Did anyone else quit after hitting 60?

My sub ended over a month ago and I haven’t cared about logging on since. It’s crazy because during the first 2 months of classic I was putting in 6-12 hours every day easy. But to me the whole Classic WoW experience is during the leveling phase. Everyone out in the open world questing together is what was really fun.


Play an alt? Give yourself some goals. Every race or class.

How are you able to post?


I actually haven’t been on the forums at all in over a month but I was still signed in and was able to post this. Maybe a bug? Right after doing so it signed me out and I wasn’t able to post anything else lol. And I just renewed my sub right now

Yeah I personally think leveling is the best part, now phase 2.5 is just a drag, WSG and AV are both horrible right now imo. the later phases will be better but at what cost you know

This is why Mages who rushed to 60 are degenerate scum.

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No I keep playing casually.

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Yeah, this is why I never understood so many people racing to get leveling over with as fast as possible. They screwed themselves out of a lot of fun content. And now those people are no more geared than those who took their time leveling, and are sitting around waiting for BWL to come out just like everyone else.

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nah, but i’ve been playing a lot more casual these days. I find the game more enjoyable when I don’t login every single day for endless hours.


If I quit the last place I’m going to be hanging out is the forums.

I lost interest, but found it again. The meta grind of dungeons for pre-raid BiS is pretty annoying. I just see lots of groups trying to form with reserving items and I can’t even get in as a DPS warrior most of the time. I still roll on loot when I tank, but you always have people trying to get into the run also targeting it.

I’m not really done with pre-raid BiS either, still got a few items I could get, but I’m not really trying to target them much anymore.

This is why I’m sad everyone just skipped the 60 dungeons and why I don’t think the raids should have been in from the start.

The blue gearing-up process is basically an extension of the leveling process and it makes me sad that so many were able to just… bypass it.

If that’s the part of the game you like, I encourage you to roll an alt then NEVER raid on it.

Get your blues.

Yeah definitely lol no way I’m playing this nerdy * anymore lmfao

Night elves? Dwarfs? Hahahahaha geeks lmfao I’m gonna do useful * like file my taxes and mow the lawn LMFAO LOL

You cant post here with out a subscription…

He’s not looking for help or suggestions.

That is incorrect. I have never had a subscription.

Hmm…I have different goals that keeps me occupied. None of my char has even reached 60 yet. I am playing slowly.

How do you play Classic woW then?



I don’t know anyone who skipped the level 60 dungeons.