Did Rastakhan's pact with Bwomsandi saved his soul?

As the title says, was Rastakhan’s soul saved from the Maw due to having to serve Bwomsandi in death? Or do Trolls in general are being saved from the Maw and being sent to De Other Side due to having so much proximity to a “Death” figure? I am a bit confused here and I would appreciate any clarification.

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Apparently Bwon has been exploiting a loophole in the Arbiter system to ferry the souls of his followers directly into the Otherside. It seems there is a tiny bit of wiggle room at the exact moment of death to snag that bugger before they’d go to another afterlife. In the current case, the Maw. Other Death Entities have been shown to selectively be able to do this as well. Though in his case it seems as though he’s been sacrificing portions of his power to do it on such a large scale.

Bwon apparently figured out that the system was Broken way sooner than the other afterlives (likely due to the fact that he’s super intrusive in the land of the living), and takes his duty to Troll souls pretty damned seriously.


So wait, old Bwonsandi has been saving Trolls souls this entire time? Well, I am not sure exactly if saving is the right word

Shadowlands Spoilers because apparently we fight Mueh’zala in Shadowlands

But still, I guess it stills beats going to the Maw.


I figured that what is was. He’s snatching the souls before they can be claimed and placed by the Arbiter.

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Ever since the system broke in Legion, yeah. As for that guy we fight … not to go into too many details but its at least a good thing we fight him.

I assumed that was the case. Anyways, I really appreciate the clarification there!


I wouldn’t exactly call them “saving” them either, considering he’s doing it for his own power and does some pretty underhanded things to achieve that power.

Actually his soul was going to be saved anyway as Bwonsamdi has been using all his might to save every Troll soul he can(he saves the soul of the daughter of Yazma in the recent book, despite she tried to kill him and his followers)


He wants power to better do his job. He is very decent guy actually.


I mean, he is just sending them to their contractually obligated afterlife too yah know. The reason Trolls worship him is because they expect to be able to go to the Troll afterlife of the Otherside. Bwon may be benefitting from that arrangement, but especially in Shadow’s Rising … he’s not unfair about it either. He loves toying with the living, but he’s pretty dutiful with the dead.

As for his issues with Rastakhan, they were personal. It wasn’t underhanded. Frankly, the reason Troll’s aren’t supposed to practice necromancy is because of this arrangement with Bwon being their caretaker in death. As they would be denying what he’s due. Rastakhan wasn’t breaking that rule outright, but by relying on the Loa of King’s to artificially prolongue his own life … he was skirting that line pretty hard. Hence Bwon’s argument with Rezan in Zuldazar. Bwon lived up to his side of their arrangement, and then when Rastakhan overstepped himself by demanding far more than Bwon was contractually obligated to give against the Alliance … that was it.

Bwon merely let Rastakhan die, he didn’t kill him. The soul of a man he felt already should have came into his care years ago. And then he recentered his efforts on Talanji, someone he seems to have at least more personal investment in (and respect for as of Shadow’s Rising).


Sorry to bother you with this question, but I am not a huge “fan” of reading books, what did Talanji do to earn his respect?

In the book Bwon finds himself under attack by what amounts to Sylvie and the Jailor’s forces, weakening him to the point where it endangers the Otherside. So he offers a deal to Talanji that if she helps him secure his power and thus the souls under his care, he will let her go from her Father’s contract. She’d be free to go, and free to deny him the Loa of Kings position.

She does, but due to the events of the story decides to renegotiate a new Deal with Bwon very reflective of the first rather than abandoning it entirely. She still needs his power, and his guidence, but creates a situation where the Power of the Loa of Kings is lessened. He retains the title and the position, but must allow for the other Loa to have a voice in guiding her and Zuldazar. They are more equal partners than they once were with Rezan. As a reward, he brings back Rastakhan from De Otherside for a visit with her. Which is a nice moment.

Even beyond this though, even before it, Bwon is invested. He’s actually the one pushing her to join the Horde more fully for Zandalar’s future, and take a more official seat on the council. And after the Horde comes in to turn the tide against the Jailor and Sylvie’s forces, she actually does heed his advice. Bwon also rallies quite a flourishing of new followers due to the event, as he’s seen risking himself in the living world to protect the souls in his care.


Actually, I wasn’t referring to that. I was referring to accepting the soul of a little girl into “his service” whose mother sold (sacrificed) her to Bwon in exchange for passage the Otherside.

Ah, I see, it’s nice nice seeing Bwonsandi being put into a “good light”, will you will, he became quite popular with both Horde and Alliance and it’s nice to see him having some good in him despite we often associating death with evil.

I look forward to seeing more of him in Shadowlands, hopefully.


Actually her mother sacrificed her in an attempt to avoid De Otherside. She was denying him his due. He uses the daughter to get the mother back. He already had the daughter in his care, it was the mother who was playing dirty.

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That’s not how that quest plays out. The mother even says it was her deal with Bwon who accepted the deal.

That doesn’t make any sense? If she was a worshipper of Bwon then she’s already guaranteed a spot in De Otherside. All she’d have to do was die, no daughter sacrificing necessary. He also wouldn’t need to bring the daughter back to flush out the mom’s soul (who’s not in De Otherside), since he should already have her. The only way that quest makes sense is if the Mom was avoiding Bwon and De Otherside.

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I think what she meant is that her deal was to give her daughter’s life to Bwonsandi in order to increase hers or something like that.


Ahh … see that might be more his style. Though him backing out on a deal when he’s guaranteed to still get her down the road seems strange.

I can’t say whether it makes sense, only what the quest says.

Does it make sense for a Troll who worships Bwon to want to Avoid The Otherside?
It makes more sense if she WASN’T a Worshipper of Bwon but was wanting a “fast-pass” to The Otherside without swearing loyalty to Bwon.