DHs are out of control (screenshot included)

How is this balanced?

ht tps://imgur.com/3FfiYIg

Again dude? Jesus man. Learn your class or something

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as much as I’m in favor of bashing dh, a 1600 rating end of lobby damage report doesn’t really mean anything

Idk what this is meant to mean, if anything.

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And why not? This nonsense needs to be called out. Be objective for just one second.

Theyve been nerfed twice. majority of their damage is AOE meaning its gonna be high either way. youve played 428 rounds of solo shuffle and just hit 1600, ITS NOT A DH PROBLEM

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You’re either insane or just flat out don’t care, because it just so happens to be the class you play.

It was most definitely not just AoE damage. The DH was just pveing dmg all game and there was literally nothing the healers could do to keep the kill target up.

CC him, Disarm him, Stun him Fear etc. Slows you have it all

We did. It didn’t make much difference.

Be honest with yourself. Your class needs a few more dmg nerfs.

No it doesnt. DH is fine. Warrior is in a better place. Immortal gods, your problem is your spec

Heh whatever you say bro

Train the DH. All i can say.

You won 4 against 5 people lower mmr than you. It says something about you than anything else… (not answering to any replies)

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Another Messman DH thread.

We get it man, everyone is aware of DH atm.


Nothing you say about my rating or mmr is going to disproof my point. The amount of dmg DHs are doing (compared to other classes) should not take place anywhere. In any bracket at any rating.

Any class can pump damage unchecked. Check the damage. also switch arms. youre welcome

As many times as Messman complains about DH, you are equally there defending it.

DH is OP, stop with the denial.


Tell that to every other dps in the lobby lol.

PS. He was most definitely not “unchecked”.

Again, theyve been nerfed twice. They have damage, theyre not a hybrid class. they dont have impending victory and ignore pain. Blur and darkness, take away their damage and what do you have? a dead class

and they also dont have intervene. Which is OP in shuffle