but not the boss) will carry you through most of the fights.


I had all the pets needed to run it. I think they should make the place like reg dungeons. you could choose reg, heroic, and mythic levels.

(Loncis) #27

Tinytron: Lightning Shield, Fire Shield, Flamethrower. Done.

Be sure to put Tinytron in the second slot, as the opening move of the end boss is to force a swap.

(Macfly) #28

Nope I haven’t.

(Ungulate) #29

Kelp Scuttler with Rip/Shield/Blood in the water was an all-star for me. He solo’d the some of the living elemental teams for me. Also snails like Rapana whelks which could solo the cockroaches with their shields. Anubisath Idol, Blossoming Ancient and aquatic pets got a lot of love too.

Bloated leper rat required me to bust out my big DPS combo: Tiny Sporebat and Zandalari Kneebiter. Spore Shrooms into Creeping Fungus, then switch to Kneebiter and drop Black Claw into Hunting Party. Last slot was Orphaned Marsupial for the survive ability.

Big boss I used Ikky, Lil’ Rag and Son of Skum. Black Claw -> Flamethrower -> Conflagrate -> Black Claw -> Lightning Shield was the start of things.

It seemed hard until I got the hang of it too. Cool dungeon.

(Loncis) #30

Thanks for the tip. I was using the tried-and-true combo of Unborn Val’kyr and Ikky. Third pet was never even brought in. I just brought Unborn Val’kyr back in after Ikky died.

(Saaka) #31

We are 3 weeks in now and I’ve been enjoying this dungeon. Some of the back-line pets are significantly harder than others so it adds some randomness in. I actually lost 1 or 2 matches this week from whatever that mining mech is and not having a decent 3rd pet on my team instead of just some random one.

I also die of laughter every time I destroy the last boss with Tinytron. It’s the best. I do feel bad for whoever designed that fight though, they probably didn’t expect tinytron. Actually I have no idea how they even balance these fights with how many pets are out now, I feel like there’s always going to be one pet that will be OP against a boss battle.

(Loncis) #32

Meh. It probably wouldn’t be too hard to design a pet that can take down Tinytron. The final boss’s problem is that he hits multiple times. A boss that hits in single, heavy attacks wouldn’t have a problem with Tinytron.

Tinytron is a bag of health, with low stats in power and speed. He has two damage shields, but they aren’t really that hard-hitting.

Also, I don’t really feel that it’s such a terrible thing that the final boss can be taken down by Tinytron. I think it’s rather cool actually that a final boss can be so otherwise formidable, but there is an essential key to taking it down easily.

Try killing the final boss with something that doesn’t have a damage shield. Good luck with that.

(Zunde) #33

The pets you buy with Gizmo’s can be caged.

(Loncis) #34

Unborn Val’kyr and Ikky combo works just fine.


I needed help on a couple of the fights, but overall I thought it was fairly painless. I took a carry pet on most of the non-elite opponents and got about 1000 xp with the safari hat per each. Crimson Shale Hatchling has anti-critter and anti-mechanical plus a shield.

The last boss did give me trouble, but I did end up using black claw, elemental dots, and heat up (thanks Hazelnutty). Next time I’ll try Tinytron.

Leper Rat I used Unborn Val’kyr (curse, haunt) and Infected Squirrel (Creeping Fungus, Stampede, Corpse Explosion)

For Door Control, I used Snowfeather Hatchling and Squirky.

I didn’t use any shop pets or crabs or snails, but some of mine were from achievements and Raiding With Leashes.

(Symbioserous) #36

For the non-elite opponents I got the rematch addon picking two random lvl25 pets for slots 2 & 3.

Its adds both a small level of uncertainty and challenges one to find a pet that can carry the team. Its been surprisingly fun and rewarding.

(Zunde) #37

I was able to use Whomper of all pets to clear the 3 fights before the end boss easily.


With a big enough stable at your disposal you really don’t need to follow all these sure fire guides I keep seeing posted of half cheats that 2 turn an end boss. I found the first run through the scenario to be far more time consuming then I would have originally thought. The second time through didn’t require half the time of the first for me.

I would think for those that don’t follow the guides of others that a lack of pet choices is the only considerable reason for any context of hard from the dungeon. That may be obvious.

(Loncis) #39

Incidentally, if you bring carry pets into the dungeon, they will get decent experience.

(Voodoofu) #40

A boss pet battle being heavily countered by the right pet isn’t new. I usually solo the last guy and 2 backup pets in WC with a single jellyfish.