Do you feel safe on these forums?

(Zunde) #1352


It’s terminal.

(Kornbredkhan) #1353

They’re more then welcome to do as they wish, and deconstruct my argument if they so choose. That doesn’t make me retract my statements, and I’d rather appear to be a ‘white-knight’ than appear to be someone that lacks a bit of respect, or is simply being rude ya’know? If I suspect someone of being bullied, I am going to stand up for them. That’s just me ya’know?

I appreciate your opinion, even though it goes against my own. If you do not wish to trust me, I gladly accept your choice not to do so. :slight_smile:

I have retained the proof if you want it? :slight_smile:

You do not need to trust me, I am not asking you to play with me. Nor am I asking to enlist amongst your guild, or partake in any events with you. The sole thing I am asking you to do is to promote Random acts of Kindness to other people.

There are a plethora of posts made about Rengshaw, but which of those were made by people with supportive evidence to their claims, and also took in account that I stated earlier:

How hard is it for someone to convince a friend to say something nasty on the forums? It’s not very difficult. What you’re using right now is the appeal to popularity, “Using the popularity of a premise or proposition as evidence for its truthfulness. This is a fallacy which is very difficult to spot because our “common sense” tells us that if something is popular, it must be good/true/valid, but this is not so, especially in a society where clever marketing, social and political weight, and money can buy popularity,” (Logicallyfallacious).

Someone made a claim and I defended myself against said claim, It is up to you to judge me based off of the argument itself, and If you choose to not trust me, I happily respect the your choice (as I stated earlier with the other individual).

I’d ask that you kindly revisit the statement I made earlier:

I will not own up to accusations or false claims of ‘behaviors’ or ‘awful’ things that I have never committed to, or done.
imgur. com/gallery/d4DLXqL/comment/390571932
Do you really think I type like this? It would drive my nuts to type like that. My writing skills have to be almost perfect, or I have to make an attempt to do so, even while texting.

I didn’t know it was abuse to use a definition from a wikipedia to better define a definition for people to understand. Also not all of it was copy + pasted, some of it came from my own explanation of it, because I felt that my explanation was adequate enough to interpret the definitions of certain fallacies.

Hmmm, well regardless of our interaction, and our different opinions I am happy that YOU feel safe, and can post as you wish. I understand that we’re not going to see eye to eye on this topic, and furthermore you may feel like you shouldn’t trust me, that’s totally fine.

The only thing I ask is, will you promote 1 Random act of Kindness per day?

(Azhaar) #1354

This is creepy. I feel slightly less safe, suddenly.

(Zunde) #1355

It’s okay i drew a magical circle in crayon on the ground so long as you stay inside it you’ll be safe.

(Kureya) #1356

I trust and respect literally no one who talks as if their smilies are unironic.

(Zunde) #1357

When i used to play Ragnarok there was a helmet you could get that was just a plain white mask with a smile painted on it.

You get it fairly early on but nobody ever used it and i had nothing better at the time so i put it on and laziness and general apathy prevented me from actually changing to any of the “Cooler” cosmetic helmets.

So i was just some dude with a plain white smiley face mask.

Long after i quit i was shooting some breeze with some old ragnarok friends and one of them mentioned that everyone in our associate group were always talking about the creepy smile mask and how much my constant use of it creeped them out.

What i’m saying is never trust a smile.

(Ruyn) #1358

Salt! Salt! The circle must be made of salt or it doesn’t work!!!

(Conjurus) #1359

Honestly, yeah, there are all sorts of red flags.

Including, where did the random acts of kindness bit even come from? It’s not in the original post, right? It only seemed to show up after Banrok pointed out that there was a history, and it’s exactly the sort of platitude people tend to turn to in bad faith when the heat is on.

I don’t like to dabble in accusations. Maybe this person is coming in good faith and just incidentally pushing all the wrong buttons. I just have to concur that I don’t trust any of it and I feel like I need a shower.

(Laurensa) #1360

I hugged my son and told him I loved him before he left for school, even though he was a real pain in the rear this morning.

Does that meet my daily kindness quota?

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The concept of the RAOK has been something I’ve been promoting for years, it is a value that I have adopted since the day someone did it to me 14 years ago. It is my duty to do what I can to promote it, and I am asking others to do the same if they can (not required).

I want you to make your own decision: I’ve recorded some of these videos with hopes that people adopt the same values and pass on the RAOK. I hope it motivates you to do the same. (Regardless of what people think of me).

Community Thoughts:

Make your decision based off of actions, not words.

15 minutes later, “Your just posting those videos to make yourself look good.”

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As in, “you’re welcome.”

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If we can’t get outright blocking can we at least get the ability to just close people’s posts? A little arrow to fold them up so you can skip right over them would be lovely right about now. A nice version of tl;dr that hurts no one.

(Conjurus) #1364

Regardless of how sincere this guy is (and I genuinely do not want to discount the remote possibility that he is sincere), it is nice to be nice and practicing random acts of kindness is a good thing.

That’s all I got.

As you were.

(Enekie) #1365

It’s actually not such a bad feeling to have someone offer to stand up on my behalf. There’s a weird seasonal effect on these forums where someone will suddenly decide that they have to follow me from thread to thread, yelling and screaming furiously at me over some imaginary slight, and more often than not, most people are content to just not call out the bad behavior.

Hysterical maniacs bother me less than the willingness of people to turn a blind eye to them.

(Balthezar) #1366

Never apologize to crybullies.

(Zunde) #1367

Never apologize to anyone.


Here’s the evidence by the way - if you don’t want to read the MG thread. He admitted to being Rengshaw and someone gave proof at this that he’s got designs. Also he’s an an anti-Semite, apparently


(Sarestha) #1369

Oh my gosh.

This is pure moustache-twirling villainy.

It’s almost hilarious how silly it is. Almost. But damn that’s malevolent.

So much for being a nice guy. I was like Conjurus, and holding out hope that maybe I was just cringing because people aren’t usually like this on the forums. But… nope. :frowning:

(Zunde) #1370

I stand by my

(Feyahni) #1371

Yeah, that was one of the images I ran across myself. Of course, he denies that this was him. He says there were people impersonating him.

I didn’t reply directly to the points of his last reply to me where he said I fell victim to the bandwagon fallacy because I don’t particularly want to go on a full crusade. I would encourage anyone who is doubtful about Rengshaw’s MO and/or agenda to give that thread a good read and to also Google his name. There are quite a few Tumblr posts about him as well from the perspectives of multiple different people. Then draw conclusions as you will.

I still, however, stand by my assessment that the random acts of kindness aren’t totally sincere initiatives and that the multiple accounts of past behavior combined with the strange presentation of arguments sets off enough alarm bells to suggest this is simply history repeating itself and that everyone should just keep their distance.

Again, this isn’t because I have a personal axe to grind. I’d just prefer it if no guilds wind up with all their guild members kicked and their banks drained of gold/resources.