Do you feel safe on these forums?

(Serph) #1452

This topic is basically a WrA forum lightning rod so I imagine it will be rejuvenated with drama like a phoenix until the end of ages

(Kirsy) #1453

Better that than the other way around.

(Zandrae) #1454

Actually, it’s not fear—It’s pattern recognition combined with some quirks, interests, and oddities that create my frame of view. You know, stuff like certain social cues like platitudes going right over my head.

Summary: You come across as an overly platitudal politician, you write a lot but have no depth. It feels like you are trying to defend yourself out the gate and it makes you seem suspicious. Your message appeals to emotion even while you try to establish yourself as a logical individual and authority. It seems like you may be using fallacies to dismiss valid points. You come off as insincere and your YouTube linking, especially of your own videos, stink of self-promotion and attention seeking. Your acts of kindness thing feels like you are weaponizing it to make yourself look good and maneuver above others.

Your presentation overall takes away from your message and you would be better served if you just wrote what you actually mean and interact with the rest of us like a normal human.

Further explanation.

Signals and intentions: When I look at your original post, I see that you are trying to write in an essay or discourse form. You write a lots of text but little of it carries weight. If I disregard all your fluff, pomp, and circumstance, all I see is you screaming, “look at what a nice guy I am,” to the wind, as if you’ve got something to prove.

Someone who is too nice to be true probably is. You’re working hard to establish yourself positively.

You stink like a politician, maneuvering and appealing to the emotion of your readers instead of simply writing what you want to communicate outright.

Logical fallacies: Part of your approach is to introduce logical fallacies. While fallacies are great, they can also be used to dismiss thoughts, observations, and feelings of others. To me, this signals that you want to paint yourself and your views as logical and analytic. This also stinks like an attempt to establish yourself as credible and an authority on a server you don’t even play on Mr. Dalaran. (Or if you do, you aren’t posting on your WRA toon.)

Your attempts to paint yourself as a logical authority doesn’t really jive well with the fact your entire first post seems to be about making yourself look like such a great dude.

Humans are meat machines running functions and you don’t pass the vertical line test. You’re sending mixed signals and your point, whatever that may be, is lost in a sea of platitudes and posturing.

YouTube, self promotion, etc: You keep linking these YouTube videos as if to distract. You talk repeatedly about streaming and keep linking videos you made. It’s like you’re here to promote yourself with your depthless platitudes. This takes away from your already unclear message. This all feels like an attention stunt.

As an aside, your mention of voice chat low key makes me uncomfortable. As a transgender person who doesn’t pass, I’m quite uneasy with voice chat.

Random acts of better than you: I am not convinced your whole daily random acts of kindness thing is sincere due to your weird presentation. It’s a nice sentiment but doing good for others isn’t something that needs to be bragged about, weaponized, and leveraged as a validator of some and an invalidator of others.

Sincerity: Due to everything I’ve mentioned above, you come off as insincere and untrustworthy. You’d be better served if instead of trying to charm and manipulate (which makes you look guilty and suspicious) you simply and clearly state your take without pomp and circumstance. If the quality and content of your message is in the right place then people will take it to heart.

That said, I’ve heard stories of people who have dealt with some pretty bad things. If what you say is true about your experiences, we that sucks and I’m sorry that happened to you.

You bring this up as if this is some great feat, some talking points to be weaponized feels really shallow.

Just because we aren’t sitting here bragging about the good things we do for people doesn’t mean we don’t do them, it just means we don’t feel inclined to share what’s all in a day’s work or being a good person.

Seriously what’s your point here?

(Bruticus) #1455

How dare you remind me of this. Disneyland loses a lot of magic when you have to wander around the backlot to get to and from the start/end points of the parades. Plus starting your Disney Day already sweaty and tired of walking.

(Darvile) #1456

I didn’t bother pointing out the obvious sock puppeteering going on in the MG thread but yeah good eye, Karmas. I apologize to the denizens of the WrA forum that he is here now pestering you.

If any of you need more proof of Kornbred’s antics as Rengshaw on Moon Guard you can search our old read only version of the forum:

I will see myself out. Be safe, everyone.

(Azhaar) #1457

I, too, am creeped out by this dude and frustratingly unable to articulate why.

(Zunde) #1458

It’s fairly normal to be unnerved by somebody who say’s a lot without actually saying anything.

(Sarestha) #1459

I’m hoping for the thread’s death. Proud as I am to hold the record for largest WRA post ever, this post has gone places I never expected or desired D:

(Karmas) #1460

Sarestha did this to us, they will say.

(Ellivara) #1461

It’s all your fault, Sarestha.

(Sarestha) #1462

The chaos nourishes me. :smiling_imp:

(Chonga) #1463

Serph will do anything for love but he won’t do that.

(Borgg) #1464

Sometimes I read posts by people here and I get insanely curious about what their real life must be like.

(Zunde) #1465

I imagine everyone here mostly has fairly normal personal lives.

Like i said before a few days ago online communication tends to be very flowery and sort of brings out the extreme’s of a person’s personality.

Like half of the nonsense we say sounds normal and decent enough but if you read a lot of posts out loud we all do sometimes sound like silly silly people.

(Versca) #1466

I honestly haven’t read anything corn bread chan has said because it’s terribly exhausting to get through. I’m just mouthing what the hell as I try to read through it all. It went from word salad to lol I’m random YT links back to more word salad. It’s super cringey to read. Definitely feeling fremdschämen.

(Ellivara) #1467

I stopped trying to read most of it after the first post, tbh. Just scroll past it and read the responses, which inevitably say about as much as I probably would anyway.

(Kornbredkhan) #1470

Promote 1 Random act of Kindness per day to help other people.

Thank you for the constructive criticism.

A group of individuals made a claim and I’m defending my position against it.

First we must differentiate between what point is valid, and what is not.

The more people about the importance of promoting the RAOK, the better. Call it as you will, that is your opinion.
“You haven’t done this, and this.”
Shows proof that I have.
“You’re self promoting GOSH!”
There is no pleasing the audience.

As I said earlier, discord would make everything 1000 times easier. :slight_smile:

If my friends started spreading rumors about you, and saying “pretty bad things” would people be inclined to believe them? The same concept applies here, I am here to defend my position and others are here asserting the claim that I apparently joined a guild, and destroyed it from within by mass kicking. Yet I have offered the response from a Blizzard GM ticket (after it had happened), and yet I am judged: guilty.
I will also happily open a ticket and livestream myself so that anyone could see the response Blizzard gives about the Btag account that has never been associated with my account.
So we’ve higlighted what I’m being accused of:

  1. Some pretty bad generic things.
  2. Destroying Guild.
  3. Racism?

Here is my position:

  1. How much of that is valid, and how much of that is rumor? How much of that is legit, and how much of that is not? Who are the parties involved? The people that I ever had issues IC or OOC with don’t even play the game anymore, so who’s doing the talking? (Minus the GM that kicked out his own guildies).
  2. Let’s analyze this theory: You run a successful, massive, well developed guild (which requires skill / experience). A friend you met in the game joins the guild and asks you to make him an officer, with the ability to withdraw the entire guild vault, the ability to kick, and pull all the gold out of the guild bank. You rationally:
    Question him, and not give him that ability to do so.
    Now what’s to say about the GM ticket? I offered this a little while after the whole situation had gone down, and it was said that I was photoshopping it or something (but if you take a look at my YT, my photoshop sucks).
    The Misconception is that I kicked people out of a guild, but I had a lvl 18 alt in their guild, that did not have the ability to kick, withdraw gold or items. The main reason, and intention for the GM to do this was for specifics: A pity party, people sent him gold after it happened, and the fact that he wanted to join another guild via his main (I don’t know if that did or did not happen, I heard he made another guild a few years later).
  3. Seriously racism? I am not anti-any race, culture, religion, gender, sexual preference, or whatever. I am completely unbiased, people can do what they want to do without my judgement.
    I will agree that the only culture I am anti-is anti-elitist. I will not conform to toxicity, which is why I am here today. We all agree to disagree, and have separate view points on what happened, the truth was that I was there, and all of you just joined the bandwagon. The actual people involved with my IC / OOC issues don’t even play anymore, and this is a grievance that has been carried on for years (Minus the GM of that guild that kicked out all his guildies and put the blame on me).
  4. I have done everything to defend my position right? Where is the proof on the contrary? People talking about someone isn’t proof, it doesn’t validate an argument. In the court of law 5,000 people can say X murdered Y, but if all the DNA, surveillance videos, and or police interviews / interrogations point to Z, Z is therefore guilty." I’m not trying to bring up the Post Hoc Fallacy on myself, but we’re talking about hard evidence.
    Where is the hard evidence that validates those claims?

I have offered:
To livestream a conversation with a GM.
To show my character screen to show that I have no alt secretly liking my stuff (Why would I anyway when you can SEE IT?!)
A single Blizzard Screenshot.

Argument on the other side has offered:
General Dislike / Disdain
Old threads of opinions, that also don’t have any evidence to validate their points.
Screenshots that were debunked by a GM by not being me.

I was typing it out fam.

(Zandrae) #1471

No addressing the meat of my post?

Oh. I see. You edited it. It will take me a while to try and read and comprehend your words, as they and your writing style are not clear.

I will address this:

In the very first post, before anyone accused you of anything?

(Kornbredkhan) #1472

Verbal communication makes everything easier fam, just lettin’ ya know.

(Azhaar) #1473

Okay, I admit it. I’m not as grumpy in real life. Actually sort of nice. But keep that to yourself, it clashes with the whole vibe I’m working on here.