Do y'all enjoy world scaling?

I can’t really decide how I feel about it. I like not outlevelling zones and mobs being a bit more “challenging” (not that it takes skill to kill them, but it feels like a reasonable match for my character), especially with XP boosts active we’d otherwise be fighting greys halfway through a zone.

But never feeling like my character grows in power, seeing level 10s and 50s fighting the same enemy with equal effectiveness, seeing a level 10’s flash heal restore 50% of the health bar of a level 60… it’s really world breaking for me to have core character power progression not matter in most cases.

Plus it seems every month that goes by more and more bugged mobs pop up that don’t scale correctly. There’s mobs in WOTLK dungeons I’m doing at level 62 that are level 75 and every attack either misses or does 5 damage (because I guess the mob gets legacy bonus against me LOL?), every single mob in a questing area in Vol’dun on my 112 Warrior was level 120 and chunking me for 20% of my health bar per auto…

I feel like things were just easier and made more sense without scaling. Surely it would have been an easier solution to just axe the XP reduction from lower level quests so people can finish a zone even if they’re a couple levels too high without sacrificing too much XP. Or give the zones a larger level range, so mobs at the starting questing areas of Redridge would be e.g. level 18 and at the later parts level 26-28, since the quest design is almost entirely linear so people won’t be skipping to the end anyways. Maybe we end up at some points fighting stuff 1-3 levels above us, but classes are strong enough that I couldn’t see that being a problem.

Has world scaling been largely positive for you guys? Mixed bag? I feel like I’m being a boomer but idk it just feels weird to me.


Not particularly but I understand why they did it. The leveling in the game had become far too complicated.

What’s much more egregious is the NPC ilvl scaling at 120.


No. It needs to be removed.


Were you an alliance character in Vol’dun? Zandalar doesn’t scale for alliance… all mobs there will be 120 outside your designated foothold area. Same for Kul Tiras and horde characters.

I don’t mind the scaling, really. It’s given me more options for leveling those allied race characters I don’t need but eventually want to unlock their heritage armors.


No, turns the whole experience into the same fight over and over.

And the level scaling is absurd. Opener hitting a 2k health mob for 1.5 million damage.

Understand why, much easier to balance one mob then individually re-balance everything when they make some change to combat. And it’s easier to balance content, no running out of quests at level X because they all scale to level X.

But were basically fighting one mob now.


Honestly, not really. Especially how they did it - it’s not interesting to level anymore because there is not gradual progression of power. It’s all big chunks.



Did something change?
I know the mobs at the level cap with 1.2-6 million hp are more a patience chore, than a challenge. Often requiring alt-tab and a youtube channel while said mob dies from auto attacks over three minutes.




Not a huge fan of the scaling they implemented to be honest. It does open more options on where to level, but i just wish power progression is still part of that equation. Because i much i like the power progression, but i don’t want to give up the options on where to level.

I think they should tweak the scaling in a way where we can have the best of both worlds honestly. Where at the beginning it’s a challenge and at the end, it’s much easier. Making power progression worth it, while still retaining the options on where to level.

But for Ilvl scaling… … to be honest, i can’t say i love or even like this, i’m just trying to figure out why it needed to exist and i do agree it needs to go, considering that’s where most of the power progression happens. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Mixed bag, but I think it’s going to make more sense with the leveling revamp. You can pick any of them to level in, so it wouldn’t be feasible if they were static levels.

However, I think the ilvl scaling at max level is atrocious and needs to go.


Not really.

I like obliterating open world enemies after I have gotten gear that surpasses them.

I hate games that have enemies that constantly scale to you, because it just feels like you’re walking up a hill with no end.


I don’t mind world scaling but ilvl scaling doesn’t feel…linear is the best word I think. Every patch, the ilvl scaling resets so that being in 390 benthic during 8.2 cleared the same world quests so much faster than 410 Black empire gear in 8.3. “But benthics are epic” doesn’t matter, benthics are 20 ilvl lower. World quest mobs shouldn’t get stronger simply because a new tier was released and the goal posts got moved.


I love it, it makes leveling more meaningful, like I’m actually achieving something.


This… this is not my experience. i have no idea what you’re even referring to. :confused:

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I don’t know. It has pros and cons. I like the freedom of being able to quest anywhere and finish stories without things greying out. But you don’t really feel like you’re getting stronger when leveling, there’s less power progression. So I like it, but I don’t like it. A neutral response.


for leveling yes. After cap it should revert


I like having level 1 twinks! :smiley: They are so cute.

They kill mobs much more easily than level 50s. So I turn their XP off and explore the world with them :slight_smile: It’s the only time I get to challenge myself to kill a mob many levels higher (which is actually not that challenging because I have three buttons and heirlooms).

I like it. For me, the freedom to level (almost) anywhere I want, whenever I want, outweighs any disadvantages.

I might feel differently under the new system. Time will tell.


Don’t like world scaling.

It makes me feel like I am not progressing the story or my character. So it feels bad on two fronts. :100:



Didnt even start feeling powerful in BfA until after already being normal Uldir geared.

Felt so lame to be so weak.