Do you feel safe on these forums?

(Banrok) #1474

It shouldn’t be hard to communicate in text either, but somehow you find a way…

(Kornbredkhan) #1475

Now I have someone by the name of “Pee” Liking all of my stuff on the forums with hopes that people will assume its my alt.
lol okay.
imgur. com/a/swbN1NB (At the bottom of the Imgur)
I don’t even play on ED.
See what I mean? People doing some petty stuff like this.

(Laurensa) #1476

Nah, we all know Pee is cool.

I really can’t express the joy I felt at seeing an embedded dril tweet, though.

(Zandrae) #1477

I’m not getting in voice chat with you. My analysis is based on your own original post, and to a lesser extent your follow-ups. Accusations are not even considered in my original feedback, I don’t see why you are trying to clear your name to me when I don’t really care.

Voice chat is garbage for a number of reasons. You couldn’t pay me to voice chat with you. If you dropped a million dollars in my PayPal, I’d send it back rather than get in voice chat with you.

  1. Voice chat leaves no trail. This is a pretty common tactic by people who are shady. Voice chat enables gaslighting with a he said she said. My cyberstalker did this. I’m not falling for it again. Hard no.

  2. I’ve been sexually harassed by people on voice chat several times. That is extremely uncomfortable as a transgender man. My voice is not passing. Nah.

  3. As a trans person who is not passing, I can tell you that on a subconscious level people judge the validity of someone’s message by their gender presentation. For voice chat, that is the sound of voice. I want to be addressed for the content if my message not the sound of my voice.

  4. Due to what is probably a symptom of a neuroloical disorder, my brain moves faster than my mouth. I’m already three conversation topics ahead mentally by the time words reach my mouth and I often forget what I’m
    saying mid sentence. It causes me difficulty in verbal communication.

  5. I don’t trust with you making such a big deal about your streaming and youtubing. I don’t trust that you won’t record and publish me without my consent.

You should reread my post: I never once accused you of whatever behavior you are accused of. My analysis is based largely on your original post and to a lesser extent your follow-up only.

So you are offering justification to someone who is judging you by your presentation alone, hasn’t really paid mind to the accusation, and frankly doesn’t care about it.

Finally. Riddle me this, Streamer man, if random acts of kindness is your core talking point, why was it not in the thesis of your original post?

(Zunde) #1478

I’m too lazy for big posts and fancy words.

You come off like a carnival grifter.

(Kornbredkhan) #1479
  1. You and I could livestream it? You could record it? You’d have my permission to do so. = Trail. #Debunked.

Sorry to hear that.

Hmm… Okay.

Alright, if you don’t want to be recorded that’s a valid point. We don’t voice chat if you’re uncomfortable with it.

I highlighted exactly what people were accusing me of, and I offered my argument for it.

I am not the OP of this forum thread.
I was replying to the toxicity on the thread, and what can be done to replace it. IE: Promoting the RAOK.

We’ll agree to disagree.

But all in all fam, I think the conclusion of this argument is: We’ll agree to disagree. We aren’t going to see eye to eye, and Its best we go our separate ways.
I won’t be replying to any of you unless there is a new post about a new topic.

Also: Promote 1 Random act of Kindness per day. :slight_smile:

(Borgg) #1480

I am having a hard time imagining how anyone can take any him seriously enough to reply.

(Azhaar) #1481

Largely because his exact shtick is a favorite of abusive personalities. Dangerous people will often open up with exactly this kind of grandstanding and aggressive-to-the-point-of-inappropriate “niceness.” If you ever encounter a complete stranger who acts generous and caring toward you to the point that it seems weird, run.

The impression is emphasized by all this damage control. A normal person would have long since realized they misstepped and weirded people out, and backed off. This compulsive need to manage their public perception is a big red flag. One thing abusive personalities absolutely need is to control how they are perceived.

(Zandrae) #1482

My gut is saying troll (or narcissist or both) but Hanlon’s razor says that one should not attribute something to malice that can be better explained by something else.

That said, I’m leaning towards streamer troll looking for publicity and content.

(Zunde) #1483

My gut is saying eating 2 chalupa’s before bed last night was probably a bad idea.

(Borgg) #1484

I just think sometimes people can only have as much power as you give them. And this strikes me as one of those situations. That’s all.

(Baenura) #1485

I’m not reading all of this! Give me a pizza instead.

(Enekie) #1486

If it’s any comfort, I think this is an important thread that allowed us to scrutinize our own shortcomings as a community and how we address harassment.

(Zunde) #1487

I don’t have any shortcomings.

(Zandrae) #1488

Am I the only one low key bothered by use of “fam?”

(Kureya) #1489

A tire fire is a never ending gift because it just keeps on burning.


(Zunde) #1490

They handed out tickets…

When the mayor got his. They burned him alive on a car tire.

(Ruyn) #1491

Glory to Caesar!!!

(Conjurus) #1492

Just for the record, this conclusion came about a hundred and fifty posts late. A few people looked at a history of drama that looked bad for him and commented on it (I told y’all about that imported drama) and then the next hundred or so posts were dragged down by the upholding or debunking of these claims when really all most of us were saying was that every single post of his in this thread felt disingenuous and unsettling, which only grew with every supposed defense.

We were clearly never going to see eye to eye. Except, I suppose, that doing good things is good?

Anyway, bye.

(Zunde) #1493

I did my good deed already for the day.

A Tavern keeper was being rude and not giving drinks to battered guards and militia fighting against the undead for their very lives.

So i threw a knife at him and gave his tavern to his waitress.