Disconnect right before AV pop

Is anyone else getting a disconnect right before AV pops, around the hour mark? It doesn’t happen every time. But it happens often enough that I don’t think that it’s a coincidence.

Fortunately, I’m able to log right back in and I’m not removed from the AV queue.


heard mention of this problem a few hours ago


I’m having it happen too. Maybe 3 out of every 4 games. Around 1 minute before you join the game there’s a sound effect. I think it means the game you’ll be joining is launching or something. Right when that’s supposed to happen is when I DC.


I responded to this same issue an another thread. I’ll paste my experience:

I’ve noticed over the last few weeks that if im in queue, i get dc’d after one hour EXACTLY, every time. Even if im not really afk.
My experience is that when i queue for an AV game, i usually find a quiet spot in Org and keep the volume up so i can hear it pop.
If i move the character a little bit every so often, i i still get dc’d after exactly one hour. I actually have to interact with things. So i decided to go to a vendor at about the 55 minute mark and rebuy something and vendor it again. Didnt get dc’d at the hour mark.

Theres been times i’ve been at 59 minutes and i’ll go for a ride to the AH and get dc’d while riding. Its one hour unless you interact with something. At least thats what happens to me.

Im not complaining one bit about the long queues. I level my alliance rogue while in queue. Its just been something i noticed and figured out what to do.

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Yes its happening to me also , only have had it happen since tues reset though. Get DCD, log bk in and que pops.

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Well, something changed. It use to be that you had to move, and hit an ability. Lightning shield or whatever. I would never dc doing that. Now I am anyway, even doing that. But it’s a separate issue anyway, because failing to perform an action was never tied to DCing before a BG pop. It was just part of the client. Whatever is causing this issue is doing so independent of interacting with the client, and it always happens immediately before joining a BG, which is more than a coincidence.

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gotten disconnected and missed ques for AV many times since Tuesday

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I am also experiencing this issue when reaching 1 hour in the queue.

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Good. I hope all the bad things in life happen to your faction, and your faction only.

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this happened to me after posting last night and again today. right around the hour mark into queue.

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It seems therefore that it’s an issue with AV (since it is happening to both factions). Whatever patching they did to AV is corrupted and is causing people to disconnect before AV pops.

I had this happen twice. One of those times was this morning when my queue had 15 mins left, I moved my char and had a shower. When I came back I was kicked out of the game and the queue was gone. The other time I was randomly DCed but I logged back in and the queue was still there. My connection is very good so these DCs were abnormal. Both happened with the last 12 hours.

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It’s worth noting, as you did, that the issue is probably not on our end. Like you, I have a very stable internet connection. I also have a higher-end gaming rig.

This has nothing to do with the AV or BG queue. This happened even before BGs were released. Originally people were able to dodge login queues by pressing a key like jump or casting a spell. Since they were able to avoid Afking and preventing others logging in from queue they updated methods that would boot players not “actively” playing.
So now staying in a city like orgrimar for an hour just jumping, and casting a spell is not enough to reset this timer. You seem to have to enter combat, travel to different zones, or hit a load screen like when porting or joining a BG.

This mechanic has been very annoying, because if you are just waiting around for your AV to pop and it’s over an hour queue and you aren’t staring at your screen you will get d/c and have under a minute to realize it before you are removed from your queue. Even summoned items give you a 15min leeway before disappearing. Since there is not some notification or loud change of music when you are d/c to login screen it has cost me multiple long queues while browsing a site, watching videos, or doing stuff around the house…


So this is the new tactic to try and get rid of premades huh? Try and trick Blizzard into thinking they are somehow causing DCs?

And as I take a sip of my drink that someone probably spit in…

I interact with a vendor - buy something and sell it back. That works.

The nice thing about this - it must really be messing up the AV bots not that the Horde queue exceeds an hour.

AV bots? Not likely. If it’s a semi-decent bot it can log you back in after disconnect. Hell these things can detect when their inventory is full and sell based on item rarity, run back to their corpse when killed, know terrain to set routes etc. I doubt a simple d/c will stop bots. Now people Afking might be an issue because if you aren’t sitting at your comp the whole time you will likely be d/c and not notice in 30s before it removed you from queue.
Hell, I’ve been doing work on one screen while waiting in Ogrimarr for queue pop and didn’t swap over quick enough to noticed I was d/c :I


This is also what i had suspected. I noticed if you’re semi afk, lets say alt tabbed waiting for queue in org, and you just clear your afk by moving slightly every 5 minutes. You’ll be disconnected sometime after the third afk clear.

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Yeah this has been really annoying for me because i tend to forget and like to watch Netflix while I wait lol. I can’t count how many I have missed this week due to this.

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