Do We Have A Community Manager?

You have no idea the impact it will have on the botting situation. If you and the other million armchair devs could say so with certain, you’d be working for Blizzard.

And that was because some twinks complained. I hadn’t really noticed a difference when the split happened.

I noticed a marked difference when the split was reverted.

One thing to note (unrelated to what I noticed, btw which is anecdotal anyway) is that with East and West combined, the prime time for people to play who are on servers in their respective region is shorter, and thus may impact the amount of premades faced on average.

I’d be interested in having some access to that data.

It doesn’t impact bots at all. If anything it makes the value of gold increase and they make more money off of selling it. Its common sense. Blizzard will never be able to keep up with bot accounts created/stolen vs bot accounts banned. This legit fixes nothing.

I guess you’re saying that none of the Blizzard devs have any common sense. It’s not common sense, you’re claiming this from a myopic viewpoint; you don’t have the same information that Blizzard has.

but… Darth Vader … didn’t build the Death Star.

I mean like, I actually do think the current devs have no common sense, so yeah, you got me there.

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Yes, Im saying there is no logic to this change because it does not eliminate automation or exploiting like its stated purpose is to be. Its a useless ineffective change that doesn’t fulfill its purpose. It will be reverted because of this.

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Where did they say it’s purpose was to ELIMINATE automation or exploiting? You’re outta here.

No one change is ever made to ELIMINATE bots. Everything they do works to this goal but it’s never going to become a reality.

As Meldoron pointed out in his latest video, it is rather funny how a bunch of people running private servers out of the garage found ways to combat bots better and without changing core aspects of the game. I never played private servers but the guy has a point with this statement. Blizzard rakes in millions of dollars but can’t do anything other than some vague blanket update that actually affects real players more than it does bots/exploiters. Maybe they could bring over some people from nost and pay them minimum wage to tell them what not to do on a daily basis. Like they could just run every idea they have pop into their heads like this one by a special team and let the team tell them why it’s stupid before actually kicking it upstairs to be signed off on.

Boosting is not exploitative. Wall hacking and botting are, neither of which are fixed or corrected with this change.

Could you do me a favor and unhide your account so I can put you on ignore real quick? Copy pasting your name into the field is just showing an endless loading loop when I try to ignore you through my preferences.

lol why should I do you any favors? Not my fault you’re sensitive :stuck_out_tongue:

Figured it out, whew.

It’s weird, because MOST of the people supporting this on these forums have retail avatars. You’re like the only actual level 60 to try to debate people about it. Ofc it didnt go too far, since you want to ignore people for basically just saying what’s true.

Like I said, it isn’t my fault you’re sensitive.

Loses argument, chooses to ignore.

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The only CM that ever talked to the playerbase was Ghostcrawler. Lore is too busy playing his shaman.

Ythisens talked to us a lot actually. He got let go, but was making a huge impact on restoring some faith in Blizzard’s communication and had a master list of player complaints and desires that was taken and implemented somewhat for Shadowlands.

It’s a pity, I miss him.

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I looked up the job listing for what is required for a Blizzard Community Manager and compared it to what is being displayed on these forums. Essentially almost none of the requirements are met.

There is absolutely no discourse with the players happening. No events happening. No outreach going on. Just a newsletter posted to the top of the forums every once in a while. A bot could do that. maybe a bot is doing it…

I remember when I used to come to the forums and see blue posts in large threads all the time. Which made them much more fun to read. There is a lot of positive that can come from interaction with an inside man.

It is no wonder the forums are so overwhelmingly negative when the only people we can talk to are other disgruntled players. It creates a bad environment, because you cant get insight from the other side of the fence.

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