Do you "identify" with any of the Community Council members?

The introduction thread is a meme so barely anybody in there. Seeing KSM heroes and people who still can’t get AOTC at this point saying “my focus will be on raid and M+ design and balance!” when they’re not even qualified to give suggestions on that content is hilarious.

Also why are there people that exclusively play TBC Classic in this? There’s literally nothing of value they’re going to add because they’re not going to make adjustments to classic and they don’t even play retail. Not to mention the people that exclusively roleplay…

Community Council is a complete disaster. It doesn’t even matter that you have people posting on alts hiding their achievements because you can already tell whos lying about their experiences with the game.

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Even if you didn’t choose transparency via posting on your main, I would still agree with semi-anonymity. Posting on a main is a sure-fire trip to being spammed with whispers at all times of playing in-game.

I don’t see it as a bad thing at all for any council member to post on an alt. I actually prefer if they post on their alt so they can play with some peace of mind. I care about their privacy and well-being.

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That’s because so many people have left the game entirely since Cata. Your server (and most others) would be utterly dead if cross realm play did not exist.

They cannot return the game to an early time when massive growth meant many full servers. And while I think there are a lot of reasons why players left (some of which were entirely avoidable if the devs hadn’t had micromanaging players as a major goal), I see CRZ as an unavoidable bandaid fix.

I play horde on moonguard. I rarely see another player of either faction. Same on many of the other realms I have characters on. At this point, I’m not sure what could be done, just that most realms would be utterly dead without crz and players in the would have no access to group play without the option of crossrealm play.

I have read the suggestion more than once in these forums that it would be acceptable to stack the council with high achieving elites, because they could represent casuals, while casuals cannot represent raiders.

Do you see the council as a group that should be only interested in raiding and raiders?

The who? Doubtful.

First thing is that there are still more people to be added. We’ve heard from 30 of the 100 blizzard wants to have on the council.

But it’s also important to have people from all walks of the game, there are CE raiders in there, AOTC and normal raiders as well. As well as people who push keys at all kinds of levels. Saying they aren’t qualified because they don’t do content the same way you do isn’t a valid reason. People were chosen for their experiences at all levels. A council of only CE raiders and 2500+ io M+ runners would be a very poor representation of the community. But it’s still important to have some of those players involved.

Because they still have valid opinions about the game and its state, even if TBCC is their primary method of play.

I’ve seen numerous posts from RP dedicated players looking for, and being glad to see that there are RP people on the council.

Not everyone on the council will be speaking directly to everyone with a WoW account; that’s why it’s a council, to hopefully reach everyone.

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People who aren’t good enough at the game should not be deciding “game balance”. It’s the equivalent of people in Bronze in League of Legends dictating game balance for high MMR / Pro play. Literally nobody wants that. I’d rather not have my spec completely destroyed because one of these players doesn’t understand how to play it.

A great example is post #18 in the introduction thread. This player literally paid for a heroic carry, has only done the raid once and they want to influence raid design. They say that they want “flex mythic raiding” and yet they’re not good enough at the game to understand why this is an awful idea and will not work.

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Eh, elites don’t really represent casuals since they generally don’t bother with casual content (pet battles, LFR, RP’ing, unrated BGs, etc)… but at least they have a good track record of actual experience with the endgame (multiple CEs, multiple KSMs, got Gladiator in PvP, etc).

So yes, having some elites commenting on topics is still preferrable to casual 1-time KSM heroes, people that struggle to get AoTC, etc like that other guy pointed out above.

I know I would certainly prefer a multi-KSM poster offering their (superior) feedback on M+ to the devs rather than a 1-time dude who only recently started dabbling in the content.

And people who have never had anything to do with casual play should not be deciding what needs to be done to casuals.

Either it will be representative of the playerbase, or it will end up as a sham full of elites who are trying to funnel more resources to their own pet interests.

I get it. You want more resources and advantages for yourself, and if you think it’s good for the game for casuals to be forced out or forced to play hard content, then you’d lobby for that.

The majority of players in successful MMO’s are casuals. There aren’t enough hardcores to support a game this size. If you want a game where elites get all the attention and casuals get no consideration, you’re already playing that game.


Blizzard class designers handle game balance. Not a casual like me who thinks it is fun to use a certain skill for the skill graphic.

The people who play at the elite levels have had access to the Devs since almost day one. Many of those theorycrafters and high end raiders now work at Blizzard on WoW.

That kind of lends some value to the idea that maybe having only the top 2% dictate ALL game decisions does not work out so well for the rest.

Don’t worry though, the people who do the actual theory crafting are the ones they talk to about balance. Not me, or the RP folks, or a pet collector, or an AH enthusiast.


I’m offering my thoughts. They aren’t gospel and I don’t pretend that they are. As someone who has done keys since Legion (, and as someone who has strong opinions about M+, I decided to share.

I understand it’s a small sample size, I expressed my distaste with pugging keys in my post and at the time it was the only option available to me as I played odd hours while in school and was not in an active guild.

This is exactly it. The top 1% who are playing in the MDI and RWF and AWC etc etc already have their open communication that doesn’t represent 99% of the playerbase.


Do you remember the extra in development forum they had during Legion where we could talk about the different issues we all had with the game while the content was current . I still remember the big MM hunter thread Adreaver made.

If they could do something like that separate from GD but for all to engage in .

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I am pretty sure letting other people know your pronouns and how to refer to you, unabashedly, is the truest form of being yourself. I’m unsure how seeing people listing their pronouns is anything more than an extremely minor visual annoyance. I am all about opt-in systems, so if folks want to use a potential system or tool to more easily self-identify, that sounds awesome to me.


I identify as a juicy piece of fruit.

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The toxcity and RP one since that is one of the biggest issues with WoW as a whole. Very toxic and unforgiving community


what this person said. i figured i don't matter cause i don't push content and overall am not a good player. but like everything in life, those at the top get all the representation and reward so i don't care
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i honestly didn't see that one. they do have 15 years over my 5. good luck purplepixies.

I’m very hopeful that with this council every type of player can be well represented :slight_smile:

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Argent Dawn - EU from at least what I saw. Wish there was someone from AD - US, but AD really isn’t known for much sadly. There are no high end guilds in terms of mythic progression. Yeah there are some PVPers and some M+ groups, but nothing outstanding. Even the RP is getting worse and worse as all the RPers have left the server which is a whole topic in itself. We are known for Transmog, Mount, and Pet collecting.

As for the OPs question, really there isn’t anyone on that council that I identify with because none of them claim themselves to be casuals. Yeah probably not a good thing to do when you’re looking for council members, but this game shouldn’t be made for the best of the best players. It should be made for the average, person with a 75% parse or however you want to judge them. The top 1% leads to top 1% issues.

Not even that tbh. A lot of people go there for the bmah because it’s such a dead server lol

I got quite a few of my redemption pieces and tabards from it