Disconnected because your account info changed..?

I just checked my email and I couldn’t find anything from Blizzard. My password is the same as well. Can’t find anything that’s been changed.

Has this happened to anyone else today/recently? I spoke to some people in Trade chat and they’ve said they had a similar thing occur.

no i dont get disconect yet i dont log in tho i am in scole tho so i cant log in yet i gonna be done in 10 minet

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I’d change my password to both my account, and the email address associated to it.
also make sure you have an authenticator. if not - no time like the present.

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Oh man thanks for the link. I was a bit worried and about to change my password (Though I might update it anyway, now!)

E: Huh. What a coincidence, just happened again as I said that.

There’s Blizzard maintenance on Monday, so I imagine that probably has part to do with it.

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this JUST happened to me but i didnt change anything in MONTHS.

hope its a false flag - i REALLY dont feel like waiting days for a ticket that will only get some BS automated response…

*ah the blue poster said its normal they’re working on the back-end or something.
good good.