DH's Chaos strike has wrong damage calculation

Hello everyone!
My apologies to the forum moderators at first, because I’ve created similar post earlier on Demom hunter forum for discussion with others who main DH or at least played it for a long, but soon I realized that right place for this topic is here.

Now let me back to the problem. It seems for me that DH’s Chaos strike works slightly incorrect and deals significantly less damage then it should: according to the Wowhead’s and other’s similar resources formulas it should slice a target for [(35% of Attack power) + (60.5% of Attack power)] Chaos damage as two substrikes. But in practice-testing it seems for me that it deals around (33% of Attack power) + (33% of Attack power) as two equal substrikes. Сompared to, for example, Trail of Ruin’s that deals (58.96% of Attack power) Chaos damage (in my case it deals around 600) Chaos strike deals 650 and it looks a little bit strange because 95.5% of Attack power proportionately far more bigger then 58.96%, but 600 and 650 looks pretty same. Same with Annihilation.

After after discussing on it with other DH players I was quite rightly reminded that Chaos Strike and Annihilation may not calculated as two substrikes with 35% and 60.5% of Attack power damage respectively but just two equal substrikes say around 47.5% + 47.5% and this may not be a bug. I have not found a way to test how it must be scripted but if we take as an analogy a Blade Dance spell formula - [3 * (11% of Attack power)% + (33% of Attack power)%] - it seems striking in exactly the same proportions as written and I admit Chaos strike and Annihilation should work in a same manner.

But it’s all lyrics :wink: As players, we are more worried about naked numbers.
After all, after considering other spells which scales only from agi, vers and mastery(same scaling influencers as in Chaos strike) I came to the same conclusions as before:

  • Essence Break deals 59.0733% of Attack power in Chaos damage and in my case it is around 600 as with Trail of Ruin’s(58.96%). Compared to Сhaos strike there should be the following proportion - 95.5% / 59.0733% = 1.61, but in real - 650 / 600 = 1.08;
  • Fel Rush deals 25.3% of Attack power in Chaos damage and in my case it is around 252. Therefore, should be 95.5% / 25.3% = 3,77 but 650 / 252 doesn’t equals 3,77, it equals 2,57;
  • Glaive Tempest deals [14 * (15.3% of Attack power)] = 214,2 of Attack power in Chaos damage and in my case it is around 2134. And again it’s obvious that 95.5% / 214,2% = 0,445 but 650 / 2134 = 0.3;
  • And so on.

Therefore, in my case Chaos strike’s damage should be approximately 944 instead of 650 - near to 1.5 coefficient difference. Maybe Chaos strike slices as two equal substrikes as intended but math behind spell overall damage is completely different from formula in my opinion.

If its true, we are losing a significant part of our total damage as DPS class - approximately 10-15% of Havoc’s total damage (it depends on build).

Does anyone share my findings or tested it or have I done wrong? Thanks for attention :wink:


Did you tested it on manikins, players or pve?

All of the above.

The thing is that even the damage shonw on tooltip is less than it should be and approximately equal 66% of Attack power instead of the declared (35% of Attack power + 60.5% of Attack power) = 95.5%. And it is significant!

Despite the fact that only developers know the exect correct formula, however on various resources, including Wowhead, I have come across the same formula:
(Attack Power + Weapon DPS * 6) * AP Coefficient * Damage Multiplier.
In my case Attack Power=512, Weapon DPS=16.3, AP Coefficient of Chaos Strike=95.5, Damage Multiplier(Mastery scaling, I have 36% of Mastery)=1.36 and my Versatility = 1.2.
Having the formula and all this data, it is very easy to calculate what the damage of Chaos Strike should be in my case : ((512 + 16.3 * 6) * 0.955 * 1.36) * 1.2 = 950 damage should be instead of 650 I have now on my ability tooltip and during testing on manikins, players or in pve.

And the most important argument in favor of the fact that this formula is working is the fact that it perfectly calculates the damage of all my other abilities. For instance:

  • My Fel Rush’s damage on tooltip is 252 and in the description of the ability it is indicated as (25.3% of Attack power) Chaos damage, ok let’s calculate - ((512 + 16.3 * 6) * 0.253 * 1.36) * 1.2 = 251,8 = 252 on tooltip. And indeed, exactly the same meaning as I have!
  • My Trail of Ruin’s damage is 587 and it is indicated as (58.96% of Attack power) Chaos damage; ((512 + 16.3 * 6) * 0.5896 * 1.36) * 1.2 = 587. Exactly the same as I have;
  • My Essence Break’s damage is 588 and it is indicated as (59.0733% of Attack power) Chaos damage; ((512 + 16.3 * 6) * 0.590733 * 1.36) * 1.2 = 588. Exactly the same. And so on.

And it’s just purely intuitive that because the Chaos Strike’s 95.5% of Attack power is at least one and a half times(1.61 to be precise) more then the, for example, Essence Break’s 59.0733% of Attack power - we can state that the actual difference is certainly not(650/588 = 1.1).
It definitely doesn’t work right.

Dear Blizzard, many of Demon Hunter players are now crying because of the streak of DH nerfs (and I am one of them to be honest :wink: ), please, if it indeed doesn’t work correct, fix our main attacking ability and we will be happier :slight_smile:


mhh, ok, think you do great math.

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Bump still bugged.


Fixing the bug would be progress towards addressing our poor single target damage.


Are the changes already in effect? If so, now Chaos strike before rank 3 (excluding for simpler calculations) deals damage in the amount of 74% of Attack power instead of 66%(it was before fixing), Wowhead says that it should be 35 + 65.5 = 95.5%. The notorious Masson Lodge constantly interferes with us along with the voodoo dolls into which the Rogue games stick :slightly_smiling_face:, or this bug is only partially fixed due to the fact that we were already given 5% earlier to the total damage. Who thinks what, gentlemen?

It’s live but when checking it right now the tooltip did not appear to be updated.

Tooltip said 1520 for Chaos Strike.
Hit a dummy and main hand did 1047 offhand did 798 (hits, no crit).

1520 / 2 is 760

760 * 1.05 (chaos brand 5%) = 798 offhand hit

Hmm, interesting, I kind of do the same damage as tooltip says (of course, plus 5% as chaos brand). Have you tasted it with pvp trinket set being active?

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Chaos strike is barely doing more dmg than Felblade/Demon’s bite. Chaos Strike being so weak makes me want to uninstall or reroll

It would appear that the second attack is taking up the standard off-hand damage penalty. Whether it is meant to or not is debatable but it would explain what is being seen. I would be very curious to know how many other two-weapon skills are seeing similar, including a disparity with the tooltip, as the only skill I can find that actually lists that penalty is Mutilate.

To that end it would be worth finding out if this skill is unique in this regard, with perhaps the easiest test subject being Fracture (40% + 80%) using two similar weapons (though Elemental Shaman, Fury Warriors, Frost Death Knights, and Assassination Rogues also have options). It would help in determining if it were a tooltip bug or a skill bug, and if it is indeed a skill bug whether or not it needs to be fixed or re-tuned.