Do you feel safe on these forums?

(Kureya) #1514

Sounds like the faction conflict just needs a midlife crisis to spice things up.

(Taalva) #1515

Faction conflict works fine as background noise to whatever the main story arc is in any given expac.

Given the nature of this game (and what Blizzard is willing and unwilling to do) it simply does not work as a main focus, and never should have been.

(Zandrae) #1516

If I had to guess, I’d say ADHD inattentive type where the hyperactivity is thought hyperactivity rather than visible hyperactivity.

Really smart but can’t communicate it because you are either the monarch of “um uh” or mid speech you forget what you’re saying, full stop, and are like, “What was I just saying?”

(Taalva) #1517

I had an English Teacher who devoted an entire week to space fillers and trying to get us to be as self conscious of them as humanly possible.

As someone with ADHD…it was a difficult week

(Banrok) #1518

Teachers like that honestly suck

I had an art teacher who had us take ESSAYS on art and what color goes with what, so we wrote about it more then we actually DID IT.

A speech teacher who’s incompetent about conditions like that is even worse.

(Zandrae) #1519

I sometimes don’t think that people, even educators, understand that different people work in different ways.

My technical writing professor was all about “PEEL” paragraphs and pyramid plans and I just couldn’t. I also qualified for a waiver to skip the class except for it had other elements required for graduation. Basically. I already know how to write gud.

Finally she was like, “Use whatever method works for you. This is for people who don’t yet have a process.”

For me it’s like that Bob Dylan quote. I’m not writing. The ideas are out there, they’ve always been there, I’m just writing them down. I start writing and the words just flow.

I did my final for the class today and I murdered it.

(Taalva) #1520

A lot of my high school English teachers were very rigid about paragraph structure (it was exceedingly annoying to write that way). Thankfully most of my college professors were very laid back on structure so long as you made your point well.

(Ursuola) #1521

I was promised in high school that I would be referencing my APA style guide to the point of nausea in college, and that anything less than perfect formatting would dock me whole letter grades, so I definitely needed to invest in one.

I graduate at the end of the week, and I don’t think I’ve opened the thing once.

(Zandrae) #1522

I was snarky as hell in my final paragraph.

I made an offtopic proposal that might get me in trouble but might actually really help some people.

There are, according to some survey, a lot of students at my uni who are homeless. I’m talking like 4300 homeless students.

We also have a building that was supposed to be 18 stories tall but delays in construction capped it at something like 5. Structurally it was made to handle at least 13 more. I was like, “So why not use all the money saved from ideas in this proposal to aid our homeless students by finishing construction on building by adding 13 floors of student housing?”

(Taalva) #1523

High School propagates some hilarious flat out lies about College.

(Zandrae) #1524

For what it’s worth I have had to APA. It blows.

(Taalva) #1525

Any of my papers that required citations were all MLA (I’m not sure I was even ever taught APA)

(Taalva) #1526

Its interesting you bring that up, I was at a lecture at Teachers College the other day and the keynote speaker spoke mostly about building equity in the city’s schools. He spent some time talking about how, for many students (be them homeless or in households below the poverty line), their time in school is the safest place they will be during the day.

One of the things he said to me that stood out was “For the 30 years that I’ve been in education and for however many times I’ve heard ‘you can’t just throw money at the problem’ I wish just one person would have thrown money at the problem”.

(Zunde) #1527

I was almost constantly failed in my middle school computers classes despite being able to out-speed and out type everyone there entirely because i only use two fingers to type and this annoyed and upset my teacher to no end.

(Taalva) #1528

I “hunt and peck” a lot faster than I’ve seen many people traditionally type.

People that demand you learn to traditionally type are ridiculous.

(Zunde) #1529

I have a handicap on my right hand.

When i was a very young i got my finger stuck in a fold out bed and had it almost completely severed. It was saved but the doctors messed it up and well the bone sort of fused straight i cannot bend one of the fingers on my right hand.

This is why i only use two fingers to type it’s extremely painful to try and type with all ten fingers since i have very limited control of one finger.

(Versca) #1530

I did terribly at math growing up because I’m that generation that they started teaching us math via computer courses. I picked up quickly that all the problems had a specific pattern to them, so I was learning math to a certain extent but only how to do it through the computer class program. So if you put the paperwork in front of me I fell apart because I didn’t know how to do it without the program.

idk if that makes any sense but hey now my job is doing story problems all day lol. Who’d of thought that’d be the sh!t that actually matters in my life, also French, should have taken French because look how useful Russian has been for me!! сука блять!!!

(Zandrae) #1531

You could work for the President.



I have the inattentive type, too. It’s super good at making me sound and act like an idiot when I’m somewhere I have to talk a lot, especially if I’m working and have to rattle off a ton of rapid-fire information to someone while simultaneously doing something with my hands. Usually just accepting you come off as embarrassingly bumbling is easier than “uh, sorry, I have a thing, with my brain.”

(Ellivara) #1533

Glad I didn’t have to deal with that nonsense. Missed typing classes completely with all the moving. Meanwhile, I also ‘hunt and peck’ faster than most other people I know type normally. Mostly because I know the layout of keyboards by heart almost and can type blindfolded, talking, or glaring at you for staring over my shoulder while I type 70 wpm. ((I’ve done that before. Unsettled a librarian. Turns out, long nails and old keyboards are very noisy.))

Probably the only thing I’m not terrible at. xD.