<Did We Log>9/9M; LF Warlock and Preservation for 10.2 {W/Th}

Did We Log (9/9M) is a semi-hardcore raiding guild based in Mal’ganis. We primarily enjoy Mythic Raiding and Mythic+ as a guild. Our goal is to achieve Cutting Edge in a timely manner, while maintaining a friendly, competitive environment.

We are recruiting for our 10.2 Mythic Roster!
We need 1 Warlock and 1 more Healer (Evoker, Druid, or Paladin).
Most other dps players with good logs are encouraged to apply, as we are always looking to improve our roster, and have spots available in our Mythic Roster.

We also are always looking for backup raiders who cannot raid full time but are able to fill as needed.

Our schedule starts at 6:30 PM CST – 9:30 PM CST

  • (Optional Nights & Alt runs) Tuesdays
  • (Mythic) Wednesdays
  • (Mythic) Thursdays

Raid invites start 15 minutes before the raid starts.

Mythic Raid Expectations
*You must be able to work as a team and respect your fellow Raiders
*No toxicity
*Play with skill, including (but not limited to) high throughput, low deaths, and low avoidable damage taken
*Be able to show up with frequency and maintain good attendance

After two to three weeks of trialing, you will be promoted to Raider if you show that you can meet or exceed our raid expectations, as well as maintain good performance in Raid DPS-wise AND mechanically.

Raid preparation:
We expect our raiders to:
*Know the Mythic raid bosses we are about to progress on, as well as our strategy if it has been shared on Discord
*Come completely enchanted/gemmed and stocked with flasks, food, and potions.
*Frequently check your Discord to see if new, helpful information has come up
*Come in with a good attitude!

We distribute loot via RC Loot Council in Mythic.

We expect Raiders to maintain very good raid attendance. We need to rely on our Raiders being here for every night of progression to efficiently kill bosses at the fastest rate. (#raid_attendance on Discord to post when you will be out and why.)

Both mechanics and DPS will be reviewed when we form our rosters. If during progression one finds themselves consistently failing mechanics, or doing low DPS, we would (after some time) look to replace one with another.

If you are interested in trialing for our guild, add my Btag at Jmo#11508, or my Discord jmo#9680 ) for more information, or to request a guild invite. Talk to you soon!


still looking for amazing players :slight_smile:

Holy/Disc Priests and ranged DPS apply and let’s talk, core spots are available! :slight_smile:

we could use some more people for fetid devourer tonight! Especially need our Healing Priest for the future, and maybe a few more dps!

LF Ranged DPS for Fetid prog still! Preferably some long-term raiders looking for their new raiding guild :slight_smile:

Still looking for more DPS, and now a healer for Mythic Fetid, and Battle for Dazar’alor in the future :slight_smile:

Still need more DPS for Mythic Fetid and mythic+! Building our roster now for BFD as well!!

come join us dps and healers!! We love to push mythic+ during the week as well!! :slight_smile:

we need some more core raiders for BFD! come kill stuff with us!

Ranged DPS spots are opening, come compete for them!

come apply! Room for our fresh Mythic run tonight for potential Raiders!

Come join us for our mythic opulence kill

We can still use more DPS! Opening our recruitment to Melee as well!!

come join us for our heroic clear tonight :slight_smile:

ranged dps come join us!

are you guys recruiting any warrior dps nick#13796

We are looking for more to finish out the raid tier!

Just got to Jaina, come get CE with us!!

New opening for our healer roster, come join us to finish the tier off. (especially holy paladins and resto shaman!!!)

willing to trial if still in need of a melee dps (415 ret paladin) Bnet: Bezco#1866