Do you feel safe on these forums?

(Azhaar) #1372

Credit where it’s due, he seems a bit more high-functioning than our home-grown brand of trash. Varsinax would’ve been on his third meltdown by now.

(Karanga) #1373

I try to be a friendly person and spread positivity and kindness as best I can (with varying results) but there’s times even I’m like, “Whoa, dude, no one’s that weirdly nice, what are you up to?”

(Ursuola) #1374

For the record, I feel moderately less safe on the forums.

(Bruticus) #1375

< Deep Fear of Caring Man >

(Sarestha) #1376

Same here, Karanga. I consider myself a nice person, but there’s such a thing as… cringeworthy niceness… That seems… illegitimate.

(Ruyn) #1377

No regerts!

(Zunde) #1378

Look if you’re all going to insist on feeling unsafe why did i even bother to draw the safety ring.

I used my best crayon.

(Sef) #1379

Worst part is corn bread is pretty good.

(Kurukwa) #1380

:face_with_monocle: Yes. Corn bread can be good with chili.

(Sharp) #1381

quality cornbread is amazing.

also candy corn gets more flak than it deserves.

(Zunde) #1382

Chili is my specialty.

But you would be well to avoid my Chili unless your body can handle “Borderline chemical weapon spicy.”

(Kurukwa) #1383

If it’s not spicy to the point you’re heaving, sweating and wishing you hadn’t, I just don’t even want to bother with your chili.

(Zunde) #1384

It’s not chili if you’re not sweating panting and your vision is starting to go blurry.

Anything less is just tomato soup in a tuxedo.

(Azhaar) #1385

I’m so sick of you spicy elitists and your inability to feel pain.

Born to be mild, baby.

(Kurukwa) #1386

Growing up with spicy food, and having my dad put hot sauce on anything and everything probably destroyed my taste buds and stomach so that I could handle it all.

(Zunde) #1387

Hey now i can feel pain.

That’s the best part.

(Laurensa) #1388

That’s fair. I vaguely remembered some people acting in your defense and getting mixed responses, but this was a fair while ago and I think they were largely dinged for trying to do your talking for you.

(Kirsy) #1389

Popping in with a quick suggestion/reminder: If you feel someone is trolly on the forums, it’s always fine to not engage or respond even if they’ve quoted you. The more you respond to a troll, the more attention you give them and the more opportunities they have to continue responding/trolling.

And trolls LOVE attention, even negative attention. Every response you give them feeds them. Basically, identify the troll once and then stop responding. When they lose their audience, they’ll move on.


I will say that it is a little ironic that the thread directly below this one is asking “who to avoid.”

By and far, the folks on the WrA forums have always seemed welcoming and helpful, however.

(Enekie) #1391

This is actually only half correct. Trolls love attention, yes, but abusers thrive on silence. When an abusive person sees that no one will challenge them, usually in the name of “not giving the trolls attention,” they feel emboldened and start escalating their harassment, since they know there won’t be repercussions for it.

It’s one of the big reasons Kor’kron abusive RP and the stalking and harassment during the Wintergrasp era got so big. People decided not to call the individual(s) who escalated it initially and they grew bolder because of it, leading to instances of stalking, harassment, threats and worse.