Did the 30% warfront bonus work?

(Nielamalyon) #1

Is the Alliance back to being 45% of the active playerbase?

(Jerauld) #2

I’m enjoying it, fewer people around to steal my nodes.

(Motors) #3

I have it on…but then again i never turned it off. Judging by the fact that it is staying at 30% i would imagine that there was such a HUGE imbalance that there might not be enough Alliance players left to EVER make it go down, and that is just fine with me.

(Kypookins) #4

The 30 percent bonus was for the Horde players.

They complained that they were in Warmode “alone.” So Blizzard gave the Alliance the 30 percent, so Horde would have someone to kill.

It still isn’t worth it.

I’ve never had Warmode on, so I see TONS of Alliance players!

(Nielamalyon) #5

I don’t get the rates, is it always 30 as long as ally is outnumbered? in that case this 30 bonus will go on forever

(Drougen) #6

Who knows, but as the legion 50% honor increase buff goes to show it’ll never swap to horde so what does it matter? Just another unfair advantage for the alliance…

They need to seriously just make the game fair for both factions, such BS.


The problem with that though is that it leads to the same problem warmode was supposed to fix. That being WPvP being completely dead because one faction so thoroughly dominates that the other faction never participates.


It’s determined at the end of each game week and is based on region-wide Warmode participation.

(Nagaina) #9

You mean like treating both factions equally? That’d be great. If only a certain faction had been asking for that for years now.

(Drougen) #10

Wasn’t a problem for 14 years until now and people were fine with it?

(Nielamalyon) #11

I just find it strange that it’s tied with warmode, I mean people who use this will most likely be leveling, meaning pvp capable alliance who are 120 may not even bother to use it anymore.

(Suishi) #12

Which is why they also give 30% more reward and Heroic loot.


i have it on at all times! ILL FIGHT the horde to the end :facepunch:

(Bearcatbull) #14

Myself I think the issue is they tried to turn every server into a pvp server with warmode. Lets face it if so many really wanted to wpvp in the game. The Pvp servers would not have been dying. You either want to WPVP or you do not. Rewards will really not make a difference for it.


Except it wasn’t and people complained constantly. You really think Blizz would put so much time and money developing a whole new system like that if people hadn’t been demanding they fix WPvP for years?

(Drougen) #16

So It’s going to take 14 more years of horde complaining that the alliance have an unfair advantage for them to fix it again? Glad I’m quitting soon. :rofl:

(Notashayman) #17

Is it really an unfair advantage if nobody is taking advantage of it? The alliance has enjoyed a 50% honour buff since legion, hasn’t changed anything.

(Drougen) #18

So you’re gonna try and say no alliance ever does BGs ever? Ooookay :roll_eyes:

(Pänic) #19

I find that it’s working. Was on my NE druid doing some WQs including the incursions and I had no shortage of allies to help me slaughter nearby horde.

Ever since the bonus, I’ve noticed a huge increase to the WM population on the Alliance side. Used to have to sit in stealth, waiting for the Horde chain gang to finally leave a quest area so I can do it. Now, we’ve had plenty of skirmishes and I’ve walked away clean each time.

(Notashayman) #20

The 50% buff is a nice to have but it isn’t bringing people from horde over to take advantage of it. Nor is it acting as a catalyst/booster to alliance players to get them to engage in pvp, gear up, and increase the chance of carrying on into higher pvp content. I understand that English is not everyone’s first language but part of the art of rhetoric and discourse is the concept of hyperbole. It isn’t unique to english but I do note that some people have difficulty in parsing a sentence that includes non-literal or exaggerated terms.