Do you think the Sethrak and Mechagnome fanbase will ever get along?

Lol there is no mechagnome fanbase. 10 people isn’t a fanbase.

I couldn’t care less about Sethrak because they don’t make sense for alliance. Ankoan on the other hand should have been in the mechagnome’s place.


Sometimes I wonder if these people actually literally mean only a few people like mechagnomes or are they literally that ignorant to realize there are thousands of people who like mechagnomes?

The mechagnome discord has 53 people by the way. Higher than the ogre one.


My issue is with Vulpera. Horde should have gotten snek boys, not foxkin whose one trait, culture and lore is ‘scrappy’.

Edit: Conversely, Vulpera could have gotten fleshed out as well as the Sethrak did. But they didn’t. They’re just cute and peppy. Blegh. Sethrak on the other hand have a far reaching history and stuff.

I think it’s weird that people can’t like two separate things and not get along, but the WoW community is pretty “special” when it comes to, well, anything ever at all.


I had no idea people even liked MG. I remember them being highly disappointing and a slap to the face of the alliance. especially after the racial nerf :rofl:


This thread has been around for a few months now.

The 3 alliance, yourself included, who have a diaper gnome will get over it.


I remember that when it first came out now that I think about it…kinda unsubed for a bit. I always got a kick at how few people posted there the first few weeks. But at least are a few more by now.

I just want a sethrak. We can keep mechagnomes for the 2 people who play them, but that isn’t “adding grit” to the Alliance like Ion hinted. Sethrak would have been that. They are SO cool.


It was somewhat rough in the first few weeks, but there is a bunch of people who frequently have expressed interest in mechagnomes. Even some rping them in the thread. I even checked and just about everyone I’ve seen posting there, isn’t just the same person on alts.

I’m honestly kind of amazed at how much hate the mechagnomes still get at this point, but I guess some people can’t get over their pretentiousness.

But with that having been said, The issue with the vulpera and the Sethrakk is that both races had a high level of demand by the player base and that ~critically~ whichever race was ulitmately chosen it would be a horde race due to how the Voldun narrative was structured. So I suspect a decision was made on a combination of how easy it would be to do armor for both races and which one would fit best into the horde.

Now would I like to have the sethrakk available as a playable race? Absolutely. I’m just not sure what Blizz could put out that would prevent the alliance player base from throwing a tantrum.

Well when you put it like that…yes. Give me mecha sneks.

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I doubt that. If it was meant to be more about how easy things were, then why didn’t they go with gilgoblins? I was hoping for gilgoblins. That said I am not relentlessly trashing the Vulpera fanbase cause I’d have preferred gilgoblins. Even though I’d have rather gilgoblins, I think the core problem with the way allied race were set up and the slots system. If either of the following happened, things wouldn’t have been such a problem:

  1. They had made allied races more unique from the beginning or stuck to the pattern or reskins.

  2. There hadn’t been a slots system in the first place so people wouldn’t worry about one coming in place of the other. If they had done that from the beginning then it would be less about one race coming in place of another and more so if a race became playable or not.

I wanted Sethrak just so I could laugh when Blizzard put boobs on a snake. Love me some snitties tho

Honestly, the one thing that I thought was a massive wasted opportunity for the Alliance was to have the Bristleback be written as a plausible allied race; It would have been easy enough to have written them as having been retaliating against the stormsong citizenry because they believed that they were in league with the old gods and then done a whole thing where we learn more about them and get their help in assaulting Shrine.

And it would have given the alliance players a race that wasn’t just more humans or dwarves or whatever but instead a race that has been around for ages, has the potential for interesting racials, good class options and the abscence of a horse mount.

But because it isn’t High elves or Vrykhul it would of course be immediately pilloried as a horrible insult to the alliance player base.

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High elves. Or just something else that was highly asked for. MG kinda came out of left field at the time.

Bristleback would be pretty cool. Personally I also think it would have been amazing if they introduced some kind of bee race that maybe we aided in stormsong valley, but that’s just me.

53 does not make a fanbase.

Ah yes, high elves! A race that is so bland and generic that the only thing that distinguishes them is that they’re basically Weebs for human culture.

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53 alone no, but one has to assume there is thousands of people playing mechagnomes in game and enjoying them. After all. The forums is only like 1% of the fanbase and discords only like .001%of the fanbase. I’ll bet you the vast majority of people who just play in game may be somewhat oblivious to the many people hating that race. There are some races, I didn’t even realize were that popular such as high elves, San’layn and vulpera till I came to the forums for the first time like way back around June last year.

Back before I started using the forums, I assumed that some of the most popular unplayable races were naga and ogres. I don’t even see a naga megathread here nor a naga discord.

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