Do you "identify" with any of the Community Council members?

People voicing their concerns believing their feedback to be taken into consideration just to eventually discover nobody cares?

I relate to them all.

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Ridiculous… if true.

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You have something on your nose

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To be honest, I haven’t heard anything about any of them. Nor am I going to look to see who’s on it. And if any of the content creators mention it, I plan on memory holing it immediately. I figure these poor souls are simply a focus group that Blizzard will use to A/B test on. My guess is they just picked 20 people or some other nice round number that they could crunch into % numbers for their internal staff meetings.

Omg… is this true?? :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming: :rofl:

I mostly just skim thru the board, so might have missed it :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Honestly such an activity should be grounds for getting kicked out of the program, that kinda undermines the whole “integrity” of the program to be honest.

It’s “supposed” to be a feedback forum about the common issues affecting the players and how to make the game better… and that dude is instead using it to promote his own twitch channel for personal gain/shill for more viewers and subs?!? It’s like, get outta here with that you attention-seeking grifter :roll_eyes:


Here’s the direct link to the introductions thread. I don’t see anyone shilling their twitch, just a dude offering his Twitter for people to submit feedback to. In fact, I’m just seeing multiple people state outright that they aren’t streamers or content creators.

nope, not a single one. I knew they wouldn’t have any though because they didn’t ask the entire playerbase, they just advertised it on this forum or places like that instead of on the launcher which would have opened it up to everyone.

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I don’t identify with any of the current council members.

I play in mostly WPvP and very passionate about WPvP. It’s an area of the game I feel gets ignored quite often. While people have briefly brought up open world PvP briefly, (i.e “I mainly do arenas and battlegrounds! I’ve dabbled in WPvP.”) no one specifically brings up any suggestions or brings up any of the issues that WPvP / War Mode is currently facing.

They seriously need to invite people to the council for specific parts of the game. (don’t generalize or categorize PvP as a whole, theres different categories).

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I’m happy to see advocates for RP and casual PvP gearing, since those are primarily what I do.

That’s not how I read the announcement at all. More like the “registered mail” of feedback. .

I think you overestimate their power. :wink:


What you described is an echo chamber, and that is the last thing Blizzard needs. Also shouldn’t listen to someone who has to be carried for AoC buddy.


They will be as effective as the twitch community…next to forgotten.

I haven’t “identified” who any of them are.

Some people might. And that is the real reason for that.

Sooner or later people will find out that Blizzard is not trying to understand is playerbase, rather they are changing the playerbase to a desired one.

It is easy to see. Decision making, things they do, things they dont. Things they are showing and deeming important.

They dont want to change the game to the players the have. They want to get the players they want to make a game for. And to many of the players, those are not them.

As many have said in other topics: The exodus of players in WoW is not indiscriminate. A large portion of the players who left are of a specific group. In many servers you are not seeing some specific types of players, and instead, most players you see are of a specific demographic.


I see some who bring new or old innovative ideas, however I still say the lack of categories make sit hard to really elaborate in threads due to too many of them jumbling the main page.

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I didn’t apply for the council nor have I gone to that forum. I’m choosing to respect their space and embrace the ongoing inclusion of the players by letting them have their own segmented population. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

What are you talking about? Blizzard literally just made raiding mandatory for M+ in 9.1, nerfed the crap out of PvP gear, and brought back quasi-set bonuses to force you to incorporate raiding loot for dom sockets, to drive up raid engagement. Just because you’re unhappy with dom sockets doesn’t mean it wasn’t done specifically to entice people into raids.

Even in 9.2 with the Crucible of the First Ones, crafting set items will be time-gated and the best way to get your tier set will be to raid.

Like, raiding has problems, but this notion of raiders being an oppressed people is just absurd. Just because the game only revolves 90% around raiders instead of 99.5% doesn’t mean Blizzard doesn’t care. Actually insane posts from you sometimes, lol.

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Except Blizzard doesn’t understand the concept of moderation. they swing from one extreme to the other very often. So they can place extremely high importance on this group to the detriment of the player base. Especially in regards to Blizzard’s most regarded gameplay (raids and mythic+) to ignoring everything else.

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