Do you "identify" with any of the Community Council members?

So far for example we can see what they do with the magetower, because it seems that was reintroduced in a difficulty that may have even surpassed launch difficulty for many specs. In many single player games they offer various difficulties, the harder difficulties don’t necessarily give anything but achievements but that mode is offered to veteran players. That doesn’t take away from the power progression in the lower difficulties for example. But these mage towers being introduced with just one difficulty highlight an issue with implementation. And lack of inclusivity in design rewards.

I would hope they offer more solo content in the future, and understand skill isn’t always what players want, especially when there is a spectrum of skilled players. I do enjoy the various difficulties offered in the world quest minigames for example, that design philosophy could be put into other game modes.

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I don’t know about identity but I’m liking the stance of Prosident on issues come up so far. Come to think of it, if all the level 10 alts are EU members im really liking most of their comments on things.

so far no way, none of them do…I’m hoping some of my preferred posters get chosen since i feel like they “get it” when it comes to this game

looks like there’s quite a few more seats left :slight_smile:

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I wouldn’t mind some changes to mythic + like perhaps a talent system like box of many things we can upgrade slowly over time. Not sure how that would change things too much but it could give people a bit of a boost that usually struggle without compromising the difficulty too much at higher keys.

Why do you need that on top of gear progression though?

Stuff like Box of Many Things as well as the new Zereth Mortis meta-progression system are basically ways for Blizzard to create “gear upgrades” that don’t create the feeling of being mandatory for raiders. M+ already has gear rewards.

I just don’t understand what you think that would add that adding new gear with interesting effects in M+ would cover.

I’m a World PVPer - and I was fully geared every season.

Anyone was fully capable of getting the best PVP gear in WoD.

Edit: If they were able to find the vendors… right, Ion?


I don’t identify with any of them but I like Kaivax so there’s that I guess.

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I do M+ because I love raiding.

Some gear that comes from M+ (IQD, Signet of the False Accuser, etc) is just a straight upgrade for me next to anything that comes out of the raid. Since I want to push myself to do better, and to be better for my guild, I do M+.

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Gear has to be upgraded or farmed for which requires rng and a grind, yet the box idea stays forever if you upgraded it. Every idea of course has its pros and cons. I personally don’t really care about gear much just the experience I have playing the content.

Can confirm. As someone who started out there and also RP on AD from time to time, it’s a different culture. I was hoping to see someone from US realms as well.

As far as the council is concerned as a whole, I don’t expect any real changes. I’m certain good ideas will be suggested but the issue is that Blizzard never took the feedback to heart. Ion himself has -countless- of times said they hear us and still they keep on doing what they do. I hope I’m proven wrong.


aye, Kaivax is pretty chill.

He’s also been one of the more active blues recently. He stopped posting in the BGs forum a while back, I’m not too happy about that :cry:

Hello :slight_smile:

I realize (and hopefully you do too) that you are not going to find a 1:1 match with someone on the CC if you have very niche interests in the game.

This is my main. I have mained her since I joined NA WoW in 2009. My character / armory are 100% visible. Not all of us are on level 10 Alts — those are mostly the EU folk because of how the forum is set on NA.

I spend most of my time in open-world solo content, random/epic BG queues, leveling pets through pet battles, or doing old raids either solo or with a handful of friends to collect transmog or help others get the meta raid/dungeon achievements complete.

I feel like there is only SO MUCH you can put in a brief intro without going on and on in some Dickensian way. I stated I dabble in a lot but I am mostly a casual and have a very casual mindset when it comes to most aspects of the game. 99% of what I do is pugging. Pug, pug, pug. I spent 3 hours queueing Legion TW dungeons while killing mobs in Nazjatar for an item drop last night.

That being said, I also have experience with group content - I’ve gotten CE twice, I’ve gotten AOTC most tiers (though very late in the tier), I’ve gotten KSM consistently since 8.2(?? It may be 8.1? 8.3? I don’t remember. I try not to remember BFA), I have 739 mounts, and over 34k achievement points (yet for some reason armory only shows 33985), I have 100k HKs and 98% of those are from random BGs I solo queue.

I realize a lot of people here are viewing the CC with great skepticism, and you have every right to. You don’t know us yet, and you have been disappointed by inaction in the game previously. I would love to have a chance to interact with you all here (and I’m sure the other members of the CC feel the same). I would love for you all to get to know us and feel free to come to us with ideas or constructive criticism. I just ask one thing - please don’t dismiss us yet, especially when we don’t even have all our members invited.

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All of this.

And I am also posting on my main. I can’t boast the same level of mount farming, achievement posts, or CE achievements, but everything is there
Letholas-Vek’Nilash NA

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Hi Artemisha,

I think you guys are making a huge mistake: In posts here in general discussion, you’re talking about yourselves, instead of about issues. You did it again in your post. All the posts from CC people in this thread have been about that, in fact.

You guys are being defensive and making the discussion about YOU. It’s the same trap that a lot of the MVP’s have fallen into, over the years.

When people say “nobody’s talking about X in the CC forums”, your (plural “your” there, not just you) best reply is “you’re right, let’s talk about that” instead of getting defensive.

This is a very human reaction, but it’s not productive. You often see the same thing in journalism, for example, where journalists sometimes make the story about themselves instead of about the story. (At which point they’ve effectively ceased to be journalists.)

I think - and feel free to pass this along to the others if you think it has merit - that you guys should never talk about yourselves, your backgrounds, or whatever when talking with the general public. Who cares? Talk about the issues. Talk about peoples’ concerns.


Honestly, I am not dismissing you. I am specifically dismissing Blizzard until they actually make changes in the game. They talk and talk and talk but have never walked the walk. I am sure the team’s managers are the ones at fault here but they look good on paper so they stick around.

You are a lot less casual than I am. I don’t even PUG anymore simply because I would never get invited to a group and the LFD queue is a nightmare for someone that just wants to have fun tanking heroic dungeons. I don’t even have friends in the game anymore as they have all quit and moved elsewhere so. I raided until Cataclysm. Tried to get back into in Pandaria. It just wasn’t meant to be. Every time I have tried LFR, it is ultimately ruined by some over-geared jerk trolling the group or wasting a spot AFK. So I keep to myself these days.

I don’t expect a 1:1 fit because I play so little of the game. Less and less over time. Then I have to read daily from people like “Clark” on how the content I like should be removed because they don’t like it. I am just hoping someone sticks up for world content that can be done solo.


^^^ honestly the best post in the entire thread, I never even thought about what you clearly pointed out here :clap:

Yeah, what gives? Rather than actually address issue X, these dudes just immediately go on an (unasked for) spiel about themselves or their own personal interests/tastes… completely glossing over/ignoring the issue X that was brought up by non-CC players in the first place :joy:

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The thing is — some of us are discussing the issues. I know several have already reached out to our communities (whether it’s mounts or RP or raiding) to be available for discussions, input, ideas - and we are TRYING to do that. There are already several discussion posts going under the CC.

Getting a full set of honor gear in wod took a day or two of PvP on a new player. Without that it’s still a fail.

The difference between wod honor and conquest gear was in SL ilvl terms 3 ilvls.

It’s probably not a good idea to interact with GD too much lol. There’s a reason that this CC experiment is happening. That experiment may fail, but be careful how much “feedback” you take from this forum.

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None of them are about mounts, RP, or World content. From the outside, it just looks like a bunch of elite players discussing how to make things more elite from Raiding, PVP, and Mythic+. Not how to make things more enjoyable and maybe get a few more people interested in those activities.