Diamond Flask's HP5 snapshots

just imagine this setup on Loatheb lol

remember when they had to nerf the encountered made Loatheb remove Shadow Priest’s Vampiric Embrace?

Worth noting that in a PvE setting, it’s more useful to look at the implications for dps warriors rather than tank warriors. With 10k healing every minute, you can probably eliminate the need for any raid healers you would have needed to cover those dps. That leaves you with more room to stack more dps warriors that can again heal themselves

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Got myself a bunch of healing greens and this helps with questing quite nicely so I’m not complaining.


One person claims they their main tank was banned for this, but they have no proof. Could have been for AV AFKing as well. Would be nice if Blizz weighed in on it though - is it a bug bug that will be fixed or a vanilla bug that won’t be (like heroic strike queuing)?

For them to have banned anyone they would need to release some info on weather this is exploiting, an interesting use of game mechanics, a bug they are happy to leave in the game, a bug they will fix.

The chance of blizz taking action against 1 tank that did so is extremly unlikley due to bans usually going out in waves.

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ugh if this is also true for Lifegiving Gem…


BigZeekToday at 12:20 PM

You know, I’m wondering if the BWL warrior trinket lifegiving gem also scales with +healing.
only 15 secs so not as useful, but, for a boss, right before the pull to have some snap healing while your healers are getting in position and etc so you don’t get insta gibbed, like I’ve seen happen once or twice on garr

fusionpitToday at 12:24 PM

That spell does have a 1 for EffectbonusCoefficient , but the effect is also a Dummy Server-side script

To be fair this is from TBC and in 2.0 Vampiric Embrace was changed to a Magic effect. Loatheb was already removing VE in Classic as it is a Curse effect.

Not to mention the only way this was possible was because of Vampiric Touch, also not in Vanilla. Those spriests would have been oom very quickly otherwise. I don’t see how your post is relevant at all tbh.


for sure - the clip was merely for effect to show how “creative use of game mechanics” can ultimately break said game if left untouched

the Mage soloing DK quarter in LK for example is another by using Spell Steal and grabbing the DK’s Bone Shield ability and pairing it with Incanter’s Absorption talent

idk. I think the change was unnecessary considering Naxx was obsolete legacy content at that point.

So no word on this - guess we good to go with stacking the +healing. Now with the stealth change to hoj making it far worse than bhb - dtf takes on a greater importance.

What stealth change to HOJ?

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Oh you havent heard? The ‘instant extra attack’ is now actually in the next batch - can be anywhere from .04-.08 secs - that impacts your next swing due to resetting its timer.

Do the math and see how fast it can remove a potential swing from a fight with 5 procs.

Work out the extra time


When did they change this?

What. The. Hell.

Unsure but it was noticed recently.

They stealth changed around the same time they changed reckoning. Source: A ret paladin I asked whose somewhat of a zealot about this kinda stuff.


Im going to assume adding it into the next batch completly broke the chance for it to gain 2 attacks due to batching. Funny way of fixing it imo. Ah well.

Yet they left Elemental Mastery alone.

smh :woman_shrugging:

Strange because that’s a bug; HoJ instead was just being exploited.