Does anybody else not talk in Wow anymore? Scared of being Offensive?

you mean speak? like…to others? with my voice?!?.. then they would know how cute i sound ; _ ;
/runs awayy

Efficiency. Talking take time. How am i going to do my 10 world quests in 20 minutes if i am talking to someone?

On a more serious note. You never see the same person ever again, and there often isn’t a reason or a need to talk to someone. As a result no one talks to one another because you rarely get something out of it.

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Discord has emojis and stuff

If you say Biggie Smalls three times in front of your bathroom mirror, you’ll be in for a biggie surprise! :grin:


I just say whatever I want. :dracthyr_comfy_sip: Usually it’s about foxes. :fox_face: :dracthyr_blob_dance_animated:

:fox_face: :fox_face: :fox_face: :fox_face: :fox_face: :fox_face: :fox_face: :fox_face: :fox_face: :fox_face: :fox_face: :fox_face: :fox_face: :fox_face: :fox_face: :fox_face: :fox_face: :fox_face: :fox_face: :fox_face: :fox_face: :fox_face: :fox_face: :fox_face: :fox_face: :fox_face:

Though none of my friends play WoW, so I don’t really talk much in WoW. :dracthyr_tea: But sometimes I do, especially if there’s conversation going in trade chat.

I WOULD NEVER. On the subway I do my absolute best to not even make eye contact with ANYONE whatsoever. :dracthyr_blob_dance_animated: You gotta be the one to initiate if you want me to talk. :dracthyr_comfy_sip: :fox_face: And even then, I’m 100% going to try and deflect your conversation into ending. You gotta get it just right and then MAYBE I’ll chat. :fox_face:

:dracthyr_blob_dance_animated: :fox_face:

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These warnings do not go on record and are basically a heads up. Unless you had action taken against you it’s nothing to worry about.


Nope. But then I am not a jerk.


Uh huh.

Nothing. Gotcha.


Proven untrue in 1 minute between posts, technically what your post did there is called ‘toxic’.


No. I have no fear. I say what I say. I’ve had no issues.

And if I ever do than it is what it is and I just deal with the consequences.


If you’re as mute as you are in Valdrakken then like you never say anything lmao

Caught in 4k.

I can make some rudimentary emojis in chat :upside_down_face:.


It’s a Social Contract debate bait thread.


New name suggestion: Audacibility

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there was somekind of bug that made it so you could post pictures in trade for a period of time and uh… that went places LOL

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The Shangri-La of trade chat times, no doubt!

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Oh it was all kinds of weird photos lol

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I got Audacities.

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