DK looking for Guild on Sargeras

Hey all,

DK here looking for a friendly guild with goals of AOTC raiding and M+ fun!
Not enjoying secluded groups within guilds only doing content with each other.

Willing to faction change.

Thanks for your time!

Hi Kodajen, The Foreshadowing is a good group of people who are currently 5/11H SoFO and have many people who do mythic+ from low keys to people who are near or already at KSM. We are very friendly and have a very active discord so even when we aren’t in game we are always engaging with each other. If you like what you hear feel free to reach out to me or basically anyone on from the guild.

Thank You for your time
BNET Crazyirish61#1337

Different DK here but I sent you a BNet friend request, Bladestryke#1301. Wanted to ask more about the guild.

I did not see your FR, so I also sent you one.

I should be on later today after work.

the forsworn is looking for dps for Our heroic raid roster, we are currently 7/11H, we have an active discord most nights. Commonly do keys between the 10-15 mark. we also have a few people who are pushing for 20s if thats your thing. We raid Tuesday and Thursday, and do alt runs of normal on the weekends
if you want to know more feel free to add me elixervitae#1387

You should check out my post! It may say full on melee but we always take exceptional DPS/players and find a way to make it work.