Do you "identify" with any of the Community Council members?

Calm down.
It’s only been a few hours.

That all leads to… Shadowlands.

I identify with all council members as we are the same level in game

level 10 squad unite

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Idk I thought this has always been a thing as far back as Legion. Farm Mythic plus in addition to doing raids to stay competitive. I personally don’t really do it though nor participate in such guilds since legion, but seems to be complained about over and over.

Not really but that isn’t stopping me from reading the intros from them to see who they are or what they are into even if it’s not the same as me.

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You can only get so much feedback on mythic keys, mythic raids and arenas till it becomes repeated

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Just so you are aware, people who have the game installed, log in, do stuff (in game) are “actual players”


As long as content awards gear some people will complain, but those complaints may not be valid. WoW is a game where you can choose to go do other forms of content to acquire gear. There are people pretending they need to do it and whining about doing it and they really, really, REALLY don’t, but we can ignore those people.

Nobody who parses green can look me in the eye and tell me that what is holding them back from a purple parse is that they need some specific M+ trinket. Especially when SoD actually has some really strong trinkets (Old Warrior’s Soul is nutty for instance).

Having said all that, the lockout system as well as where specific items come from can create issues. For instance, Nathria was very, very badly itemized. For mail there was 1 set of shoulders in the entire raid, badly itemzed, that came from the final boss. If you wore mail, you actually “needed” to do M+ for shoulders.

SoD loot doesn’t really have these problems for the most part. I would stake money that you can clear all of SoD using only loot from the raid that you get as you progress it.

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if you put the CC and the general forums in front of me and removed all labels and only left post titles… i couldn’t tell the difference. Just looks like the same complaints made everywhere else on the forums.


Actually yea.

I am thankful for the posts about pvp gearing, which has been long written about, but always seemingly ignored. It lessens involvement in both unranked and ranked, which is bad for the pvp game as a while. Though i did laugh, the one guy was complaining about prot pally nerfs, while im firmly in the no tanks in arena camp.

I would like to see a post about mythic legion raids, and old content, not scaling right, which is frustrating as someone who likes to try for old mounts and transmogs. I haven’t seen that commented about yet, so I’m not sure if people do that content. But some of the old raids are still basically impossible on level 60s, who shouldn’t need Korthia gear to do raids from 2 xpacs ago

Haven’t see any of them saying they played Enh Shaman but some are concern of the state of tbc classic servers.

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Looking thru the treads again vs. what’s trending in GD, I’d say there is a big disconnect. The one thread on MT basically says no tuning needed. That’s a let down given the out cry for changes here.

I had high hopes for it, but still…

-no devs posting to thoughtful threads

If they ignore it like they do GD it’s just an echo chamber for the “nothing to see here, all is well crowd”


So when you say structure in the prior post I took that to mean the way the levels were designed and that forced raid leaders to push people into mythic plus. I’m guessing that meant loot available? But yeah raids should drop everything you need of course. It seems they wanted to capitalize on the old archaic classic loot distribution system and hoped it would pan out in SL, but obviously that backfired.

Specifically, it started in Nighthold (and has been going on ever since).

Apparently it never occured to Blizzard that people would raid AND do M+. Then they watched everyone waltz into Emerald Nightmare and steamroll it because they already overgeared it before they set foot in the raid.

Starting with Nighthold, they started tuning the fights SO TIGHTLY that even after you get bosses on farm and get the gear from them, your rekills don’t really get that much easier.

It was definitely noticed at the time. I remember there was a fatboss video (or was it preach? … anyway, it was one of the Brits) where they were really surprised at how difficult reclears were in Nighthold even after you got the gear from the raid.

(EDIT: And just to clarify, talking just about Mythic, here.)

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Nope can’t say I identify with any of them. I do some quests, here and there, and run old raids and dungeons.

Do I care about being represented? NO!
Have I important issues or complaints about the game that needs to be addressed? No.

All I want is a Shipbuilding Profession.

He isn’t the one doing the sells . His guild leader is and Ybarra isn’t the leader of his guild .

People just assume (and we all know what happens when people assume ) that because he is the president of Blizz that he is automatically the guild leader.

I thought I remember reading one or two in that category.

The key ingredient is really forewarning. Players are usually fine with depreciation of a reward, if the depreciation wasn’t a hidden thing from them. Raid drops are something players understand get degraded over time in value, so everyone is pretty cool about that.

Sudden changes to things that didn’t have a built-in expectation of depreciation though will get lots of complaints. One of the most important things for Blizzard to do is, when they design any unique content with unique rewards, to plan out in advance how those rewards will function over subsequent tiers and subsequent expansions, and then to announce it early.

Really, what you’re trying to avoid, is players being able to say, “If I knew THAT would happen, I wouldn’t have spent my time working on it when I did.” Advanced forewarning takes care of the source of complaints for reward degradation like 95% of the time.

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It is a combination of factors.

Nathira was actually horrible and I actually felt the plight of raider loggers during it. That was an instance where you actually did need to be doing M+ or you were holding back your raid in a serious way. The percentage of what pieces of gear contributed to your overall power, the placement of items in the raid, the lack of set bonuses, the power level of the trinkets, etc contributed to a tier where the loot was really bad. When I killed Council of Blood literally not a single person in the raid got an upgrade and that’s actually super dumb.

Blizzard has done a much better job with SoD. You could raid log SoD no problem in a middling guild, as long as you kept on top of doing Heroic.

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Is there any rules against you linking your topics from the CC forum here in say Gd where we can not only look at them but actually comment on them so that you all on the CC can see what the non member players are thinking on the topics and possibly bring up with Blizz our concerns or if its something we may like.

Also, while carries for gold have always been a thing, Blizzard has really cranked up the price for raiding guilds to the point where they rely more and more on selling carries.

Feast costs have skyrocketed. Compare a Cataclysm feast (5 meat) to a Shadowlands feast (25 fish + 20 meat + pricey vendor items).

Potion recipes have gone up. Cataclysm potions were 2 herbs, Shadowlands are 5. And we don’t have procs anymore.

Repair costs have gone up. Fun fact: Repair costs are tied to item level (most people don’t know that). Yet even with the many item level squishes, repair costs never seem to have gone down, in fact they’ve gone up.