Differing Language and Region Settings

I would like to have my game interface (text and audio) in english while only matching with players from the Brazil region in order to maintain low latency in the dungeon finder/LFG. How can I achieve this? Apparently I’m being matched with US players since they all speak english and I’m lagging hard.

With the way the system is currently setup, you’ll continue to be grouped with people from NA servers as it’s designed to help get you into groups as efficiently as possible.

If you didn’t get grouped with them, you’re queues would be huge. You’d be waiting hours to get into a dungeon etc.

The only way to guarantee that you get grouped with others from Brazil would be to make/pug your own groups instead of using the system to group you.

I hope that makes sense.


That is not an option. If I remember correctly, the severs for South America are in Chicago in the US. There are no local severs for WoW in South America.

And even then, they would all still be playing on the Chicago data center servers.