Did PTR testing for Embellishments

Maxed BS/Tailoring on PTR to test embellishments.

Everything was crafted to 486 ilvl because you can buy Enchanted Aspect’s Dreaming Crests, but not Verdant Trophies. I do not know what the PvP modifiers are for embellishments, so these are raw amounts on tooltips.


  • Sporecloak - 89,663 absorb. Over 70% Hp - 3734 healing per 5 seconds and 83 Vers

  • Gathering Storm - 1701 Physical damage, max 20 stacks

  • Shadowflame Patch - 8171 Shadowflame damage, max 5 stacks of 20% increase

  • Verdant Conduit - 283 of random stat. Additional effect if teammates have Dreamcraft gear

  • Dreamtender’s Charm - While over 70% HP, 15 crit, 20 stacks. Losing stacks applies AOE 20% snare for 5 seconds. Can’t get crit bonus for another 30 seconds. Crit bonus lingers for 1 second for every Ysemerald you have socketed.

  • And then there’s this busted new Plate Helmet that you can’t craft with Trophies, only PVE Crests. Flourishing Dream Helm: Taking damage can proc 146,558 absorb shield for 15 seconds. Marks a teammate. Moving to the teammate gives you both 97,699 absorb shields for 15 seconds.

If anyone has input on PVP modifiers or other good to know information, please enlighten us.

I can craft other stuff upon request if anyone’s curious about anything.


Seems like sporecloak will be the best still

That plate helm is nutso. I hope it’s nerfed for PvP, cause I don’t wanna regret using my tier token on Hat or feeling inclined to raid :l

Did they drop the PvP modifier? An 90k shield would be ok, but a 40k shield is pretty negligible when we’re sitting around 1M health.

Sporecloak still has a 0.4 pvp modifier on the absorb

As for the rest:
Gathering Storm, Verdant Conduit, and Dreamtender’s Charm seem to have no modifiers.
Shadowflame armor patch has a 0.55 modifier
Flourishing Dream Helm has a 0.5 modifier

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Good info thanks. It all looks rather underwhelming. I’ll prob just do the secondary stats or mastery above 90% one.


I hit dummy and seems like secondary stats have a high proc rate.

It’s not your standard 1.5 a minute

Because its 5 rppm.

Name             : Verdant Conduit (id=418523) [Passive, Hidden] 
Real PPM         : 5
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Sporecloak could mean life or death in a stun lock

Allied Chestplate of Generosity it is lads, or the LW/Tailoring equivallents

or we just yolo silken and pretend we have uptime

the centaur trophies are like 10x what they were 2 weeks ago. people completely gouging the prices rn, so be prepared to spend 30k.

prolly have a few saved up, need only recraft it and i got maxed BS on me pala
only trouble is, the stats on the tier chest ain’t that bad
was hoping to work on those shoulders tho

or just be able to craft that stuff for people get them to pay you and use one from resource procs :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

They have a fury bladestorm embellishment yet?


Blue silken linen mastery thingy is 650 mastery at 489 ilvl

prebubble and pump

No, it’s hanging out with your Blue Sword atm



with 1% uptime :dracthyr_nervous_animated:

Sounds like bad. I had 30-40% uptime low end and 60%+ high end