DO NOT freak out about the WoW Token Change!

I have seen a lot of uproar about this. So I just wanted to give a friendly reminder that this will NOT affect 99% of the player base. Everyone freaking out is reading the title and missing the most Important part.

“Players will no longer be allowed to purchase a WoW Token from the Auction House or the in-game Shop for gold if they have not spent real money to purchase and consume at least 30 days of game time (a “Time Limited License”) since 2017.”

Basically this change will ONLY affect players who have not paid for a sub with realm money since 2017! AKA chin gold farmers who have accounts that have never been paid for with real money in a day of their life. If you have used real money at some point since 2017 this will not effects you. Im pretty sure 99% of the player base has.

If you have spent money on a sub at some point since 2017 you will NOT be affected. That means paid for a sub with real money at some point in the past 6 years! Thats a long time folks. This is a go after china farming/boosting accounts who have never spent a dime of real money on their account. Not actual wow players.

Lets Hope this change gets rid of a few sellers/spammers



Mate, did we REALLY need ANOTHER topic on this?
What is Blizz’ motivation for new token change? - Community / General Discussion - World of Warcraft Forums (

Also, technically incorrect. Do bear in mind that while one no longer needs to purchase the game itself, at least one month of sub time does need to be purchased to remove the two primary restrictions of free accounts:

  • Cannot have more than 10 gold
  • Cannot send/receive mail

Not that I expect them to be doing that legally mind you (keep in mind that some bot accounts are actually compromised accounts), but even if they are that initial $15 hit isn’t much once they really get that account going or have it set up in reserve to replace a banned bot.

Getting all those reserve accounts that have been dormant prior to 2017 active and able to buy tokens again? Yeah, that’s going to be where they take that huge hit, and if enough of a pattern gets established, Blizzard might know exactly who to ban in the aftermath.

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This was more of a clear up

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You must be cluelessly to think any gold farming bot still actively working for the last 6+ years. Bots get banned frequently like once a 6 months or a year. This will not effect majority of them.

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No I meant more just China farming services in general. Reworded my OP to make that more apparent

People are getting grandfathered in.

I sent in a support ticket and was told balance being used for 60 day time shows up as counting towards the requirement.

Most likely some limitation with tracking how people spend their money internally with separate from WoW itself.

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Individual bot account yes but the people who runs them have been around a long time. Not that it matters, they’d have to start paying for sub time with real money x5 or 10 to run bot farm before they can use gold afterward. If the account gets caught and banned before it can farm and pass more than a month worth of gold, they lose.

$50 per account, $15 for the first month. The change means an extra $75 or $150 in real cash per 5 or 10 farmer bot set. This will hurt the gold farmer more in the long run.

Ever since token were introduced I’ve been using them to pay for my game time.
I’m not a bot, a farmer or other miscreant. I’m a casual player who has earned gold in game & saved it.
So yes, this will have an effect on the regular player base.
Yes, it will have an effect on token availability & pricing.


I’ll freak out over whatever I want!

But yea idc about this at all. It takes me far less time to make the 15dollars I spend a month than it would to make the gold.

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Dude you have to have made some type of real money payment at some point since 2017. Even if only once. I’m pretty sure just about every player in the game has done that

I doubt you’re going to sit here and tell me that you haven’t spent a dime on your account in over 6 years. Those are the people that this change will affect

I haven’t spent any real money on subs since they introduced the wow token, then haven’t spent any real money on expansions once they made it able to convert to bnet balance.


I believe that tokens came out in 2015, so this change may affect you.

Not freaking about it. Just hestitant to believe that it’ll do anything against a problem that existed before tokens. It got worse when they automated things instead of having GMs handle it. Just hire more GMs.

in case it does, also bought enough game time until 2030 lol.

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Most bot accounts are stolen accounts. This isn’t going to bother most mass botters at all.


Apparently you don’t need to purchase game time with real money either. bnet game balance fulfills the requirement.

This means existing accounts are effectively grandfathered in. It’s just new throwaway accounts that are not.


I was told on my ticket that ANY blizzbucks purchase counted. The only thing I’ve bought in DF was the “Corsage pack” transmog and that was what counted for me. Damn glad I bought it!! :hear_no_evil::see_no_evil::speak_no_evil:


Indeed. This was also said by a blue in the CS forums.

Wrong. I started playing in 2012 and since they implemented the token I just used my money to buy the legion expansion. Gold was so easy to get from garrion and class halls that I had to do almost nothing to get millions of gold, that I still have. I’ll pay a month if sod is fun and if I want to continue it.