Does anybody else not talk in Wow anymore? Scared of being Offensive?

I login and do some quests and other things…But not worth talking to anyone anymore. Scared I might say the wrong thing on accident. It also gets kind of boring and I’m just standing there watching a movie on my other screen. It may just be me. Oh well. Just thought I voice myself. I hope I don’t get banned for voicing myself lol. Does anyone else do this?


Why do I need to be scared of saying anything?


I’m usually on discord, typing ingame is bleh. :rofl:


No lol super easy to not be offensive like no idea how one could be offensive on accident.


Challenge accepted: Pineapple on pizza is an abomination and anyone who likes it should be ashamed of themselves.

Ok my work here is done. I’ll see myself out. :door:


I say what I want to and I try to be as nice as I can to people.


I can not believe you would make a post like this, reported.

Joking around put to the side, I never shut up in game, always pestering people to the point I think they are tired of me! That said I hope your social, sense? Desire? Whatever the wording returns. MMO’s are best with friends, even the ones you have yet to make!

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Actually, usually I’m playing old content, or running dungeons with family. And also watching a movie or anime on the side. I don’t go out of my way to not talk. Back in the BFA days, when facing N’zoth, the most fun I’ve had in WOW, I’d get on groups, be that guy that was top damage that makes fun of everyone and makes fun of the ones who make fun of everyone. It was a goofy atmosphere back then, not so many sensitive lads. I’d go for british slurs and say the weirdest stuff, and you’d get guys who don’t understand and rage, and those who did and joined in! XD
Though, like back in SL, me and my group were doing a Tirna Scithe, and we had two DPS Pugs who were utter noobs on a 6. We didn’t care really, but they blamed us despite the damage, and them being lost. And they started blaming our healer. So, me and tank, my bro rip open these two consistently with you know, such banter you’d think the Gods of Destruction smiled upon us.
And in the end, when we FINALLY GOT THE DUNGEON DONE after they died 20 times. One whispers my tank saying “You #%@%#s, I was trying to get my girlfriend into the game!”
We haven’t laughed that hard since!
Oh sorry, Got lost, uh… You know, I think I’m a bit of a more sociable person in game than I thought. Which is weird, because I hardly talk to others aside family ingame anymore. Guess the fun dropped out, and it really did. Only reason I’m in a guild is because I accidentally pressed yes mindlessly, and now, i kind of like being that weird lurker. XD

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Honestly, sometimes I’m surprised I haven’t been reported for some of the stuff I say in PvP. I guess nobody cares in PvP.


No, because part of being a grown up is knowing how to behave in public. I never shy away from a bit of banter.


I have seen people get offended on behalf of others that werent offended with words that are typically not offensive and typically common. Its a strange world now so i try to keep things as dry as possible and only keep humor to discord with close friends.


I’ll speak if I’m in a chatty group… No harm, no foul.

If someone wants to report me… Have at it!!

I understand what tact is and use it liberally when giving tips/advice, so not worried about a ban anytime soon.


Probably means they have problematic things they want to say.


Letting something slip when you’re talking is understandable. You don’t let something slip when you type. Stop with the “I’m too scared to type or I’ll get in trouble.”

Self control is part of being a damn adult.


Just got a behavior warning for nothing so I can see why, and I always know the people that defend such automation that doesn’t even say anything are not good people.

Something you said isn’t allowed.


So wrong lol people report you in pvp if you lose on their team

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99% of the type of people who have free enough souls to say whatever they want arent going to be on these forums. Theyre adults who grew out of the tattle phase in kindergarten

To give you the actual answer, based people who dont care about offending others and type whatever they want are usually suspended so they cant type lol.

Also if they could and aren’t suspended yet they’re probably done and just stick with their high school friend group and view all outsiders as none humans

npcs if you will lol

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Nope, it’s just easier and more convenient to chat on something like Discord.

It’s kinda like the subway. If you want to talk to someone, you gotta be the one to start the conversation.

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I don’t say much in game bc you get reported if you fart wrong.