Did not receive the Ash'adar mount!

Please Blizzard fix the mount

Same to me

Same here! So frustrating. Grind and get nothing.

Same issue. blizz said on a different topic about same thing that they are working on fixing/.

Same here, I hope blizz will fix this bugs immediately.

Finished monthly as well, but still no mount.

same for me today no mount no coin and can’t lootable again after log in log out many times.

Yup typical Blizzard. I can see the cartoon character cross his arms, the zoom in, and then he shakes his head and someone says “thats our Blizzard” and the laugh track starts and the scene fades away.

Just piping in again to say I stay logged out for another 10ish hours…still can’t loot the chest. Great feature. Much fun.

Same issue here - Filled up my bar, the window popped up. I can’t even loot the chest. I’ve only received 200 Tenders thus far, the rest I’ve yet to get, and also no mount.
Kinda irritating to say the very least…

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Finished mine ike 30-45 min ago and didn’t get the mount either. Logged off for a bit to see if it would be delivered while offline. Now it’s reset back to 0 points but I have checkmarks for all the stuff I’ve done. Wtf?

Yeah, I’m having the problem as everyone else here. Filled up the bar to 1000 points, looted 300 of that new currency… no mount. :confused:
EDIT: Apparently logging out for 10-15 minutes may solve this?

Same happened to me just now. Going to log out and check tomorrow.

same problem

I received the confirmation , got to 1000 points, but no reward.
This was 12 hrs ago. Also strangely, the progress bar has reset back to 0/1000 as if I have made no progress.

Quite a few of us are being ignored regarding this clown show roll out. I bet they are hoping it fixes for us with the weekly reset. Which is a lazy non-answer. They could at least communicate with us better surrounding this.

Developer update

Arrgh…even forced myself to do the pet battle quests …completed the traders quest to 1000 for this month for the mount and no mount…how can you get something so important as the goal of the quest so screwed up? Where my mount lol!!!

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I completed the monthly last night and when I looted the chest all I got was 100 coins.

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