Do something about boosting

Boosting is ruining the spirit of the game. There, I said it.
Everyday in LFG a vast majority of people are looking to sell or buy boosts. It makes it harder to put a group together when you’re having to wade through a cesspool of spam. A good amount of those boosters are gold farming bots too an that gold is being resold on the black market, ruining the in game economy. Not to mention that boosting is an abuse of game mechanics too. Did the original developers really envision Scarlet Monastery or Maraudon being run over and over again by a level 60 mage jumping on very specific points to cause the mobs to pat back and forth without being able to hit them and a bunch of lowbies just afking at the start? Of course not, that isnt how the game is designed to be played. I get that people aren’t the biggest fans of Classic’s leveling speed but that is just part of the game and boosting is designed to circumvent that. Its cheating, pure and simple. There isn’t a single good argument to allow it to continue. If you want a faster leveling experience, go back to retail. Blizzard, please do something about this problem.


You’re assuming that the people boosting would be available and willing to group if boosting wasn’t a thing. At this point, the most likely scenario is that folks would just not level alts.

Blizz really needs to take action against the accounts buying the gold. If you remove the customers the bots disappear.

I’m sure you’re right about this, but they didn’t see a need to fix it then because it wasn’t the default way of leveling like it’s starting to become now.

I personally think a lot of those people were really hyped about “the journey” again, but they just don’t want to do it for the third time. They’re probably some of the same people buying gold.

Honestly, while I don’t like boosting, I want the game to stay as close to Vanilla as possible. “Warts and all” and all that. Many of these problems get fixed in TBC, so play that if you want changes. Please leave Classic alone


The community, unfortunately, seems to have overestimated their own praise and enjoyment that was the classic leveling journey.

The community seems to be fine with destroying authentic dungeon groups because “the journey is stale after the 2nd 60”. It’s just like how everyone min/maxes Classic to death as well. The community is full of hypocrites.

That being said, boosting is not breaking any rules and is fully within the means of the game, so there’s nothing Blizzard can do.


Players are free to do whatever they want with their gold including paying for fast levelling.
As long as real money is not involved.
Whether you like it or not is not their problem.


The selling of services for gold I think is fine. I don’t personally enjoy boosting/being boosted but I know plenty of folks are not into mindlessly grinding mobs for gold like I do. And that’s part of the vanilla experience I remember.

I do draw the line at what are apparently boost bots? I’m really disheartened that this is a thing. Players should not be buying boosts from bots.


You’re wrong and should go away. There, I said it.


So because you cannot afford to pay someone to boost your account you want to cry about it?

Here is what I think… You don’t even have a classic character, and you want to create drama over literally nothing.


It’s certainly a significant flaw in Classic, and it could easily be fixed by nerfing the xp that players get when a much higher level player is in the group to make it no longer the meta, but Blizzard’s not going to do anything about it, so we’re stuck with it. All one can do frown upon such trashy behavior and refuse to participate.


I was gonna ask “what do you want them to do about it? rework how xp works in the entire game?”

But the most important question is “why the hell do you care? dont like it, dont do it. It doesnt affect you … unless you want to make everyone play the game exactly how you play the game. do you want to FORCE people to play YOUR way?” … which is what it sounds like to me. In that case, frollick off, you blood elf muppet.


Simple fix, add in dungeon finder. This would cut down on people buying boosts because it would be easier to chain dungeons all day, and if people wanted, they could still do dungeons with people on their server only the old fasion way.


Why would I be complaining about something in classic if I wasnt playing Classic? I just got a toon to 60 a few weeks ago and I’m working on leveling an alt right now. The problem with people spamming LFG for boosting services is that it buries the people looking for legitimate groups. Blizzard has already taken steps to fix boosting like they did with Gorshak farming in BRD. Nerfing the XP gained when someone is in a group with a higher level is certainly a start into fixing the problem.


Or, you know, having no XP bonus for your alts is a flaw (retail “fixed” this by adding heirlooms).

The majority of players DON’T LIKE LEVELING IN CLASSIC.

Leveling in Classic sucks. Running is so slow before you get a mount. There are so few quests, and you need to grind mobs mindlessly for hours. Your Classes feel incomplete before level 40. Dungeons are hard to form groups for, yet trivial to complete, and a huge pain to travel to.

Heirlooms, LFD with teleportation to dungeon, more FPs, mount at 20, and paid level boosts, weren’t introduced randomly to retail. They were introduced because players ASKED FOR IT. They complained that leveling alts is a boring chore. And blizzard delivered.

But in doing so, Blizzard has drastically changed the game. Thus, people asked for the old version, with all its flaws. We have it now. But don’t be mistaken. Leveling alts in Classic is a fundamentally flawed experience.

Luckily, players themselves have managed a way to aleviate these flaws: by getting boosted. Players can work on their level 60 characters, which they enjoy to play, to earn gold so they can reduce the leveling time of their alts. Just like heirlooms and paid level boosts. Players are reinventing retail solutions. Because not all changes from Classic to retail were bad. Some were great.

Boosting is fundamentally a part of Classic, completely supported by known vanilla mechanics. Boosting is very popular, otherwise finding regular dungeons would be easy. It is hard, because most alts are indeed getting boosted, by their own choice.

So you want to remove a popular choice from players? You want to introduce a change and abandon Classic for Classic+ by introducing unpopular changes instead of popular ones? No.



Blizzard could just add minimum levels required to enter dungeons.

These indeed exist? You need level 10 to enter Deadmines, level 15 to enter Stockades, for example. Did you mean maximum levels? But how can druids farm MCPs then? How can warriors solo farm for gold? How can role players get Whitemane’s Chapeau if they missed it while leveling? Or get the water breathing staff from Gnomer? Are you telling me doing these things is not in the “spirit of vanilla” and should be forbidden as well?

Can’t you see the magnitude of changes you want to introduce just to stop the majority of players to have fun?

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Well maybe more realistic minimum levels required to enter dungeons. 5 level 10s would get creamed in the Deadmines.

Oh really now? Are you 100% sure?

Just because you can’t challenge the game, means no one should? This level 10 rogue with 107% dodge shouldn’t have his fun either, just so you and a minority of players can?

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You’re blowing my statement way out of proportion.

No, I am demonstrating that your idea has bad unintended consequences.


Boosting existed since vanilla. Maybe not as far as it does in classic now, but it did. I boosted some friends Alts and vice versa back in good ole days.

This is nothing new



Ever heard of “no pain, no gain?” It’s one of the pillars of the vanilla WoW design philosophy, IMO. The other being to strongly encourage social interaction, teamwork, and community.

There is a very good design reason to make you run slow at lower levels. So when you do finally do get your travel form and/or mount, it feels rewarding.

And there are plenty of quests. I’ve leveled three toons to 60 and not once did I ever have to “grind mobs mindlessly.” On all three characters, I hit 60 with 2-3 zones left full of quests, which I ended up completing later for fun and gold.

Your character feels incomplete at lower levels by design, so you feel like you’re progressing and becoming more powerful as you level, which feels rewarding. This concept is core to pretty much all RPG’s. You don’t get to start out as a god, because that would be boring, like retail leveling.

I put together groups for every lower level dungeon on all three toons in an average of about 30 min. It wasn’t that hard.

And by giving those whiners what they asked for, they totally ruined the game in the process, IMO. I think the people who asked for Classic for years did so in large part because they wanted a version of WoW with all those trash design features absent.

Sounds like you much prefer to play retail. So why are you here? It’s that a way.