Do your characters have an actual "concept?"

As I’ve stated in other threads, and have had recently had confirmed by the devs, it’s clear that they are building shadowlands assuming everyone has a concept to their character, a sense of “who they are” meant to inform a choice like covenants, which are meant to be a conceptual choice. I can’t help but wonder how much of a correct or incorrect assumption that is among the extreme minority that populate forums like this.

I’m not asking “do you RP,” because that’s a loaded, misunderstood question that I don’t really wanna get deeply into the connotations of in this thread. One does not need to outwardly RP to see their character as “someone” named anything from Omedon to Bob as opposed to “something” named Lovestopwn. You don’t need to speak in thees and thous in /say to sit at your desk and say “nah, Bob wouldn’t do that, Bob would do this!”

For me, yes, my characters have a concept, and I knew their covenants long before I knew the powers. Heck I’m actually not spoiling most of the powers, so I don’t know them, and I will discover them as I choose for my “4 mains” at launch. But of course not everyone thinks like that, thus the thread.

So how about you? Are your characters actual characters, or are they more “gaming avatars” without a defining persona that guides what they do or how they dress or whatever?


Well I do RP, so obviously my characters are more than an avatar to me.

I have three Hunters, this Nelf, a Tauren and my Human. Each of them dress differently and have different reasons for being a Hunter.


My concept is I want to do damage and that is how I will pick my covenant. Yay. Even though I want to be night fae for the soulshape customizable form.

I base my character on a loose theme but concept works too.

Without knowing any story beats tied
to the particular zones, I imagine I would have a hard time aligning my druid with anything other than night fae.


I throw some roleplay here and there on my characters, its nice giving them some identity, and already picked whos going to what covenant.


Yes. I can’t help it. I’m a writer, and I’ve been an avid reader who gets immersed in media content of any kind since day one.

I can’t not give my characters something of an identity/moral compass/etc.

My RP toons have been most thoroughly fleshed out, but in the regular game, even my most basic alts have something of a personality in my mind. So, yes, I know what covenants they would choose based on that notion.

For my main, however, the covenant ability/class ability will matter more than it does for the other ones. We’ll have to see. She should, by every measure of my pre-conceived notion of her, be a Night Fae. But…what use is a fox form to me when I already have cat and deer form for fast movement? It baffles me whey they picked that one for the obvious Druid and Shaman covenant, but I’m trying to reserve judgment until I get in there and have a chance to play it.


Yes, but I’m shocked at how little the Covenant factors into this. The core of my toon/head canon is a vague concept, and the decisions he makes in game (like covenants) is more of a “playing the cards you’re dealt” rather than a consequence of who he is as a dwarf. He’s a wildhammer, he’s a battle mage, and he would likely be the short of shaman the delves into the less accepted elemental relationships, almost as a warlock to a mage. He uses his chi on the spiritual side more than most. He’s a Shepard for the spirits of nature, and he defends things with the elements. He’s striving for balance, but he’s far more neutral than most Shaman would be inclined to be. His adherence to his mission has him making a lot of transactional, or utilitarian decisions than an Alliance member might otherwise do.

Many shaman seem to have lost the path with regard to their ancestors. I haven’t. Covenants are just another choice I have to make on my overall mission.


Honestly, a solid enough concept can at least narrow down one’s choices to then potentially pick for mechanical reasons. Like I have a lot of characters that don’t perfectly fit with any one covenant, but most of them have at least one that they absolutely would not pick. Once I get that deep into my currently 36 level 120 (soon to be level 50) characters, I’ll be more informed as to what covenant choices mean mechanically, but there are still some combos that I just wouldn’t touch on this or that character.

Otherwise, I’m much like you, so keep being awesome! :slight_smile:

Nope. Just avatars.

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I don’t RP with others, but I do RP with my character, so if you’re asking about a ‘backstory’ helping line up with a covenant, yeah sorta.

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This character specifically has an identity to me. He’s descended from Vrykul blood and sees himself as a herald of Odin, an iron fist of honor. But my other characters? Not so much. I rep grinded for KT just to get him, and picked a name beforehand. So I’m pretty attached


On being little?

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This one, absolutely!

I have a Kul Tiran warrior named Bigfella on the back burner.


What are these “characters” you speak of? It would be stupendous if life was actually all just a computer program.


Me not just dumb avatar. Me real orc with feelings and itchy places.



Felsavior, and that’s technically her title not name, is an incredibly damaged and broken character which is why she’s given into her vices and pleasures.

If it makes her smile she does it, consequences be darned.

My dk on the other hand, despite his nature as a DK, is trying as hard as he can to continue being the person he was in life.

My favorite is my shaman. He is an ex-iron horde dark shaman. When he came to azeroth the elements punished him by stripping away his power. He had to earn back his privilege of working with them by re-living the events of the past. He is burdened by the guild of all the atrocities he committed and genuinely wants to redeem himself.


My characters are actual characters.

Their particular gameplay based mechanics however are just toolsets by which the game is played.


My nine Alliance characters are all actual characters with their own backstory, personality, home base, preferences in weapons, style of clothing and bags, personal mounts, everything pretty much.


Yes, most of my characters do. Although this is the only one I formally RP with, all of them have sort sort of story to them, or at the very least an unique personality.