Do damage meters ruin the game?

Speaking purely from a PUG experience

I’ll admit, these addons can be useful, but is it worth damaging a players experience?

How many times has someone been booted because the RL is concerned with numbers? How much do those numbers actually determine your class and spec utility in the raid? How often does someone get harassed because they don’t have good numbers? We all know the feeling of a no explanation boot.

Is having the efficiency to determine each raid members pull of the group worth sacrificing new player experience?

Would the game be better or worse without them?


If there was no damage meters or parses I wouldn’t even play.


No they don’t they keep the situation to being honest by turning what everyone has into graphical information.


If they didn’t exist and that player was bad to the point where he was kicked or berated for his damage then he (the bad player) would ruin 4 other peoples experience.



I like meters for identifying the metrics of a fight. I enjoy analyzing it. This goes beyond just dps meters, but also damage taken measurements as well as overhealing. They’re all helpful to fine tuning play, for me.


There are people who derive value from trying to push numbers. Why are they considered to be bad people for wanting to play the best they can? It’s only when people use these meters to validate their ego’s and insult others that it becomes bad. But that’s not the add-on’s fault.

When it comes to raids, sometimes you need to determine what are the issues to downing the boss, and unfortunately decisions need to be made to disappoint 2-3 people so that the majority of the group can get their goals accomplished. Otherwise the majority will get angry and the guild breaks up. This is why it’s up to you to find a guild that’s at your speed. Not the other way around.


But isnt that the game? All of sudden this player who was invited to the group is bad because he doesn’t have the gear, although it could be completely offset by getting a player who is over geared, but the perception is because the meters can reveal exactly who it is that is holding the raid back, everything is now the fault of that specific player.

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No, they help it. They let you know when you may be doing something wrong or right with your class.

Just because some toxic people abuse it to abuse others, doesn’t mean the system is bad.

There’s always going to be bad apples who ruin a good thing, shouldn’t let those people ruin it for everyone.


People that do subpar dmg help ruin the game, so Idk how dmg meters could possibly ruin the game.


They make it better, far better.
I’m not gonna waste my time wiping in an M15 because our Havoc DH is dealing 30k dps (true story). The lower the dps, the longer a fight goes on, the more cds the healer and tank have to use.


No. /thread

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Nope, insecure gamers do.


Why did he apply if he’s undergeared? Why was he accepted?


Nah. If someone SUCKS I want to see that immediately.

DPS meters are a godsend.


Meters are why the game is fun

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Damage meters enhance my experience, not ruin it. If someone playing the same spec as me does way more damage even though we have similar gear, i know i’m not playing the spec well enough and it allows me to learn more to improve.


Don’t you want to know how you’re doing? I like to see that Wild is 3 times as strong as he was a few months ago, and the damage meters are just a way to keep track of that.


I’d say they have importance in both low and high end content.

Low-end is usually pretty chill because they understand you’re gearing and might not be too great; just try your best and if you get the boss down, it’s fine. I’ve been in LFRs, however, where people don’t do anything or queue as the incorrect role to get in quicker, and damage/healing meters make it easy to check on that.

I don’t do high end content but I assume that because everyone pulling their weight is insanely important in mythic raids, for example, raid leaders will want to know which members are underperforming and talk to them about it.

FF14 has become the best mmo in 2020.

Enough said.


Generally speaking, even in LFR, if there is not enough damage output … the boss will not die. Without damage meters, everyone would do the finger pointing game and become boot happy.

While I understand the sentiment to which you’re referencing, I feel they’re a necessary evil in order to progress effectively in the game.

I still recall back in MoP when my PC couldn’t handle doing a 25m raid. I was on my rogue and all I saw was my character standing in place with the occasional explosion. Then, when the lag actually settled, I was dead on the ground and the raid followed suit a short time later.

I was kicked after a long tirade from the majority of the raid for being the “lowest” dps.

So, I’ve been there; however, still feel we need the meters for reasons provided above.