Did I miss my migration opportunity?

I only learned about the free classic character migrations last night… after some googling I found these blue posts.


I’m on Thunderfury, which is a PVP US West sever… but I didn’t know it was US West until recently when bliz added the tabs to the realm list.

The second blue post says that Thunderfury → Earthfury is possible but the “shop” button that is shown in the first blue post does not appear on my character screen at all.

i.imgur. /XZQppMe.png

Did I just miss my chance to migrate my characters to servers in my timezone? Will there be free opportunities in the future? Or is there some sort of bug that is preventing the “shop” button from showing up?

It is possible that all available transfers off Thunderfury were already taken, yes.

You may also have parental controls enabled, I would look there just to be safe.

There is a chance for another free migration in the future, but they’re currently trying to get paid transfers up and running, so there is an equal chance there may not be, especially now with the servers stabilizing.


Yea, sorry those have ended. Keep an eye out though, if/when new ones are opened up I think the community team will try to communicate it on the WoW Classic discussion forums.

You can also find the shop button in-game when they’re active and it’ll have the service listed.

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Whatt? Nooooo… I literally tried to transfer yesterday from fairlina but my mailbox was full and i just figured i’d play and correct the problem when i got off and try the transfer TODAY when i got home! This is such nonsense. I was assuming from the OP from the opening of the Free transfers was that they would only be discontinued if the transferred to servers got full. They currently max out at medium every day.

They’d definitely shut them down if the destination got full because… full :smiley: And yea, the migration goals are to spread out the population and help avoid long queue times on the higher population realms. If that goal got met then it was no longer necessary to offer the service.

But! They are keeping a close eye on things and may need to reopen them so just keep an eye out :slight_smile:


The goal of avoiding long queue times wasnt met though. I am currently sitting at a 2 hour queue time just to log in when i want to play on faerlina every day! And its just getting worse. I can’t understand why they would want to shut down free character transfer at a time like this. I wasn’t so keen to the fact my server was a streamer popular server when i made my characters. Now I’m stuck unless I pay what appears to be a “Fine of Ignorance” which in restrospect should be ignorance to Blizzard for not opening up more servers.

Any server with TWO HOUR wait times to get on should be free to transfer from ALWAYS in my opinion. Thats what you should be about, is quality of gameplay for people that pay monthly for a quality game. And if people would rather completely change their realm than wait 2 hours it should be allowed free of charge. You shouldn’t force people to pay more than they do already just to get that quality. It is expected.

They did open up more servers…

The free server transfers have been available for almost a month now… How is it Blizzard’s fault that you didn’t act before today?


And the Classic General Forums would be the best place to voice that opinion. The free transfers were available for quite a while, at least a few weeks and changed up from time to time to give some different server options as destinations.

While it’s unfortunate that you didn’t know about them, it doesn’t mean that you’ll be paying any sort of “fine”. Paid transfers don’t exist for Classic yet so there’s still a chance that free transfers may still come back.



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Your posting style doesnt deserve this, but so that you cant whine more next time due to your ignorance:


You are on the Streamer realm, of course there is going to be a high demand for it. The major streamers announced during the name-reservation phase of release where they were going to play. You could have chosen another realm at Classic launch and avoided it.