DF season 3 PVP illusion discovered - Verdant Crush!


I noticed there was a 10.2 PTR update today so I did what I always do and found the new illusion using the wowhead dressing room.

Now technically, this could be a reward from anything, however, I bet this is the new duelist illusion. Personally, I like it. It has a strong aqua hue. The animation looks much smoother in game btw.

View the illusion on wowhead here

Copy, paste and execute the following command into the 10.2 PTR to the view illusion in game on a sword:
/outfit v1 8824,8825,0,0,8822,0,18370,8829,8827,8828,8823,8826,2194,-1,7032,0,0

Please note this will only work on the PTR and not the live game.

Let me know your thoughts on the illusion.

As always, have a lovely day, take care and thanks for reading


PS: To find the asset I simply compare the live list of illusions to the 10.2 PTR’s list. To do this I use a text compare web tool. The lists can be found using the dressing room feature on wowhead.

EDIT: I heard this was posted multiple times on EU. Good work spreading the news!
2nd EDIT: Snupy discovered that the illusion was recently updated to be more vibrant twitter link.


Hmm. Its ok, but it lacks the one thing PVP enchants need. The audacity.

Perhaps more intensity wouldn’t hurt.


Am I the only one that likes ones like Ebon chill and sinful flame they make weapons look unique

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i like having the option to change to those color schemes. or use a wep whose model works with your mog, but not the colors and sinful makes it kinda work. not a fan of the like, fluttering/popping shadow aspect of it tho if that makes sense

i think it looks pretty good when you crank up the particle density in game
(but a little more intensity never hurt anyone)

def a cool enchant. they’ve really stepped up their game from the SL enchants lol


I agree. The only illusion I like from SL was Cosmic flow from season 3.

How did we go from enchants that you can see 4 zones away (and even crash people’s games) to these? Turn the density up 1000% and it’d be sick.

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Its definitely a step backwards. Shadowflame was pretty good


Shadowflame was one of the best we have seen since Legion.


Give this Glorious Tyranny-esque intensity and this is actually really good. It’s thematically very nice too.

Just a shame that rogues get aoe kidney.

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Jade transmog spam inc

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I think it’s better than season 1, but way worse than s2.

We wont see a enchant as good as S2 for a long time. :dracthyr_cry_animated:


Ugly dragon, ugly enchant.

Place your bets on how bad the tabard will look.

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Tabard been shown already.

Duh now I remember. I even commented on it before. #nosleepgang

The enchant may not be final. Tbh though given how widely popular the season 2 enchant is I think they should try to make subsequent enchants similar to season 2. Imagine rocking a pigsticker with this thing so bright it looks like a chi cocoon on ur weapon.


Also kennie, if you get a chance can you post a sc of it. Thanks.

awoooga cant wait