Did Rastakhan's pact with Bwomsandi saved his soul?

He likes to teach a lesson to the living and helps often more than pranking (he helped Zekhan with a little push and that end up with him being an ambassador in Zandalar)

Nah it was a more like Blizzard dropped the ball and though killing off Rastakhan would be a nice addition to the story of Talanji(despite this bound her to the desk job now)

Maw vs a proper afterlife where you don’t serve some upstart god and besides:

This is what makes him the best, an actual decent and competent caretaker deity that watches over his people afterlife and more than willing to fight against who dares to harm them(whole point of fighting Mueh’zala and Hakkar in the fairy campaign)


It’s been a while but my memory of the quest was that the mother sacrificed her daughter to unnaturally prolong her own life. There’s no deal necessary if all you want is for Bwonsamdi to take your soul; it’s just a gift at that point, and he’d probably go “sure thing” and rubber stamp you, since that requires 0 effort on his part.

It’s part of what’s supposed to make the quest so creepy. The innocent daughter’s soul just wants to be reunited with her mother again, so you kill her to void the contract so they can be together, even though the mother doesn’t want that. The mother effectively created her own hell by being trapped with an unwanted child, while the child is as happy as can be.


But not all Souls go the the Otherside right away either. Those who swear themselves to Bwon first have to remain and serve him in death for an indeterminate period of time before being allowed to pass on, as we see in doing the quest chains around Naz’mir. This is possibly what the mother was trying to avoid.

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Nope, that is assumption. Her mother flat out said that she wanted immortality and she gave up her own daughter for that. But immortality doean’t equal to invincibility, and because of that loop hole she has met her end.


Regardless, she made the deal with Bwon and Bwon accepted. Just because he used the Hero to get around the deal he made doesn’t excuse him from making the deal in the first place. To which my original point, he uses shady ways to get what he wants and to increase his own power.

Well it takes two to make a deal and a free will. So I fail to see how is that a bad thing that he makes a deals?
As for power, we already know what he uses said power on, which is pretty good thing to protect troll souls from Maw.

Your point is moot.

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So, the ends justify the means. Got it.

I mean, he could of just not accepted the deal.

He didn’t do anything bad to use this phrase tho. As I said it takes two beings
with free will to make a deal. He didn’t create a scourge to kill people en mass to stop bigger threat to go with “ends justify the means” hyperbole.

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And both are guilty of making the deal. Thanks for agreeing that Bwon is Guilty.

Guilty of what again?

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So what? No one is saying that Bwon isn’t shifty, nor are we saying that he’s not fond of messing with the living. He’s just been portrayed as being pretty damned dutiful to his responsibility to the dead. She proposed a deal that inherently infringed upon his domain, so he agreed to it with the intent on feeding her some of her own bad karma. You can say that’s awful he did that, but she knew who she was messing with.

The Daughter will likely be treated very well on De Otherside, the mother … not so much.

This is speculation based on your impression of Bwon.
The quest doesn’t give that impression though. At least, Bwon doesn’t seam like he makes much distinction.

“Keula’s ma’da be foolish ta tink she never gonna pass on to da Other Side, but now dey be together an’ I be havin’ two more souls in me realm.”

Point is, he doesn’t do it for any benevolent reason and only accepts the deal to get the Daughter’s soul. Then uses the Hero to get around the deal to get the Mother’s anyway.

Zalazane also ended in the Other Side despite being Darkspear criminal, but he still ended up being tormented for his crimes.


Probably because he was a direct enemy of Bwon, not just because he was a criminal in life.

I don’t see Bwon tormenting Shaazula (anymore then she would torment herself) because Bwon got what he wanted.

Might be, but then she would be forever stuck with daughter she wanted to get rid off, which is also a form of punishment.

Bwonsamdi is meant to take care of dead, and honestly despite his shadyness he does his job well. Troll alternative is the best option we had so far when compared to other covenants where you either get brain lobotomy and become smurf, or get transfomed to animal, or you’re used as a battery drained all the time off your energy or you’re used as fuel in endless warfare, unless you’re strong enough to climb up the ranks.
Trolls are not afraid of death for a reason, their souls will be in good care, and he is the one to thank for.


Takes care of what he claims as his.

“Best” for a Troll, perhaps. And we only see 4 of others when there are presumably countless number in total. But It’s all subjective since their fate in the end is either being food for Mueh’zala or used to power Bwon.

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He is trying to protect all of the trolls, even those who didn’t make deals with him.

Nothing wrong with powering Bwonsamdi, especially if you get nice afterlife for that.

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Nothing says he protects all Trolls. Sure, he claims that ALL are ultimately his but he says that of even non-trolls.

Depends on how he uses your soul or deemed worthy to spend your afterlife in the Green Fields of the Otherside or elsewhere.

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Well if you want to go to a technicality, then he tries to save as many as he can, but to do it more effictively he needs more power.

Well we already met lots of Trolls who didn’t complain at all about their afterlife. Sen’Jin had multiple occasions to talk with his son and he said that his afterlife is very decent.

Rastakhan is doing well, he had the opportunity to talk with his daughter, and nothing indicates that he is in bad place now.

And we saw lots of troll spirits emerge from time to time. Clearly nothing bad has happened to them if they were able to do that.


It was common knowledge before Shadowlands that all troll souls ultimatedly go to Bwonsamdi. Like if you kill Amani in Zul Aman they’ll say “I be goin to de Otha Side-” even though they have their own loa and don’t worship him.


Nothing wrong with that as I see it? If you were a bad person in life, of course you shouldn’t get the same treatment as a good person. All Bwon does is keeping troll souls from going to the Maw to feed the Jailer, which is definitely a good thing, no?