DK talent "Improved Unholy Presence" not reducing rune refresh

While in Blood Presence or Frost Presence, you retain 15% increased movement speed from Unholy Presence, and your runes finish their cooldowns 10% faster in Unholy Presence.

This aspect of the talent is 100% not working at all.


Can confirm, the 10% rune cdr is not working.

same here not working IMP unholy press did multiple tests still stays on a 10 second CD

I Tested it as well and had the same issue, reported the bug in game as well.

After some testing of my own, it seems that the 10% applies to your FIRST RUNE CYCLE ONLY.

From there on out, the rune grace period will reduce your rune cooldown. This interaction normally takes your rune cooldown from 10 seconds, down 2.47, to about 7.5 seconds.

The issue is that the rune grace period seems to be permanently anchored to the full duration, untalented 10 second standard rune cooldown. It seems to me, that the runic grace period should fully applied to an Unholy dk’s talent-shortened 9 second rune cooldown.

but as blizzard leaves things now- the 2/2 points in Improved Unholy Presence will only benefit them on the opening rune cycle. After that, and for eternity, the talent will be 100% ineffectual, as the runic grace period is still anchored to the (wrong) 10second anchor point.

This means there is no difference between blood and unholy presence for 95.83% of a 4 minute boss fight.

Safe to say this talent is useless, and blizzard doesn’t care. Sure you’re still faster on foot. but the talent is broken as f*^% for a very long time now.

It would be so cool if talents that were reported bugged BEFORE THE GAME EVEN RELEASED could be fixed at some point before the game is over? Just yikes.

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This was addressed in patch notes on October 4th, 2022. It sounds like the current issue is a separate bug that hasn’t been discussed much, if it is even bugged at all.