DO NOT upgrade your belt to tier set

explains it does tell you

“No, you are the reason it’s needed, you don’t read.”

…what even.


Belt, bracers, boots and cloak are part of the tier set, they just don’t have bonus.

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My guess would be way more harder that people taking 1 minute to read the blue post or even less reading what their item will become.

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It legit directly shows you what it will turn into before you do it.

You have no excuse, this is your mistake.

This is like talking to walls lmao.

Wouldn’t have cost them anything, to post exactly what they posted?



They called me a madman for trying to warn others…

Well, i tried.

There’s no bug. He got exactly what it told him he would get. It’s not the games fault for his lack of attention to detail.


I owe you an apology. I thought your psa wasn’t necessary since the catalyst shows you the piece you’d be getting. I guess some people just can’t pay attention to what they’re doing. I’m actually flabbergasted by how many have ignored the CC interface and made a mog item instead of one with a set bonus.

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This is why we have so many annoying prompts to do almost everything in this game.
People refuse to read and comprehend information right in front of them then complain like it’s somebody else’s fault.

I sure love clicking yes 10 times to buy an item or to mail my alt some BoA tokens…

Zero sympathy on this one for anyone who wastes a charge.


It comes with my job, to notice what others won’t notice… i’m an automation analyst. :joy:
If something somewhere can go wrong, it most likely will.

then we’d get threads from people saying that they didn’t read the pop-up and there should have been a second pop-up


you shouldn’t have to read up on everything in this game - it should be easy enough to design so that isn’t necessary - they had a stupid quest that sends people there, how hard it is to do something like that guy suggested (a pop up saying will not create tier pieces).

There is literally a pop up showing you what the item is gonna transform into, it doesn’t get easier than that.

I guess some people really can’t use basic logic.


it is easy if you know what it should look like and in hindsight, not necessarily the first time around.

I stand corrected.

Still - this all assumes you read the forums and or wow guides (wowhead/mmo-champion) regularly.

Good thing you don’t have to. The game tells you exactly what you’re going to get. How hard is it to stop and think for a second before pushing the button?

This is a quote.

Fair enough.

I do agree there is a bit of oversight in both directions for what they use the “Are you SUUUUUURE?” pop-up in game for.

Wanna make this tier piece in a brand new system that debuted literally today? I’m sure you understand the functionality. Go for it!

WAIT!!! Are you absolutely POSITIVE you want to delete this useless unique item that the game wouldn’t allow you to loot because you already have it so we mailed it to you and now you can’t check your mail because you already have one so you have to delete the item in your bags, typing DELETE into a chat box to get rid of it so you can check your mail and receive the new one?

I don’t think I should have to ‘think’ about what they are intending to do in a system. I am not paying them to figure out their bad design. In any case, I didn’t do this because I came back to the blue post and wrote down the tier pieces but when a bunch of people made the same mistake it tells me design problem.