Do you "identify" with any of the Community Council members?

The way raid lock-outs work for Mythic is defnitely dog-water. The structure of raids, the lack of solid skips, and the way lockouts work makes it such that guilds are very, very early in a tier going into “Extend forever” mentality and are ending up gear deprived in some cases. Blizzard really, really, REALLY needs to reevaluate how Mythic lockouts work.

I know that when I was raiding this tier, our raid group was at the point where Heroic was trivial and not particularly rewarding, but our main raid nights were Tuesday/Wednesday and our “Farm Night” was on Saturday. What this means is that Farm Night was only ever doing Heroic and Heroic was baby easy, and we’d gotten to the point where we’re running alts of alts because Heroic had been farmed out.

I feel like the situation would have been way less toxic if we could do prog during the week, and then on our farm night we could still go back and do the first three bosses on Mythic. You shouldn’t be sacrificing the ability to do earlier bosses just because your progression nights are earlier in the week. Blizzard should literally just copy over how Heroic works to Mythic. Nobody actually cares about degenerate Mythic split runs, it really, really, really doesn’t matter. Ion has it in his head that the World First Race actually matters and it doesn’t.

There are two connected pieces. Blizzard’s structure of raids this expansion has been really bad, and raid leaders are using the existence of M+ to justify extending indefinitely so their guild is more competitive than it would be if they farmed gear from earlier bosses appropriately.

Laying the blame solely on M+ is intellectually lazy.

The thread, and many of the comments about the Council are not about the concept as a whole, but about the INDIVIDUALS on it. That is what this thread is about.

You don’t want people to talk about their individual interests in a thread about their individual interests.

If people want to avoid that, they should not be making threads about the individual council members or posts about them maybe?

If you do, people are going to respond. You seem to want robots. Nobody, not the CMs, MVPs, or Council are robotic. We are all here to be part of a community, and that means interacting normally and discusing your own views and experiences with game content.


To be honest, I don’t know. I was looking at the “Feedback on 9.1.5” topic and it devolved into PVP loot and Master Looting.

At this point in my life, I doubt there is anything that Blizzard can do that would make me want to get into progression raiding again. I did it for four expansions and the environment just isn’t something that I think I would enjoy anymore. Joining a “casual”
raiding guild in Pandaria and then being told I needed to get Gold Proving Grounds to participate in Flexible Raids told me that. Especially when I specifically applied only for Flexible Raids. Now, I don’t think there are any casual guilds on my server.

I play the game (have since Vanilla) and don’t run that stuff now. As long as someone is looking out for those of us who don’t do that much group content to make sure our world content is also engaging, then I’m fine with it.

But if this is going to solely be about CE, top keys, mythic raids… then the game I’ve played since Vanilla isn’t being taken into account. And that’s not good.


Have any of them talked about friends and family raiding?

If not, then no I’m not represented.

If so, great! I’d love to see their opinions.

I know I’m Classic-based, but I cover this in a post regarding TBC realms and how I’m very afraid of TBCC turning out the very same way. I’d love ideas on what do to about that and how to better incentivize building meaningful relationships in retail. Most dungeons I run in retail feels a lot like just running with literal bots. If you have ideas on how to fix this in retail I would love to hear it, because it really truly does make me deeply sad.

Calm down.
It’s only been a few hours.

That all leads to… Shadowlands.

I identify with all council members as we are the same level in game

level 10 squad unite

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Idk I thought this has always been a thing as far back as Legion. Farm Mythic plus in addition to doing raids to stay competitive. I personally don’t really do it though nor participate in such guilds since legion, but seems to be complained about over and over.

Not really but that isn’t stopping me from reading the intros from them to see who they are or what they are into even if it’s not the same as me.

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You can only get so much feedback on mythic keys, mythic raids and arenas till it becomes repeated

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Just so you are aware, people who have the game installed, log in, do stuff (in game) are “actual players”


As long as content awards gear some people will complain, but those complaints may not be valid. WoW is a game where you can choose to go do other forms of content to acquire gear. There are people pretending they need to do it and whining about doing it and they really, really, REALLY don’t, but we can ignore those people.

Nobody who parses green can look me in the eye and tell me that what is holding them back from a purple parse is that they need some specific M+ trinket. Especially when SoD actually has some really strong trinkets (Old Warrior’s Soul is nutty for instance).

Having said all that, the lockout system as well as where specific items come from can create issues. For instance, Nathria was very, very badly itemized. For mail there was 1 set of shoulders in the entire raid, badly itemzed, that came from the final boss. If you wore mail, you actually “needed” to do M+ for shoulders.

SoD loot doesn’t really have these problems for the most part. I would stake money that you can clear all of SoD using only loot from the raid that you get as you progress it.

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if you put the CC and the general forums in front of me and removed all labels and only left post titles… i couldn’t tell the difference. Just looks like the same complaints made everywhere else on the forums.


Actually yea.

I am thankful for the posts about pvp gearing, which has been long written about, but always seemingly ignored. It lessens involvement in both unranked and ranked, which is bad for the pvp game as a while. Though i did laugh, the one guy was complaining about prot pally nerfs, while im firmly in the no tanks in arena camp.

I would like to see a post about mythic legion raids, and old content, not scaling right, which is frustrating as someone who likes to try for old mounts and transmogs. I haven’t seen that commented about yet, so I’m not sure if people do that content. But some of the old raids are still basically impossible on level 60s, who shouldn’t need Korthia gear to do raids from 2 xpacs ago

Haven’t see any of them saying they played Enh Shaman but some are concern of the state of tbc classic servers.

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Looking thru the treads again vs. what’s trending in GD, I’d say there is a big disconnect. The one thread on MT basically says no tuning needed. That’s a let down given the out cry for changes here.

I had high hopes for it, but still…

-no devs posting to thoughtful threads

If they ignore it like they do GD it’s just an echo chamber for the “nothing to see here, all is well crowd”


So when you say structure in the prior post I took that to mean the way the levels were designed and that forced raid leaders to push people into mythic plus. I’m guessing that meant loot available? But yeah raids should drop everything you need of course. It seems they wanted to capitalize on the old archaic classic loot distribution system and hoped it would pan out in SL, but obviously that backfired.

Specifically, it started in Nighthold (and has been going on ever since).

Apparently it never occured to Blizzard that people would raid AND do M+. Then they watched everyone waltz into Emerald Nightmare and steamroll it because they already overgeared it before they set foot in the raid.

Starting with Nighthold, they started tuning the fights SO TIGHTLY that even after you get bosses on farm and get the gear from them, your rekills don’t really get that much easier.

It was definitely noticed at the time. I remember there was a fatboss video (or was it preach? … anyway, it was one of the Brits) where they were really surprised at how difficult reclears were in Nighthold even after you got the gear from the raid.

(EDIT: And just to clarify, talking just about Mythic, here.)

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Nope can’t say I identify with any of them. I do some quests, here and there, and run old raids and dungeons.

Do I care about being represented? NO!
Have I important issues or complaints about the game that needs to be addressed? No.

All I want is a Shipbuilding Profession.