Disc... useless?

Been messing around with my disc the last week and they just feel awful. Every healer I go up against isn’t casting and is beating me on both mana and output. I have tried a few builds but it all feels about the same. Had a sham crush my output and they casted 3 times the entire match. Worth playing disc at all or am I missing something? I know they were good and got nerfed, but have they completely fallen off?

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I think that I executed a guy through a rapture shield the other day. :dracthyr_comfy_sip:

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Im not sure if im delusional but Im pushing my disc over my hpal and I think disc is still one of the strongest healers although nothing seems stronger than rsham right now.

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Strongest? In what way?

Not hard with fatal mark. Anything above 3 stacks and is a win.

Disc brings a lot to the table: multiple strong defensives, mass dispel, power infusion, good on demand heals, offense dispel among others.

I think it works better higher up. It’s miserable down low.

Aren’t absorbs bugged?

On a separate note Holy is feeling nice and strong after the most recent buffs and brings similar tools to Disc.

In some capacity, and it may be contributing towards certain specs feeling weaker.

I think it’s still reasonably strong atm, definitely 10x better than the start of the expac/season. But it’s weaknesses are still pretty obvious when you’re vsing teams that can abuse them, and/or playing with people that don’t press their own buttons for whatever reason.

I think the spec is just in a weird position balance-wise because both mana and throughput of our actual healing spells have to be balanced with atonement in mind. I keep hoping the devs will random-walk the spec into a “fun” place somehow since it seems like they’re not sure what to do with it from a pvp balance perspective.

I literally just started learning Disc today and all I gotta say is what the heck

Prolly better higher up. It’s a trash spec down low. Players don’t have the output and I just run oom half of the matches. My damage is garbage. Even if i’m spamming smite, means nothing.

If I try to focus damage as well, still barely does anything. Absolutely unrewarding for the amount of casting you have todo.

I think in 3v3 priest is definitely on the weak side due to mana issues.

In RSS, I think they are still good.

According to WoW arena logs, disc has the highest win rate except resto shamans and mistweavers

Druids are the ret paladins of being bad in solo shuffle; the percent of the time they lose is almost 60 if you look only at the days after the patch, thanks Blizz

they got nerfed. who cares about pre-nerf stats? Unless they are stats from after the nerf, they mean nothing.

I wish the dmg was a little bit higher. It doesn’t feel that rewarding when I’m able to go full dmg freecasting anymore. It was clearly OP before but a little more dmg would be nice.


I’m eyeing up swapping to my priest, and tbh, feels like Holy gives me more problems than disc on my misty. Might just be because I don’t know the holy toolkit as well though, but I might be trying out holy over disc.

Damage just needs to feel rewarding. What’s the point of casting smite if I can get kicked and be locked out of healing?

What’s the build now that Disc are running since the damage nerfs?