Do We Have A Community Manager?

  1. Open WoW Classic Forums

  2. Click Blizz Tracker

  3. Shocked but not shocked to see no community interaction from our “Community Manager”

It actually seems like the blue posts we do get are one way information with very little impactful community interaction.

There is tons of one way information. No feedback when we react negatively to the information. I guess blue posts are handled like bot bans where they come in waves months after they are relevant.


Did The Emperor tell Darth Vader to build the Death Star?

It’s one way because the one they do have just puts info out, he does not really acknowledge our imput because it’s almost always bad. Like when you have a crappy business and the guy at the register gets all the mad customers.

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He is paid to do a job, he isnt doing that job.

A lot of players are not happy. We want answers not to be left in the dark.
We pay to play, not wait 24 hours to run instance again.



To be fair, none of the other forums that aren’t tech support or customer service have any real level of community management. Classic isn’t alone on this front.

Yes, he is.

Community Managers post about changes to the game and pass along topics to the developers.

That’s it. They do not make the decisions about those changes, nor do they have the ability to get instant answers from the devs.

As I’ve said before, they’re messengers. If you want them to weigh in personally…well. The last time a CM weighed in on Classic they got death threats.


Hes doing his job. He doesn’t have to go into threads to make attention seekers happy, he is here to give us development updates.

The CM can’t give you answers they don’t have or are not authorized to give.


The CM does not need to go into threads and respond, we always come to him in droves.

And that is the problem, blizzard and the Community manager, know damn well, a lot of players are upset and un-subscribing. They want to hide and ignore the fallout.

They could at least acknowledge that most of us players want it removed.
Instead they will wait and have the forums flooded until they decide on what to do. They created the problem, they should help fix it and let us know what they are doing about it.

A simple “The instance cap is staying” or “We are reverting this change”
Would let us players know if it is worth staying or leaving.

I have been posting since the change and it seems blizzard does NOT care about it’s player base, they only care for money, so I, and many others are un-subscribing to show how much they have stuffed up.

They do not need to acknowledge anything. Every time they respond to a post they get flooded with everyone elses agenda. It quickly goes from

Player: They could atleast acknowledge us
Kaivax: I just want you all to know that we appreciate your feedback and are listening.
Player: For real, thats all you have to say about this?

This community doesn’t deserve communication from the blues.


Cant afford it had to do layoffs so bobby gets 100 mil for disappointing shareholders and players.

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I think, if they’re going to say anything, they should provide an explanation. Not just we’re doing this and that’s that. If the change was targeting bots, explain why that is. If it was targeting boosters, then say that. Just be honest. You don’t even have to respond to all the hate, just post the reasoning behind the change and leave it up there.

Took them a month to revert the BG split a while back, and that thing had a few massive threads of people that were mad, and we did just like we are doing now and every time they post an update thread we ask them about it. They finally reverted it, and for the whole month there wasnt a single word from blizzard. So yeah, expect the same with this I think. If it gets reverted it’ll just be some random update a month from now, and a post saying they spoke with the community or something acting like they actually had some form of 2 way interaction.

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Yes itll get reverted, I suspect quicker than a month.

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If it gets reverted sooner than a month i’ll be surprised, but ofc, this dumpster fire of an update seems to have a lot more people angry than the BG split, so we could see a revert in a week or two if lucky. There’s actually quite a few videos out already from actual streamers dogging blizzard on this hard, so that could help.

If asmondude makes one it’ll be reverted the same day maybe.

The BG thread got to 5k in a months time. In 3 days the 30 day change thread is already at 2.8k

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Yeah, and that’s not counting the ones on EU forums, they are livid as well. Does not seem to be as many supporters either on EU side, or at least not as many trolls just looking for attention. EU playerbase seems to all be pretty serious and they are sticking together on this issue.

So what? Is there any reason to believe that two way communication would result in something better?

EU players seem to be less casual overall compared to the US. There will always be those who feed off of the complaints of a change and its easy to weed those trolls out. The concerning thing is the supporters that do not actually understand that this change really doesn’t fix anything and is one of the few actual gameplay changes Blizzard has made to Classic.

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