Do you feel safe on these forums?

(Versca) #1494

Exactly, I didn’t even read the receipts but these obtuse word salad posts that are obnoxious to read threw was off putting enough. It’s like a war of attrition but trying to bore readers to death.

(Zunde) #1495

Say a lot but say nothing.

Drown out your detractors in a sea of purple prose.

(Ellivara) #1496

If it’s the tavern keeper I’m thinking of, he probably deserved it anyway.

(Azhaar) #1497

tl;dr I feel safer among you weirdos than I do from the people running this circus.

I actually like you weirdos, by and large. Takes one to know one, I guess.

(Bruticus) #1498

Anyone who uses Naxx Warlock tier for a mog already raises my hackles, farting out paragraphs like you’re trying to hit a school assignment word count only makes it worse

(Conjurus) #1499

Wow, are we really approaching Third Cap?

Getting out of hand.

(Zandrae) #1500

Victory for… I don’t know, Shirt after eating all that cake.

(Bruticus) #1501

Victory for Shirt’s bird

(Zandrae) #1502

Yes. Shirt’s birb is awesome. :bird:

(Baenura) #1503

And she’ll never know what happened to it beforehand.

(Bruticus) #1504

Indents are a dead giveaway

(Kirsy) #1505

I do this. I’ve never met anyone else who did this. I feel less frustrated now.

(Taalva) #1506

So the Tyrande Transformation Cutscene is up on Wowhead and, well, I’m fairly unimpressed. Not sure why but I was expecting a full cinematic not in ingame cutscene.

There are some fun bits but its left me with the overwhelming feeling of “Meh”

(Zunde) #1507

You all should feel very safe i have recovered TWO of the Sixteen rings of power.

(Ursuola) #1508

Blizzard’s CGI budget is reserved only for Saurfang’s manpain.

(Sarestha) #1509

I didn’t expect an old-soldier-esque thing, but I DID hope for one of those in-game cinematics. It’s a shame it’s just a cutscene.

(Taalva) #1510

Oh I wasnt expecting a full blown cgi cinematic (as absolutely amazing as that would have been) I was expecting something along the lines of Ysera’s Death or the End of Stormheim.

Instead it was an ingame cutscene and I was bored throughout the whole thing (outside of Tyrande tossing a severed orc head into the Moonwell, that was awesome)

(Zunde) #1511

My general response to the story in BFA has been “Okay that’s nice kindly point me in the direction of what i need to kill to get new pet’s and mount’s thanks.”

(Taalva) #1512

Honestly? Blood Elf Heritage Armor was the only thing I was looking forward to in 8.1, and I ended up hating it.

That coupled with the bafflingly incompetent showing at Blizzcon is why I let my sub lapse.

Maybe 8.2 will pull me back, who knows but this is honestly the first time I’ve ever quit due to being unhappy with the game (last two times were me burning myself out). Not even WoD managed to push me to quit.

BfA has been flat out awful IMO. Which sucks because Kul’tiras and Zandalar are legitimately awesome and it’s a shame for those two continents to be mired in so much dung.

(Zunde) #1513

In general i don’t like the faction conflict as a story point.

It has nothing to do with how the alliance are written.
It has nothing to do with how the horde is written.

It’s that it’s dull and will always be a slave to the status quo.