Did WoW break TSM finally?

It has been down for over 14 hours. I hope WoW finally realize that AH camping isn’t good for the game or AH botting.

The cancel scanning 24/7 needed to be stop.


World of warcraft is a unique game in that there are many ways to play it, If some people only ever want to play the AH and play Economy simulator then good for them.

If other people want to insert the pointy end of the stick into the bad guy good for them.

If other people want to run around picking flowers? Good for them.


What’s cancel scanning, I really suck with the AH, but I have a feeling they may of broken it at this point or forced them to heavily change it. Wouldn’t surprise me with how they’ve reacted to boosting communities, I figured the AH bots and golbins would be next on the chopping block given how badly they alter the markets in a single click honestly.


Cancel scanning is what some donkeyhat is doing to my Horde toon by listing his already vastly overpriced 291 piece with a high buyout but low bid price and then every few hours, cancelling the auction and relisting it for a slightly lower buyout and still low bid amount.

It’s basically a way for AH goons to constantly relist their goods to be the first ones to sell over everyone else because the last auction posted is the first one sold, generally speaking so they constantly scan for newer listings undercutting them or not being the first anymore so they can cancel and relist to try and snipe sales instead of just having a genuinely good sale price.

IMO, goods listed should get a 2 minute window max to cancel and then the auction is up until it’s expired and you get X number of cancel auctions a day.


funny part?
Unless Im cancel scanning myself I never notice if anyone else is doing it.
When I just post my stuff and leave it till it expires, Im not paying attention to the delister/relisters.

TSM has some technical difficulties and the haters come out of the wood work.


Just post for 12 hours that should be the rule.

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well, factually speaking if one works the AH one knows that breaking cancel scanning wont have any real effect on it.
I can cancel and relist 100 items …or I can just list them 5 at a time when someone undercuts instead. People either will have the energy to keep up with me…or they wont.
Most dont.

personally, anymore I just post it and leave it. Yeah, I made a lot more gold when I work it, but Ive got better things to do with my IRL time than watch a video game AH all day long, lol

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Sounds like you bought all the salt of the AH.


Very confusing why they’d do that.
I just tried to delist the one 291 robe I accidently bought and it told me I was going to lose like 1700gold plus my deposit.
IF its doing it the same to others, theres no way theyre delisting to relist with that kind of loss.

Easy way around that.
Post small stacks. When someone undercuts, post another small stack. Eventually the other side runs out of stuff to post or energy to keep up. lol.
Ask me how I know lmao…the hate whispers back in BFA werent pleasant.


I remember back during Legion, when I just wanted to get rid of some old world cloth (don’t remember which) and dumped like…20,000 of it for stupid cheap just because I wanted it out of my inventory.

Got some lovely hate mail from someone over it.


There is a large but very fleeting market for 291 legendary pieces right now and every crafter capable of making one and a rapidly shrinking customer base means if you don’t relist, you risk losing a sale to someone like me who only wants 1.

I get “why” he is doing it but it’s super cheap to try and get to exploit the AH by setting stuff for low bids just to push his listing up but then cancel it when he has a bidder. I bid meaning at that point, he shouldn’t be allowed to change his mind and cancel. If he wasn’t going to be satisfied with my bid amount, he should have set a higher minimum bid or he can just mail his alt gold to outbid me and test me there.


It’s not “exploiting”.

It can be called distasteful or bad form, but not exploitation.

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This. They don’t need to break tsm to break cancel scanning. Just adding a 5% of buyout fee for cancelling would do that pretty effectively.

That said, anybody who knows how to work the Ah doesn’t need tsm to control the markets. It makes things easier, but the markets wouldn’t just go to some seredipitious equality based system with 200g legendaries if tsm was broken permanently.


These solutions will lead to multiple accounts relisting.


I did just look and yeah…its saying if I want to end this 291 robe auction (I swear I was thinking cloak when I bought it, lol) it will cost me 1677g75s and my deposit.
I mean, maybe, but a few times of delisting that would have me just walking away from listing that kindof thing ever again, lol.

I was an AH goblin before, but its just too much time consumption. Just easier on my day to buy a token if I need fast gold. lol.

I can see both sides here, honestly. if someone wants to put the time in. more power to them. But I can also see the irritation of someone who just wants to actually sell something from time to time without having to baby sit their listings.

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shhhhhhh :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Had someone do that to me too lol, cloth as well. I was deleting a char that had a gbank I used to use to hold mats to level professions. It was FULL of stuff I had picked up over time… so I was mass selling it all to get rid of it.

Got a message from the guy who “owned the market” and I “better get out if I knew what was good for me”

I was fairly wealthy then, so I spent a couple mill permanently tanking the market. Phk around and find out IG. People like this never understand that making enemies isn’t smart. Lamborghini and Ford racing wouldnt be around if Enzo Ferrari could keep his mouth shut. If somethings cheap, buy it all up and relist it. Then move on with your day lol.


That does nothing. I can post 4 of every enchant every 5m for 12 hours.