Dire maul jump runs impossible


Idk why blizzard made it so you cant interrupt the second bosses sacrifice spell… why cant warriors have a way to make gold?


'Cuz Blizzard hates warriors.


Warriors do have a way to make gold. /trade Selling tanking services for any high end instance 20 gold.


According to many thottbot comments from 2005 etc, he’s supposed to be kickable.


Not sure if serious.


This^ I charge 15g for ring runs on Princess. They dont get anything other than the ring if it drops. Rest of the loot is mine to sell


literally got blacklisted on a server for this by many people. casuals dont know this and they rage


As a druid you can solo this pretty easily?

Can you point me to a guide?


Yes it isn’t hard, Ebbnflow has multiple videos on how to do it


Yes and they show that hate by making them the best tanks and dps in the game while barraging them with constant quest rewards while leveling and multiple viable drops per dungeon.


For what? I’m confused.


Oh, is that why you see so many warriors running around with Staff of Westfall and Crescent Staff? Because we had so many great 2h options while leveling?

My goodness, I must have missed the memo.


wow they gave us a few leveling rewards in return for being crap while leveling/ solo haha nice

must be nice pick pocketing brd 60g/hr


Just like it must be hard to be the best tank, the best melee DPS and the best PvP class all at once only for being halfway decent at the game and completing raid content.


Did you know that not all quest rewards are weapons? Now you do. Rogues only get the rfd/sm swords and thrash blade. There’s more bear Druid quest rewards than there are rogue quest rewards. It’s not at all uncommon to use the gnomer pants until 60.


I wouldn’t know since that was only a thing on private servers. BRD pickpocket and coffer runs aren’t even worth the effort. Maybe 10-15g/hr.


Is it that little? Thought I just saw a video released maybe a week ago claiming rogues can make 50g an hour from it in BRD.


You probably did. Youtubers constantly exxagerate for views. I’ve done just about every rogue specific method of farming gold and none of them are worth it or anywhere close to the amount of gph advertised. Better off just buying cheap devilsaur leather and selling the devilsaur set.


no one gets good quest rewards, itemization is horrible.


I mean you could be using a gnomer weapon in endgame raids.