Disconnect right before AV pop

I’m so glad you posted this. This happens to me every queue; I move around a little and get rid of AFK every 5 minutes, and never get DCed while my time in queue is below 1 hour. As soon as an hour hits, boom, DCed. If I don’t get back soon enough, queue is dropped. If I do get back soon enough to remain in queue, it always shows 1 hour elapsed.

What the heck is with this 1 hr auto-DC while in AV queue? It is infuriating to keep missing queue and losing an hour of wait time just because I have to step away for 5 minutes near the end of the queue.

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Yep…been noticing it as well. DC’d right around the hour mark.

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Has nothing to do with AV directly. It’s just the long afk timer. There are two timers. One short that gets cancelled by pretty much anything. Just moving around etc. And a long one. They put it in back at launch because people were staying online all day while afk, keeping servers full and preventing others from playing.

Basically like someone else in the thread said, if you spend an hour without interacting with anything, you’ll get dced.

Previously, people weren’t hitting that timer because the queues weren’t that long. Now they are.

Maybe it’s what they did to try to lower the queue times? If it can’t go past one hour then that’s good for you guys :slight_smile:

Ah! This makes sense. I’m going to test it by periodically selling something to a vendor and buying it back; hopefully this prevents the 1 hr DC. If that doesn’t work, I’ll try going outside Org and engaging boars every 15 minutes or so. I’ll let everyone know what I find out.

I posted in the Bug Report forum about this exact issue, but it seems it’s not a bug afterall. Sigh…

Except when we’re not watching and we get DCed and drop queue and lose the hour we just waited D:

But it sounds like it’s just a coincidence - apparently there was always an hour “no activity” disconnect in place, and we’ve only just noticed it because AV queues are over an hour. Hoping that’s it!

Well hot damn. During my 1 hr 15m queue, I’ve been selling an item and buying it back from a vendor every 15 minutes or so, and I made it past the 1 hr mark without a DC.

This was only one occurrence. I’ll be back with confirmation after a few more tests, but for now, if you’re encountering the 1 hr DC issue, try this solution!

Glory. It worked again.

If you are getting DCed at the 1hr mark during AV queues, it’s not because of AV. It’s because, as others have said, you have to interact with the game in some way (whether selling to an NPC, or engaging in combat, etc; just moving/jumping/casting a spell is not enough to reset the 1hr DC timer) at least once an hour to avoid disconnection. Nice hidden DC timer.

So what I’m doing during AV queue is just selling an item to a vendor every 15 to 30 minutes and buying it back. I also use the in-game stopwatch so I know how long I’ve been AFK and if I need to do a sell/buy again. You can find the in-game stopwatch by clicking on the time just below the minimap.

Hopefully there will be no more missed queues and wasted 1hr waits by people who read this.

Edit: Thanks to Necromnía and Döt for initially sharing this information!

inb4 theres a whole tread blaming alliance for it and call out non existent exploits

so you are telling me these guys literally stay still waiting for a Q to pop?
wow… i couldnt even pretend i can do that

Probably people playing at work, having to go AFK for extended periods of time.

This is the result of a change Blizzard applied back when Classic opened. People on crowded realms were seeing long log in queues. To try to defeat this, the players were often logging in early via remote, say from work. Then they could just jump into the game later when they got home.

I just buy something cheap from a vendor and sell it back before the 1 hour mark and there is no problem.

I’ve seen it happen about 5 or 6 times. Typically at high traffic hours.

The new alliance premade meta.

If it’s not working we’ll have to go back to the drawing board. Thanks for the feedback.

Yarp, that’s pretty much what I do, except I sell an item and then buy it back. No lost pennies that way :slight_smile:

Awesome. I was just disconnected again, AND got an update during the disconnect so couldn’t log back in. Furthermore, I had bought something from a vendor AND killed a critter. Nothing kept me from being disconnected.

I generally wouldn’t bump a post that hasn’t had a reply in 2 days, except, this bug is still happening and there’s no indication of it being fixed.

Fix this blizzard.

Annoying as all hell when you’re in IF waiting to form a dungeon group or waiting for BG queue to pop and you get disconnected after an hour, even though you move around to clear yourself from the AFK timer.

Get real STOP disconnecting your players that are actually moving around and playing, just because they are waiting for something doesn’t mean they are cheating for petes sake. What genius at Blizzard came up with the idea to boot players after 60 minutes if they don’t do more than just move around…

Absolute geniuses.

Yes I too get booted every hour because of some genius decision someone made to boot players that are only moving around to clear their AFK timers.

STOP IT. Classic involves a lot of waiting around main cities, especially on low pop realms, so STOP booting us.

I just had this happen as well, I had moved and spoke with a vendor maybe about 4-5 minutes before the 60 minute mark. At 60 minutes I was still D/Ced however.