Discoverer’s Delight 100% Experience Buff Now Live

And dont forget the 300% money rewards from quests too.

funny, I have plenty of classes leveled all the way to 60 in other classic versions :expressionless:

People arent leveling as many alts because of how much work and time it takes to get to 40. Maybe you don’t touch grass or have skin to skin contact with other human beings but you are in the minority.


Good change, leveling on seasonal realms should always be at an increased speed.

Thank you.


Wow you guys are desperate. As usual though instead of giving people what they want, you come up with something else that doesn’t actually address why subs are plummeting


They should have just kept the 25 cap progressing by item level and scaling the content by quest difficulty as they open zones

yup, this exp boost will be like a sugar rush. feels good for a bit but the crash will come :expressionless:

A version of the game with only a level cap of 40 needs even faster leveling I guess.

You rustled some jimmies LMAO

You post a lot for someone that hates everything


A lot of people asked for this. They can’t please everyone I suppose.

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XP boost won’t change the fact that there are too many people on every quest and it feels like a race to get tags, and questing feels too frustrating to enjoy.

XP boost won’t change the fact that if you did all quests at 25, your options are just to farm Stockade or mobs until 30, and nobody wants to do that for all their alts.

XP boost won’t change the fact that all runes and new content are near level 40 so it just feels like you’re missing out on the game if you’re lower level.

XP boost however will erode player interaction and collaboration, as people will just skip harder quests, further hurting the community aspect of the game already made fragile by the layering system.

XP boost however will make it so the levelling feels like a dopamine fest to brutally stop at max level, killing people’s motivation to play.

XP boost is the wrong solution to a real problem, and will do nothing to fix it. We’ve already seen the consequences of making the levelling process easier and easier on retail, and how it influenced player numbers and the way the game feels.


So? You knew youd have to do it again . And this time its not to 60. SoD doesnt need to be retail

I wonder what a true horizontal progression could look like. It would be weird without levels. Obviously everything would be scaled to you. Instead of exp from quests or kills you could earn…something else. That could be accumulated to spend on…talents? Enhancing abilities? Other unlocks.

Is this just an over convoluted way to design? Probably.

Dunno but I’m pretty confident the loop of increasing level cap and making previous progress / older zones irrelevant is a massive contributor to people feeling like such grinds are meaningless and wanting to skip them.

If we do eventually get Classic+ (SoD is sadly moving away from that direction), I hope it doesn’t have expansions, and Blizzard instead goes back to the 1.X model of gradually adding 1 dungeon or 1 zone here and then.

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I jumped on my level 20 mage and there is no experience buff, except for the War Mode buff. Article says to talk to an innkeeper in major city to turn on or off. I did and they offer nothing. Has this not gone live yet? Am I doing something wrong?

Quick reminder that SoD dominates on top posts across the platform 5 of the current top 10 forum posts are SoD, pretty sure SoD is the dominant content. We’ll see when Cata comes out! Also HC Self found is solo content anyway so no one has a reason to post.

I mean green quality could be abilities, yellow talents, orange hit (like forge to gear items?) and red power or something. Not really different than the rune system.
Using flightstones could alliw people to upgrade gear they like. I feel like azerite was going down the horizontal progression path where azerite powers would create the level distinction. But the vocal player base is not very open as SoD is kind of proving…

  • i mean it’s kinda sound like retail at that point i guess lol i was enjoying retail but the content was coming out too fast then dying. I was happy just doing dungeons and raids there but the mythic scene was too toxic and tiring (and i got a thick skin) and it’s impossible to get into a raid outside of lfg cus i won’t use raider

I pretty much disagree with the majority of your post. Nothing but a bunch of complaints of which half aren’t even true…and then you dont offer other suggestion or solutions.

You are part of the problem.

honestly they should just allow people to make lvl 40 characters with all runes collected already. that’s really what SoD players want :expressionless:


The solutions I propose are obvious from the post.

  • Increase layers on mega-servers like US Wild Growth so people can actually do quests like it’s an adventure into the world rather than a competition for tags.
  • Add lower level quests, like for example bringing the TBC/Wrath quests into Classic.
  • More runes at lower level, less runes at max level.
  • Add other ways to get XP at the previous cap that aren’t from quests or locked behind a 3-day lockout. Not sure why they decided to e.g. entirely cut the xp waylaid supply crates at 25 instead of reducing it or capping it at 27-28 like pre-questing would get you to.
  • Perhaps something less extreme than doubling all xp obtained. 50% was fine. Maybe make it only for alts, idk. Something else, something less “we’ve made the entire game trivial now” like a private server with boosted rates dying after 3 months