Do you (Blizzard) want us to reroll?

Honestly, I don’t even know what to say anymore. Our DF trees were the first ones out and you (Blizzard) have been given mountains of feedback. We don’t hear anything back from you, and when we finally get an update to our trees, it is EXTREMELY minor. I can’t help look at trees for classes like Rogue, Shaman, and Warrior, and then at our trees, and feel like other classes are moving forward while we’re being given minimal attention and basically get to play SL all over again. I had a little bit of hope that the lack of updates and feedback meant that a major overhaul was in the works, but now with the update today, it feels even more hopeless seeing that you are “working on” our trees.

I’ve been playing Druid since Vanilla (Resto for PvE and Feral for PvP) but I’m considering just abandoning the class and maybe even abandoning the game.



I was honestly disappointed too man, I really enjoy the theme of the Druid class and was hoping for some significant updates when they dropped a new build. Obviously there is still time to implement change, but just a blue response of “we hear you and appreciate the class feedback” would go a long way, as they have done for multiple other classes that have had their initial talents showcased AFTER ours. That is what is disheartening to me.


If it makes you feel any better shaman trees got nerfed pretty heavily.

That stinks, ideally I feel that in a perfect world no class should feel nerfed or worse off than it was. I personally do not even care if things get nerfed slightly numbers wise, I just do not want the actual tree layout/feel to be awful and not make cohesive sense.

its fine. its alpha. it should be expected it just feels bad right now. lol.

The sad thing is that many players keep saying or defending Blizzard with “Easy” or “Relax is the alpha, there is still a long way to go”.
It’s very hard to believe that because of Blizzard’s track record or the simple fact that we haven’t had a response for like 3 weeks (as I said we want a response, not a change).


Prepatch should be in about 4 months.
There is VERY little time left.

Feral’s going to be an afterthought again. All they did was throw a bunch of the things live in SL onto some random places on the tree and called it a day.


Ya every other class that I’ve seen so far (correct me if I’m wrong) has had some sort of feedback or response.

While they’ve made a few minor tweaks here and there, the silence over the glaring issues in the spec trees is getting a bit worrisome.


Yeah, I think they actually do. Why do I think that?

  1. In a desire to keep the game fresh, they add new classes/specs. This would be nice in a themed shooter or a moba game, but I think it creates a snowballing problem over the years where the sheer number of specs available means that it’s increasingly difficult for devs to differentiate specs while simultaneously keeping them balanced. (Druid is particularly hurt by this issue because a couple of our specs resemble specs from other classes by design.) But the upshot is that they can’t give attention to every class for every content patch. They are clearly picking their favorites to work on from time to time and you’re punishing yourself by not reading the tea leaves and playing what the devs are boosting at any particular time. It’s not ideal, but it is what it is.

  2. Related to #1, yes, obviously, they actually do want a substantial number of people to reroll to the new evoker class. They are clearly spending a lot of time and effort on evoker, both mechanically and cosmetically and they are not just doing that to lure new players. They want experienced players to pick up the class and main it.

  3. Rerolling will improve your skill as a player. Like you, I play resto and feral and have been in love with feral since I saw the panther lady run in the very first cinematic, but I’m not opposed to playing whatever else on any given season. Other than the massive hassle that quests/legendaries/conduits/essences for alts have been depending on the content patch, the experience has been 100% worth it.

So higher more devs, it isn’t like ATVI isn’t making enough bank to hire more resources to deal with the demand. Furthermore, it isn’t my nor any other player’s problem that the addition of new specs/classes has created an abundance of work with inadequate resources. It’s a problem that they created, it’s a problem they need to fix.

That will happen naturally regardless. There is no place where a class/spec sits neglected all because of some new shiny. See my above comment.

Not true at all. If you re-roll to a less complex class or specialization you literally gain no skill and I would argue that by maining that for any length of time you actually lose skill as a player as it relates to trying to pick up the more complex spec again later.

I feel like you’re talking about how things should be. I don’t disagree with you and would love for every spec to get iterations and balance on a regular basis, but that’s not what I’m saying. I’m telling you how things are. And based on the devs’ behavior, yeah, they do want you to reroll to do competitive content at a competitive level. I would rather it not be that way, but it is what it is.

I’m sorry, but this doesn’t match up with my experiences. At all.

I’m a middling player. I cap out on key levels in the low 20s, stop pushing pvp after I get the elite transmogs, and only clear about half the mythic raid every season, and even then, mostly do it because my friends do it. But there are folks in my circle that are amazing players and put me to shame. They are multi-CE, glad, running keys in the 25+ range, and they are able to hop from toon to toon, picking it up, gearing it out, melting face, and then swapping back to whatever is best for a given situation. And I swear, they become better players overall after each toon they master. If you look at truly amazing players, you will find that they have deep knowledge of several classes/specs and that their experience with those specs improves their gameplay all around, no matter what they are playing.

And, middling player that I am, I have spent the last couple of seasons getting the 1800 transmogs on multiple classes. Besides a 5 minute refresher on muscle memory for a given class/spec, I find that my knowledge of how other specs feel and what their relative strengths and weaknesses are significantly improves my gameplay.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the druid and it’s where I want all of my achievements and reputations and whatnot, but the non-RP parts of the game are a constant pressure to reroll, and the devs are responsible. Like it or not, it’s just how it is.

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The less spinning plates a player has to pay attention to, the more they can pay attention to mechanics and cooldowns used. The more complex the spec is, the more they have to pay attention to optimization, but it ultimately depends on the player.

Don’t worry! They still have all the way to December to ignore feral.


Can some people multi-class play and do so well, yes.
Can some people multi-role play and do so well, yes.

But most people when they switch specs generally tend to do so from the vantage point that this season they transition from playing X to playing Y. They may dabble on alts but the vast majority of their time is spent playing Y.

If Y is much easier to play with X, they will naturally have to readjust and refamiliarize themselves with X if they go back to playing X months later.

I’ve played druid since TBC as a bear, and I even find myself when I have spent a vast majority of my time playing BDK for weeks on end where I’ve only playing my bear maybe in 1 key, there are times where I just naturally find myself hitting my BDK rotation or spell bindings and screw up until I get myself back in the groove.

There are always exceptions to almost every rule, so I’m not saying everyone here but most of your average players fall into this category.

Absolutely agree, but those are generally the exceptions imo.


Regardless if they’ve commented on our DF talents or not, its worth noting they’ve been doing updates to Feral every week since alpha released. That tells me they’re doing a rework to some extent but not sure what their endgoal is.

If I was in their shoes I to wouldn’t be saying anything until the revisions are complete. Communication is good, but if any of it is false, misleading, incorrect, etc., that is worse than not saying anything at all.

No one is really asking for them to communicate what the changes are, a simple “Hey we have collected all the feedback thus far, we are looking into the trees to make adjustments based on the feedback and we’ll share more once we believe we’ve addressed all concerns” would go a massively long way.

When you see countless iterations happening on other trees with continuous feedback and then you see other threads like this one with no feedback, its hard not to feel as though you’re voice isn’t being heard or acknowledged.


i dont disgaree with this, but just saying “hey we’re aware of concerns on the feral tree, we’re gonna try some stuff internally and see if we can find a workable solution” would be good

yeah what naros said.

The feral “changes” have mostly been tooltip cleanups.


I could agree with that.

You’ve got it backwards. Changing classes doesn’t make good players; good players can change classes and still perform. Every spec in the game is incredibly easy to play at like a 95% level, and any player who would be interested in doing the content you’ve outlined would have no problems picking up any spec and doing that content because they have a fundamental understanding of the game.

The only scenario in which playing lots of specs actually helps you is in high level arena, but that’s kind of only if you play every spec up to the level of arena opponent you’re playing against.