Do you recommend the Elune or Gilneas realms?

My first post asking this got deleted for an unknown reason, even though it was very friendly and polite. So I’ll be direct and try again:

  • I want to move my Alliance characters over to Gilneas / Elune. My current realm is no longer active.
  • I enjoy PVP and social leveling, but also raiding/dungeons when time permits
  • I don’t think I want to move to an overpopulated realm - mid-size seems to avoid some of the pitfalls with high pop servers
  • Elune/Gilneas seems like a good fit and there are a good number of alliance guilds

Do members of these servers recommend joining? Is there anything I’m overlooking? And does it make a difference whether I move my characters to Elune versus Gilneas since the two seem to share the same world?

Thanks in advance!