Dire Maul Releases at 10:00am PDT


Following up on our announcement from last week, Dire Maul will become available today, October 15, at 10:00am PDT.

No diremaul after reset?
Where's Dire Maul?
Dire Maul update please?

Muchos gracias :slight_smile:


Let the dungeon farming, commence!


This is the sort of thing that would be nice to announce the day before, multiple people EST take the whole day off from work then it releases in the afternoon. Not to mention thousands of players sitting outside DM for the last hour wondering what is going on.


dude, why? why would people take a day off from work for dire maul release?


Thanks for the update, bit of a warning would be nice next time.


My week end just happens to be Monday and Tuesday :confused: (and Wednesday this week because of Canadian Thanksgiving).

Some people are also self-employed and dictate their own schedules, or own their own business and don’t have to go in unless there’s issues etc.




I NEEED that water.


Whoa. Relax. Get a caffeinated beverage.


After 15 years of this happening, people are still taking time off for release days?


Thank you.


Lol if people are dumb enough to take a day off for a dungeon… i mean… really ?


thank youuu


On private server the first Foror’s was 1,500g. A couple of days later down to 750. Timeliness matters if you want to take advantage of supply and demand.


Thank you for the update. Thought it was a little strange to log in after the reset to no quest giver.


I mean… I might understand if people said for AV, or when the honor system is released… but Dire Maul?


Goodbye ZF.
Hello DM.


I know right, people have priorities way skewed lol…


So on retail, with server pops, the first should be 2.4k. No one cares what is was on pserver, this is classic, let it set its own market.