Why people keep saying there is no community on mega servers

I think there are, and there are just multiple communities. There are pvp community, speed run community, gdkp community, boosting community, Spanish community, Chinese community… I made friends from all of them, and I don’t think it is a bad thing.

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There is definitely a community to be had on the big servers; but it’s entirely different on a low-med pop realm. I transferred to Benediction(A) a month or two ago and I’ve also made friends from most of the same groups of people, but with everything moving so fast (lfg, the server discord, etc) it’s a lot harder to consistently see the same person, or even group of people again. It gives me big Area52/Illidan/etc vibes. I’ve been finding it a lot harder to find that ‘connection’ with other people.

Even most dungeon groups, people just…don’t talk beyond what’s absolutely necessary to complete the dungeon. I ran four heroics last night and there was probably a grand total of 15 words spoken, most of which was “roll for shards”. It sometimes feels pointless for me to ask how people’s day is going, or compliment them on their shiny new weapon, or ask how their raid went, because of this weird mentality of “maybe the dungeon will go faster if I don’t talk.” It’s a lot like approaching a busy intersection in your car and turning the radio down to concentrate more, it feels silly once you realize you do it - but does it really help?

I think this attitude is definitely fostered by just how huge these megaservers are, comparatively. This is not to say that my old server in particular was any better than any other server, big or small, but that it for a while felt like the goldilocks “just right” population size that quickly, then slowly, bled out to megaservers. It’s frustrating.

I don’t play an MMO to wade through an endless sea of chatter and spam to be plunked into dungeons and groups where people stop talking. I play an MMO to establish and develop friends and relationships (good and bad.) That being said, I’ve felt a lot more human connection on Benediction than I have on retail in many many moons. I just don’t want the essence of what made Vanilla and onwards so great, which is the forced communication and teamwork to reach a goal, even down to the little things.


It almost feels like a catch-22 situation at this point. The choice of staying on a struggling population server & finding it difficult & time-consuming to find or create groups for TBC leveling dungeon, reg/heroic 70 dungeons & p1 raid content, or playing on a high population “busy” server where grouping feels sterile, rushed & impersonal - not unlike how grouping felt with the cross-realm LFD finder that was added in sometime in WotLK. I guess in either case, it comes down to finding an active guild that shares your play values for most of your grouping play (at least with a main character), but sometimes you just want to have some random pug spur of the moment fun, especially when gearing up & playing multiple alts.

Exactly. The super mega servers are like the Retail servers.

I agree with most of your response and the response from Kythaela.

I left Retail over this. A lack of a real community, where the game feels more like a lobby game with strangers than anything else, it’s a hollow experience for me and to me is not like playing an MMO.

Whereas Classic it was amazing. Seeing the same people and having them later join your guild or grouping with them, fighting the same enemy players in the world, having group server experiences etc. That type of stuff is why I play. Not to collect gear/other stuff with a bunch of random people I will never talk to again.

For those who want a lobby game where they can raid it’s great. For those who are in a solid stable guild and don’t care about anything else it’s great… but as for the mega servers actually having a community. They really don’t. They may have some community pockets but for the most part everyone else on them may as well be NPCs.

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